About the Kitchen Table

by Kathy Vilseck



          Seemingly, the most poplar place in the house is the kitchen table.  Husbands and wives drink coffee and plan out their day.  Children do their homework.  Mothers and their friends meet at someone's kitchen table for coffee after the kids go to school.  Oops, wait, that was my mother's generation.

          In my house, there is where the family visits, talks and plans, even visiting family.  I work on my crafts or sew at the table.  Actually, in our house, it is in the dining room.  Not a formal dining room, just a leg of our L-shaped living room. 

          On weekend mornings, my husband and I sometimes sit and watch the deer come to the feeder and salt block out by the barn.  They are so graceful.

          I like to visit with friends at the kitchen table.  Today, people "do lunch" and go to chat rooms.  Me...I still like my kitchen table.  What about you?