Dorothy Tweedt Biography

So here is a little history of myself.

I was born in Memphis Tennessee. I lived in several states because of my father's job. I met and married my husband who was in the Air Force stationed in Tucson, Arizona during World War Two. After his discharge we moved to Iowa .

We both decided we wanted to go back to Tucson as the winters were milder than Iowa. He also has a job offer if he ever returned. My parents had moved to Houston so we decided to visit them and my sister and brothers. I wanted our two girls to visit with their grandparents and aunt and uncles. We liked Houston and decided to live there. 

In the 70's we built a small  weekend A-frame house out in the woods close to Tomball, Texas . My husband had a bad fall there and never fully recovered from it so we sold our home in Houston and moved to the A-frame home. We moved into Tomball when my husband was unable to work. My husband passed away in August of 2002.

I live in an apartment with my dachshund dog Mocha. I love to read, crochet, have lots of flowers growing in my small flower beds. African Violets are my favorite and I have them inside in my windows. I have a busy life, I love people and enjoy living.