Well this week started off better. MJ redid my hard drive, but has forgotten to put on a word processor!

On Monday I got out and planted 4 rows of veggies, I planted corn, watermelons, cantaloupe, snow peas, zucchini and pumpkins. I plant them together. We shall see how they do!
I am still not up to my normal activity level yet. Though finally most of the coughing is gone, just get a fit when I over do.
It has been sunny and warm (mid 80s) all week. This indicates a very warm summer.
My oldest, Drew and his buddies are thinking of trying to start a landscaping service this summer, 4 guy's landscaping. He loves working outside and it will be his first summer as a high school graduate!
Well the dishes are calling me so I better go!
Have a wonderful week everyone!