Back To School Savings

At this time of year, most parents are trying to get their children ready for the new school year in public school. I, too, have preparations for the new year. I check our school supplies to see if we are low on anything (paper, pencils, crayons, etc.) and make my list . I also check to see if there are any school books we need for the new year. Usually, I already have what I need in place. I tend to keep an eye out year round for good prices on curricula that we use. If I find a great deal, I go ahead and purchase what we will eventually need. If it is not needed right away, I store it for later.

As my son is getting old enough for us to consider enrolling him in an athletic activity (we are thinking maybe karate lessons), we will also be looking at some programs to see what fits our schedule and budget, as well.

Of course, there will be some clothes shopping. Not quite to the extent of the neighbors' shopping, because he doesn't have to dress up for lessons at home. But we will invest in some sturdy playclothes for his weekly Awana meetings and other regularly scheduled activities. I also look for essentials like socks, underwear and pjs.

Back to school sales help me out, as well as Alan. It is a time to look for bargains for our office supplies (pens, printer paper, notebooks, etc).

If the prices aren't reasonable enough for my budget at this particular time, I wait a while. Sometimes stores will overstock for the "bts"  sales and wind up with a lot of unsold items. A few weeks after school starts, they will usually mark the prices down on leftovers. I guess it just depends on how soon you need an item or how much you are willing to pay.

Here's wishing you lots of savings as you shop for the new school year, whether your child learns at home or at school.