The View

from Mel's Place



Saturday evening July 3rd was clear and starry. On my back deck there was a slight breeze, just enough to keep the warm evening heat at bay. I sat with my dog and watched a fireworks show put on by the neighbors.  As I sat I reflected on my country home, with its tall grass, no fence (yet) and realized that I am satisfied to go slowly here and fix things up as I need to. First to go must be the grass! It is near as tall as I am! Once it is turned under, I will have a mower of my own to keep the prairie in order. I see among the grasses the prairie flowers. I do not know their names, but I can recognize the ones that will bear thorns or stickers if not pulled! Those I pull quickly, noting as I do the sweet scent they make. If it were not for the sticker burrs, I would plant these everywhere!

I also think of the future garden I want, big enough for me to can its produce, with a separate one for herbs to dry in my kitchen. I want to explore herbs to remedy our colds and other ailments one day, so the herb bed will be pretty large as well. I want a strawberry bed, garlic bed, and raspberry, blackberry and blueberry vines. Over there in the far corner, I picture a gazebo with an arbor and grapes growing there. Inside is a porch swing, perfect for cuddling loved ones.  I have plans for some fruit trees in the back, and a few nut trees as well. In the front I reserve the space for roses and other flowers, and shade trees. I am not sure what kind yet, but I do know I do not want fruit or nut trees near the car area!

Thinking further to the house, I want to add two south windows to the bedroom, to let in the afternoon light without the added heat of the west windows. A wrap around porch is a plan as well, with a shady spot to relax and enjoy the breezes.

Sunday July 4th.

Today our country celebrates its independence. It is a perfect day for such a celebration. Already, at nine in the morning the weather is warm. A walk through the garden reveals two perfect cherry tomatoes and one regular size tomato ripe for picking. A baby cucumber is in the works as well. Some of the zucchini vines are dying out, not sure why though.

Fire ants made it onto my skirt and now one leg burns with their sting! I changed skirts in a hurry!

Ah, the evening is a blaze with lights! Though we did not get any fireworks this year (the boys are spending a few days at a friends, so no need!) I sat and watched the show our neighbors put on. It was just wonderful and lasted until the wee sma’s! I was surrounded on all sides by glorious displays of color. The biggest advantage for me was, I saw all the color, but was not bothered by being too close to the noise! The fire department was called out twice to the two small streets up from me. One family was very vocal that they did not start the blaze in their yard! I could hear the mom yelling at her children “stay on the porch!” Which the children apparently did not want to do! I watched until after midnight , when the show slowed down considerably.

Monday was also a glorious day! The boys came with their buddy’s mom and loaded the small pile of junk (mostly dead computer components!) on to her trailer for a trip to the dump in a while. Then they were off again for a few more days at her home. It seems odd, they leave and it takes a couple days for me to adjust and get used to the quiet, and about the time I am relaxed and enjoying it, here they come again! This time they will come home on Thursday, which is fine, it means I do not need the car until Friday, and that is fine with me! I can do my errands and not leave but for church on Sunday!

I do not really enjoy trips to town and would rather be home all the time!

There is a sign on the pasture fence across the road for a place called Jim Walter Homes . I hope it is just an ad and the farmer has not sold his field! I would surely miss my bovine buddies! It is so calming to hear them moo to each other. I watch them as they munch the prairie grass (wishing they could come graze my yard!). They come close to the fence occasionally letting me pet their noses. Of course they do so in expectation of a treat, and sometimes I have one for them. Then they settle down and lay under the mesquite trees. AH such peace they bring me! Just imagine, if they were my cows they would bring me much work and little peace I imagine!

Today I decided to attack the tall weeds. I am first going to work on pathways so I can walk my land with out weeds going up my skirts. Today I worked on the water spigot area. I will probably do more tonight, but I can not take the heat much, so it will be little spurts and many of them!

When I walked my garden today I found 6 cherry tomatoes, and a nice break eating them made! I also found 5 jalapenos; the hoppers are not messing with them! The bush is full! I brought in 3 orange/green maters, something gets to them if I try letting them ripen in the yard! One acorn squash came in too, ah butter and brown sugar, here it comes! LOL There was also one cucumber that I brought in. I have discovered, picking them smaller gives them better flavor, so I do not let them get long and skinny anymore! I see evidence of corn cobs on several of the stalks! I have never eaten corn I have grown, so hopefully they will be ready soon! I found a zucchini, but it looked shriveled. I am not sure if it grew and died or if it is still growing and it is the blossom that is shriveled. One end is orange, so I left it there to see what happens. The potato plants seem to be doing well, though leafless now thanks to the hoppers!

Well today I want to get the house spiffed up; tomorrow I have lots of running around in town to do!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!