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It has been about two months now since this sweet little fellow disappeared and did not come back. I went out everyday for the first month calling him, then it was more like every few days and then occasionally. He'd been gone for days at a time before and would come home really hungry. 

Randy mentioned that the fellow down the road had lots of cats and a dog. All of the sudden he was gone. He is older and in bad health so we were glad when there were signs of someone living in the house again about two weeks ago. But I have tried calling Meowie and no response. He could have not survived the brutal winter we've already had or he could have stayed where ever all the critters were taken. But I still remember him fondly and miss him so much. He was sure a sweetie.



I notice I need to take new photos of Min or as we now call him, Meowie Kitty. He's still small with a short fat tail but he's stocky and strong. It's having to race up trees when Max gets close which is only when he breaks his chain. 

There is a BIG black longhaired cat that comes up to the far edges of the yard. We guess that is is a female since Meowie is a male. She's not become more friendly so she may be feral and too wild to pet. I do think she's been coming up to eat Meowie's food. 

The silly little cat has started sleeping in the old water heater closet which is a good thing. I'd cleaned it out and put hay inside for Max hoping he'd sleep there but he wouldn't. Now I keep Meowie's food and water in there. Even in a normal rain shower, he'd stay nice and dry. The closet has no water heater or door. Just wasp nests and a few pipe stubs.   


All the new pictures are on another page, just click on the link above just under the photo at the top. He responds to the name Meow, meow, kitty, kitty, kitty. If he is off on an adventure, he may not come running but usually he shows up right away. More often than not, he is just around the corner of the house, just barely out of Max's sight. Only recently have I been able to get Max to not bark at the cat. Meowie delights to climbing through trees just to tease Max, knowing he can't climb or fly. Several times he has tried to get in the front door but Max threatened to break his chain trying to get to this little fur ball. 

I have seen the little kitten kill a squirrel and lots and lots of lizards. A few frogs here and there but there are few lizards left in the area. 

He walks between my feet to try and direct the way I go. Which is usually toward the food bowl. He will try and lay across both my feet in an effort to use his entire weight to get me to stop and rub his face. Scratch his ears and he will try and take a nap while enjoying his facial. I plan on making a bench were I can sit and spend more time and he can take naps while we share our time. I have only picked him up on rare occasion and he does have claws that are extremely sharp. He has favorite scratching boards and posts and frequents them regularly. He knows the best sandy spots for catching sunshine early on a cold morning. 


Meet Min. our latest critter addition to the PhancyPharm. Okay, he just appeared and begged for love and food. He'd never been a house kitty but he's gentled a lot and plays and boxes without inflicting pain as he did at first. He loves attention which is usually just having his ears rubbed. Don't forget the neck and chin...

He's been here about a month now and with regular feedings, doesn't go very far. He has learned that he can maneuver through the treetops and can walk on the very top of the chicken coop and the old barn as well. What a sight! He is an excellent mouser but he also will catch and eat the lizards we have so many of. He spends the nights on the roof of the trailer and doesn't come down in the mornings until I call him.

Compared to Sly, Min (that's suppose to stand for Minimum Cat) but I often call him Little Bit since he's so very small. He burns off more calories that he could possibly consume but he is well fed. He was on his own for a good while and scrawny. He isn't so bony now and seems to have plenty of strength. His greatest talent is walking between my feet and stopping suddenly to throw his head and front paws over my left foot and his back legs and tail over my right shoe. He's not heavy enough to slow down anything but it does make it difficult to keep walking. I can bend down and put my hand out and he will come put his head into my hand for proper rubbing. If he gets within sight of Max, Max is obliged to bark at what Randy calls his "chew toy." No, no Max. Leave the kitty alone! Max is why Min is so good at climbing trees. 

It does appear that this sweet little fellow is either a small breed of cat or his growth was stunted before he came to us for help. He was very thin, all bones. Now, he is the same size but he is heavy. He has strong muscles and can fly up into a tree in a single bound. He does delight in letting Max get very close before he runs for cover. When Randy (aka POP) takes Max for a walk, Mewey will wait in the tall weeds along the way just to see if Max will spot him. He would love to Max's friend and play like they were both kittens but I doubt Max will ever be that nice to him.

Min has more white on his back feet than the front. His markings are irregular even on his chest. He has a cute little goatee that is black. His whiskers are all white even on the side of his face that has black fur. You can't really see it but his eyebrow whiskers are white as well. He's all boy and has not been "fixed." When we tried to see if he and Sly would get along, he finally stood his own against older and long "fixed" Sly. But Sly wouldn't let him near the food bowl or the litter box. Not a good thing.