Watching the Flowers and the Animals

We have had some of out hottest weather of summer  these past few days. I love to feed the birds and see that they have plenty of food and fresh water. I like to look out  my kitchen window and watch the  birds feed and bathe. To me a kitchen window is just as important as a kitchen table and might be why most kitchens have both.
For the past few years I have had a squirrel I call Leroy that I feed also. This summer there are three and one is a small one. I think they might be a family because they get along so good together.
I also like looking out and seeing my flower bed, butterflies and a old stray cat that comes here for water. I decided several months ago that what the flower bed needed was a statue of Saint Francis watching over it.
I told my neighbor Carolyn, who lives in the apartment above me, I was looking for a Saint Francis for the flower bed. She also enjoys the birds, squirrels and the flowers. Last month she was sitting on her porch  and I was going shopping. I told her I had seen a Saint Francis at Wal-Mart I liked and was on my way to buy it. She said, "don't," I said, "don't what."  She went on to tell me her sister (she has a shop in Tomball) had ordered one for me on her trip to the seller's market in Dallas and that it would be here by my birthday.  It was such a surprise.
He is standing in my garden now. It is a lovely statue. It is rust color and has a bird on his shoulder, one in his hand and a little lamb at his side. Often when I go outside there is a chameleon (it turns rust color, too) on top of his head watching me .
Carolyn is my neighbor and my friend. She gave me a sign a couple of years ago and I have it on the wall in front of my kitchen sink. She also has one like it in her kitchen. It say's "Because Nice Matters." Three little words, but oh so powerful.