About Mange: 

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The only sign of mange when the puppies appeared was their tattered ears. They looked like they had been in bad fights and lost some battles. They had great appetites but were skinny. It was weeks before we realized that the crud that was appearing was only getting worse. Kathy Vilseck had suggested a supplement and I was giving that to them every day. They were fairly healthy except that all their hair fell out down to their skin. A search on Google found Mange as being the culprit. Most of those asked said that usually a vet will recommend that the dog be put to sleep rather than to try and treat the problem. We sure didn't want to do that. It was Byron Tumlinson's response that got me going with a treatment. His original formula was to use bacon grease with Sulfur and that was what I stared with. I agree that it stays liquid longer than lard but when Dorothy Tweedt mentioned what her sister had used when her doggie had mange, I switched to lard. It was ready to use and almost as good. One treatment said to use "used motor oil." We didn't have any of that and Byron thought that might be a bad idea, not good for the pups.

I had asked Randy to get the Sulfur and what he found was "Wetable Sulfur," a light greenish powder that mixed easily with the grease. I had several large plastic tubs that would each hold a puppy. The trick was to have all items handy so I didn't have to let go of the doggie and have to chase him. For each application (both puppies) I used 1/3 a pound of lard and heated it only until it melted. (** Later, Randy found it in a BIG tub and it was not hard, needing no melting at all, just mixing with the sulfur). Then I mixed in 1 full teaspoon of the powdered Sulfur. I stirred it well and made sure it was not too hot for their skin. It was important to work fast as they were not too happy about the procedure. I found that it was necessary to have plenty of clean dry paper towels to wipe my hands with when finished. I needed a fresh paper towel just to turn the doorknob to get back inside the house and scrub up.

I applied the concoction every other day and it took 2 weeks to notice the mange was completely gone. I discovered a giant tick on Sammy's paw and have been applying Vaseline as I am told that will smother the tick. It has probably been there for a very long time.

Byron had suggested using antibiotic ointment to heal the wounds after the mange scabs had sloughed off but what I found was that when the crust did fall off, all that was left was nice pink skin. It has taken another week for their hair to be growing back. It is all the same length and short but it is growing back all over them. They will again be such cute little guys. Already they enjoy following me everywhere I go outside. They no longer bother Max and he is no longer in danger of getting their Mange. But I did learn that it was caused by neglect and malnourishment. They now never go without food or fresh cool water. 

There was one time when I was putting the goop on Sammy and he whipped his head around like he was going to bite me. Instead, he licked my hand and looked up at me as if to say, Thank You! Such little sweeties.  

I keep the antibiotic ointment hand for any scratches they have and I do check every time I look at them for any new problems. I was so proud when they liked Meaty Bones as a treat. Max didn't like them but the pups get excited looking forward to goodies I bring. Spoiled? Oh yes!

The info below is from the pup's section in the Critters Section. It tells even more!


August 18, 2004 Update: I just sent a thank you to Byron Tumlinson for his method of defeating the mange. The grease and sulfur has done the job, only their paws show signs of any scabs (mange). He'd suggested bacon grease but I had to switch to lard since it was also recommended and we sure ran out of bacon. They are fair sized dogs and they were covered from head to tail and all parts needed tending. He'd suggested applying antibiotic ointment after the scabby stuff was soaked away in a bath. But I haven't had to do that. As the nasty critters die, the entire scab has fallen off. They are left with only fine, healthy skin. Even on their faces and ears, they now have fine fuzz. I had to look back at the photos below to remember that they are not a solid color and sure enough, the hair is coming back in its original colors. All the work was certainly been worth the efforts. The nasty smell of sickness is gone from them and from their room. They were crying and barking in their sleep and awoke in pain! Now, that has stopped and they are sure happy puppies. What surprises me most, they mind me. I tell them to stay in their room and not to be around Max until they are healed, they stay in their room. Randy wants his shop back so we will be building a new puppy house this weekend.  They will get Max's old house and with some work, it will be usable again. Max has finally accepted the new house that Randy made for him so the old shaky framework can go to a new use. 



I had a request last week for mange info from a lady with a very old cat. She was afraid of the harsh medicines and what they'd do to her old friend. We talked first about what the symptoms were and indeed it was mange on the face and ears. The treatment won't hurt the animal.

New puppy, Lady, had spots come up on her ears that looked like mange so I made her a batch of lard and sulfur. Two treatments and the crusty spots were gone completely. 

Back in the beginning of this past winter, Beau and Sammy were showing signs of the mange returning. Their hair had come back from the original round but not full and thick. They went through most of the winter with little to no hair at all. Just bald pink Dalmatians with grey spots. Sigh. So I regularly put the lard/sulfur on their spots but they didn't get the sores and scabs like earlier. Just no hair. It ran its course and they are now the prettiest dogs ever seen. Okay, they are as big as ponies and as strong, too but they are beautiful again. I kept up the supplements and the itching of the dry winter is gone. Sammy still has the bald "elbows" but not so bad. I had promised them if they'd quit all the scratching, I would spend lots of time patting and praising them. And I do. They are so sweet!