Learning to Cook

by Virginia Roesell

As far as cooking goes, let's just say I'm not Julia Child.  My mother and stepmother are both great cooks, but I didn't inherit the gene, I'm afraid!  Only now that I'm home most days am I really trying to do some cooking.  You can't live on Stouffers forever. 

My adventures in cooking are just that, adventures!! I do make a couple of dishes pretty well, though - Sweet and Sour Meatballs, a recipe that is a favorite of my husband that his mom used to make. It's pretty easy, though I still can't get the hang of perfectly round meatballs down. :< The other thing I can do and haven't in a while is quiche lorraine, an old Pillsbury recipe that my mother used to make.  Not exactly low fat or carbs, but man is it good!!!