The first picture is Pitney Bowes. She was my son and his friend's dog who quickly became queen and ruler of the house. Samson is my buddy. A yellow lab with separation anxiety. He was born here. I can tell you some pretty funny doggy stories about him and his "problem". Chelsey was born here too and is shy and very sweet.

Pitney Bowes

Samson (Sammy)



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  This is a fun site that you are sure to enjoy. The recipes start with the real basics like boiling water. There is unique insight and the simple instructions for a better mouse trap.

  Go and see the gardens and lots of hard work. Visit the store and see what they have for sale. This is our long time member and contributor, Briklyn from Western PA. Thank you so much Briklyn. Up front, center stage; take a bow. You are looking great.

Hey, Briklyn really is Pam. Go ahead, ask Pam who Briklyn really is. 

(I had asked about eating goat meat) About the goat meat….. When my dad died twenty one years ago, friends and neighbors brought food to the house as is the custom here. One friend brought a large roast with vegetables and tomato sauce. It was delicious. One person asked what kind of meat it was. I hadn’t thought about it. It tasted between pork and beef. I quickly realized it was goat because the friend was a goat farmer. I used to have goats. I never thought about butchering them. Well almost never… I had this billy that at times I would have butchered myself. LOL He was in love with me and was forever breaking in the house to see me. He loved to pull my clothes off of the clothes line, eat my roses, chase off the electric meter reader, scratch his horns on visitor's cars….never a dull minute. I finally sent him to a petting zoo. Briklyn