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An Unusual Remedy

Everyone has issues to deal with, I guess that is part of life. One of my issues is the fact that I have some health problems to deal with. One in particular is Fibromyalgia. The main symptoms I suffer with are extreme exhaustion (especially during the hot summer months) and poor quality sleep (lots of dreaming and not enough non-rem sleep). Add to the mix an active seven year old son (whom we are homeschooling) and the usual demands of showing moral support to friends and family, and you have one worn out lady.

When the symptoms become aggravated, I struggle with feelings of inadequacy and simply being overwhelmed with what I perceive as having too much "on my plate".

Well, when we decided we wanted to get some chicks, ducks, and turkeys, I thought I had "gone around the bend", as they say. How was I going to take care of these animals when I couldn't even keep up with my housework and other activities that had fallen by the way?

Strange as it may seem to an outside observer, I truly believe these animals have been my salvation this summer. I make myself get out of bed every day, because I know the birds are dependent upon me. By forcing myself to get out in the fresh air, it has helped me fight the sense of feeling overwhelmed by illness. The antics of the ducks as they swim and splash in their pool each morning bring at least one smile (usually more) to my face before I leave the pen.

Let me pause to tell you of the frog relay they had one day. I was going about my business filling their pool for the day and checking the nests, when I noticed one of the ducks running for dear life. Of course, the chickens and the rest of the ducks were in hot pursuit. I look around to see what is going on, and the duck has something in his mouth. I assume it is a lizard or frog, because I can see some little legs hanging out both sides of his mouth. Next thing I know one of the other birds has snatched the frog from the duck and is running at full tilt. It is going from one bird to another, and I am cracking up at the initial image of that duck, running around with that poor little frog dangling from his mouth.

I know this condition is still with me, but I don't feel as if it has complete control of me this summer as it has in summers past.

I am forcing myself to be more active physically, I am getting out into the sunshine, and I am opening myself up to humor.

Here's to my birds_ may they keep doing the crazy things they do.

If laughter is the best medicine, they are my unofficial pharmacist.