Ken, Dorothy and Mocha

When our dog died, I told my husband I didn't want to ever get another dog. We lived in an apartment and I think it isn't a good life for a dog. They need to be outside more and free to run without a leash.

Then I decided to take my granddaughters little dark brown dachshund because she also lived in a apartment and worked. She was trying to find a home for her dog  and couldn't so she was going to take her to a shelter.


I really didn't need another dog and I don't want that one, but I told Heather I would take Mocha for two weeks and  if it didn't work out she would have to take her back.

The first week was really bad; she barked so much, she was always hungry and got upon the table and ate some cookies a friend brought us the second day. Given a chance she would have bit other people in facts some of our neighbors were afraid of her. She didn't like to be scolded and for sure it was so obvious she didn't like me. My husband begged me to call Heater to come and get her.


By the end of the first week I finely realize that she needed to adjust to us. She was five years old and loved Heather but had been alone so much.  She did mind some and was good about going out to potty so I thought I would let her come to us.

The second week some wonderful things begin to happen. I am sure God had a hand in it. My husband was asthmatic and had heart problems  and if any one needed a friend he did. Mocha decided she was his dog and started sleeping in his room and was always at his side. When he went to the hospital ,which was often, she would lay by the door until he came home again. When Kenneth needed twenty four hour nurse care and he had to go to a nursing center they let me take Mocha to see him.

The first time I took her  to see him she went right to his room and jumped upon his bed  and she was so excited to see him. People there looked forward to her visits, too.

Kenneth passed away and now Mocha is my dog and life would be so lonely without her. I don't think she loves me as much as she did Kenneth as their hearts were connected - it was something so special and I love her for that.