Greetings from way down in Southeast Georgia . We live very close (about fifteen minutes) to the Okefenokee Swamp Park , which is a National Wildlife Refuge (almost 500,000 acres in size). It's nickname is " Land Of The Trembling Earth ".

We are far enough from town to claim the quiet "country life", but yet close enough to my husband's workplace to make it semi convenient. We live on a little over six acres. We are beginning our animal population with our birds, at present (chickens, ducks, and one lone turkey). Of course, that does not include our chocolate lab, Sassie. We do hope to eventually add some goats as soon as it is feasible.

We are fighting an ongoing war with the ever invasive prickly pear cacti, which seems to thrive in the poor soil conditions here.

We are homeschooling our son. We actually began informally when he was a toddler and it became official when he turned five years old (he is presently seven years old). With both my husband and myself teaching him, he does have the benefit of "two on one" interaction, which is evident in his progress. Nevertheless, there are challenges. Due to health problems I face, things occasionally slow down. To compensate, we have class year round. This allows us to take a day off when necessary.

I enjoy cooking, reading and when time permits, crafting. I occasionally do creative writing projects as gifts for friends and family.

I  hope to get to know some of the fine people who are part of the network of PhancyPages subscribers. I am definitely a people person, and I am sure that I can learn quite a lot from those who are experienced in the  ways of country life