Well this week's view begins on Friday. I had made up my mind to clean house, totally, finish laundry and water the gardens. My body I guess refused to keep up! I did get laundry done, and the gardens watered!
Then Friday evening we had glorious thunderstorms roll in. I love the mist, just before the rains come. I love feeling it, cool and gentle on my face. MJ and I sat with all the lights off and just enjoyed the lightening. The boys (my "adopted " son CJ spent the weekend with us) were all huddled around Drew's gamecube, all the other  things were off, when the power left us! We warned him! fortunately his game came through fine and there was no damage.
We even got a bit of hail, pea sized from the sound of it. It bent over the grass but the garden seemed untouched. The maters and peppers look unharmed and the seeds have not yet sprouted so they will be fine.
Saturday was a bit cloudy, and warm. MJ and I did groceries. Then later that night Mel's Pizzeria opened. The rules for pizza here are as follows, I make all the crusts, from scratch and roll them out. I provide all the toppings, but you make your own pie with what you want on it! We have my oven rigged to cook 3 at once and I usually make 6. We normally have at least 5 on pizza night and each person gets their own. I rarely get to eat all of mine, I try to save some for breakfast and usually awake to find it eaten! We watched the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie this week. It was better than the first, which we saw last week.
Today is Sunday and the morning sun is bravely making its way through the misty fog in the yard. I love days like this when  there is plenty of moisture about. Here in Texas we do not get enough of these days, but though I miss the moisture I would not leave here with out MJ, and since his job is here... here I stay.
Well on Monday MJ misunderstood me! I said Drew could stay home since he was in danger of making his dad late for work... imagine my surprise when I found both at home! LOL We got a lot of weed whacking done (with my idiot stick!) Plus the rest of the seeds planted!
Tuesday I had a job interview and the internet was done until just a few minutes before hand! I had lot of energy that day and we had fresh bread, meat loaf and brownies! All time consuming and energy needing! The boys went out and "Yo-Yoed" the ditch in front of the house, Monday they will do the rest of the front yard and Tuesday the back!
Wednesday my internet crashed again! Instead of working online I began gathering up things for a yard sale I am doing with friends on Saturday.
Thursday Drew was home having had a minor accident with a car, or rather the road after he fell off the car! For such a bright young man he sure can do some dumb things!
Today is Friday and my internet just came back on! I am finishing gathering up yard sale items and straightening house! I found out via email I passed the background check for the job I applied for and Monday I will begin training. I could do so today but I have so much else I need to do! I want to wait until the training is the only thing I MUST get done!
Well all, I hope you have a lovely weekend! Ours is predicted to be perfect yardsale weather, not over warm and no rain!
Have fun everyone!