Learning to Cook

by Mel Frizell




How I learned to cook… I really do not know! I know I did not get the “cooking gene” from my mom, that and the farm/garden gene were ones she did not get!

I did take cooking in high school, along with nurses’ aide training and cosmetology. I remember making crepes once; I have never tried them since though they came out fine then.

I love reading recipe books, and reading old time stories of how things were done back then.

I love all different types of foods to cook too, from good old American faves, like burgers, chili and stew to Italian pastas and lasagna. I love to fix Chinese food and experiment with different ideas on it.

I remember when MJ worked for a place in town, there was a monthly birthday pot luck and he asked what I ought to make. “5 dozen deviled eggs” was what the lady said. So I bought 5 dozen eggs and made them, of course that was 10 dozen eggs! MJ said he never even got one! What he didn’t know was I have made a few extras and had some for him at home. Most times if there is a gathering I am asked to make bread (by hand I have no bread machine) or deviled eggs.

We have gatherings here and folks keep hinting to be invited to Mel’s Pizzeria. I make the dough, and supply the toppings but every one tops their own pie. So far a dozen folks have asked me to open a real shop!

Cooking for me is more than about the food. It is a sense that I am doing something for the people I love. A way to show them how I feel about them.  It also brings me back to the “olden” days when eating out was a rare treat if done at all. MJ says he is pleased that I have discovered my love of cooking, and that he prefers a simple meal by my hand more than a gourmet feast in a restaurant.

 While I have the ability for fixing complicated things, and they taste like they should, even if they are not as pretty, my family likes the non fussy stuff, solid meals that are filling and give us time to eat together, and enjoy some family time.

One thing I never learned that is my goal for next year is canning. I saw a lot of it but was never invited to stay and learn how. I learned most other things on my own, I suppose this will be the next!