Around the Kitchen Table II


Wow,  what a response?  Got some very good notes from other people that remember and use their kitchen table. Carlyn sent a note that sounds like quite a few of us all rolled into one.  Check her page for the complete story. She remembers when kids sat at different tables, families entertained with music and how these traditions were passed down. (Click Here ! )

Beth Ann sent a saying from the embroidered sampler that hangs in her kitchen (inherited from her grandmother). "no matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best."  Isn't it the truth.  But, at my house at least, they turn into family.  

I heard about types of tables.  Sometimes it is not a kitchen table.  Maybe a small table in the corner.  Maybe the dining room table like me.  Sometimes a picnic table under a tree or on a deck.  Lots of times it is Grandma's kitchen table. From little ones that sit in a corner of the kitchen to big trestle tables with benches down the sides. When we had lots of people over, my Mom had two doors from a double closet.  These put on anything stable from 2 drawer chests to sawhorses served as tables.  

And the food!!.  Pies and cakes, homemade biscuits (making my mouth water), chicken and dumplings, fresh veggies.  Jello salads anyone?  My Mom made jello with fruit cocktail. Sometimes with coconut.  I won't tell you what my Dad said coconut was, it would spoil your appetite.  But, it was a long time before I would eat coconut and I am still not in love with it.  Amazing how many things can go into jello.  

But the emphasis was on family, food, fellowship.  No matter where we live or where we move, kitchen tables are here to stay.