A Happy Coincidence

I guess you never can tell what a day will bring forth. Yesterday was just such a day. As we were headed home, we came upon quite an interesting sight. As we made our turn, we spied in a roadside ditch, two roosters in a deadly battle.

One rooster appeared to be rather large, similar to a "Rhode Island Red" breed (somewhat lighter in color). The second bird was one I'd never seen before. It was smaller and more exotic looking. Its legs had a bluish cast to them. Feather coloration was quite beautiful. Creamy white feathers about the neck and brilliantly colored elsewhere. We pulled over and stopped to watch the event.

It became apparent rather quickly that the second bird was the more aggressive of the two. They would fly at each other, but the larger one would back down more quickly than the smaller one. My husband told me he was going to break it up, or there would be a dead chicken.

Next, the owner showed up. She told us her brother had simply "dumped" the two birds at her place a few days earlier, as he didn't want them any more. She said she was afraid the fighting rooster would kill the larger bird if she kept them both. By this time the gamecock had chased the bigger bird up under our van.

We informed her that we had a sizeable group of "Rhode Island Red" hens and no rooster. On the spot, she offered the bigger bird to us and on the spot, we accepted. She collected the rooster from under our vehicle, and handed him off to me. I, in turn, handed him off to my husband, who put the bird in the back of our van. After thanking her for the gift of the bird, we headed home. There was no sound from the rear of our van all the way home. After we arrived, we retrieved the rooster from the van (with some minor squawking) and headed to the chicken pen. After putting him in the pen, we stood back and observed.  Initially, He made his way rather cautiously around the other birds, but his confidence soon returned as he began to assert himself. After some minor skirmishes with the other birds, things seemed to be rather quiet.

That is, until about 5:00 A.M. this morning. Our new resident began crowing and letting the neighborhood know of his presence. Initially, I loved the sound of it. But I suspect us night owls will have to adjust to his early morning enthusiasm.

I told my husband I wondered why he (the rooster)seemed to keep his distance from me when I went out to the pen to feed the birds. The ducks and chicks I have had from when they were just babies all just flock around me when I am out there. But "Spur" (Alan has named him thus) keeps a safe distance from me. Dh told me maybe he had heard of me and my purse ("The Power Of The Purse" article will explain this remark). :)

It is nice to know that trying to step in and help a person or a situation, can bring about such positive results.