This week has been quiet! Monday Chris began summer school (taking a year of algebra in 5 weeks has a certain appeal!) Plus Monday he got his first real job, working as a soda hawker at the local ball club. He is very happy and excited to be earning a bit of money on his own!

Tuesday he and Drew went to spend a couple days with their best friend (close to school so Chris can walk and close to his work ride!) to see his sister off as she is spending the summer in Florida.

Here on the home front I have been watering and weeding the garden, I think almost everything has a good start. I have 4 watermelon vines, 4 cantaloupe,  6 zucchini,  a few pumpkin, 5 cucumber, 8 or so sno peas, 5 green beans, and at least a dozen corn! There are many maters on the bushes and 2 bell peppers forming so far. The jalapeño has many flowers but no fruits yet.

My days have been full, reorganizing, mending, writing, and of course doing dishes and laundry! I have been out in the early mornings enjoying the breezes and watching the trees dance in the wind. It has been nice in the evenings with just MJ and me for supper. I love my boys but sometimes I need a break!

I have been sitting out watching our grass too. It is just prairie grass, and since we have no mower it is tall. It moves so softly and gently in the wind which constantly blows here. I can see why the settlers wanted to be here. Of course just now, with no rain the grass is not green, it looks like hay ready to be mowed. When I break off a stalk, it smells of roasting grain, and bread!

The grasshoppers are making their appearances now. My garden is like a buffet to them! The outside cat is having a lot of fun chasing them. I was hoping they would not be so thick this year as they were last, but our winter was mild and our summer this year is going to be harsh. They are everywhere and fly up as I walk through the grasses. I wonder how the pioneer women dealt with them. At least they are not making it into my home! Of course, I am not in a Soddy either!

We got all the tall stuff pulled from the house, now we just need to save the money to have a mower come. With things so tight, that won’t be for awhile yet!

As I sit here typing this, our tiny rescue kitty, Squeak, has discovered that with my feet on the stool, my skirt makes a wonderful hammock! I hate to dislodge her but the dish washer needs some vinegar added!

Well that is it for this week from Mel’s Place! Have a wonderful week everyone!