Thanksgiving is a great holiday.  Best remembered by me as all the family coming to my house.  Mother made the meat and dressing and the other women in the family made side dishes and desserts.  My dad�s stepmother would bring stuffed celery.  Loved it.  But, she never shared any recipes.  In later years, my sister figured out how to make it and so now it is a staple at my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The most people I can remember at one Thanksgiving table was 22.  That is a lot for a relatively small house.  We set up a long table using old closet doors that went from the dining room and into the living room.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  I love the family together.  

After dinner, it eventually evolved into my sister and I doing the dishes.  The other women cleared off the table and we washed, dried and put away.  Everyone stuffed and then had to find a place for dessert.  Buttermilk pie and chocolate pie with meringue and I don�t remember what else since those were my favorites.  Especially buttermilk pie.  

Mom is a great cook.  My aunt was a great cook but she had trouble with buttermilk pies.  So, every Thanksgiving, my Mom would make an extra buttermilk pie.  One was exchanged with my aunt for the chocolate pie.  

Since I have lived about 1,000 miles from home for the last 17 years, Thanksgiving is now at my house.  Usually, my husband, my son and whatever friend we have that doesn�t have a nearby family.  I do the cooking which I love to do.  Even though I am usually exhausted by Thanksgiving evening.  I always say I will get some of the stuff done the nights before and I never get enough done to make any difference.  This year will probably be the same.

Every family has their own traditions and favorite meal.  I make some of the things like my Mom...turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, buttermilk pie.  Giblet gravy has been replaced with homemade noodles, a contribution by my late stepmother and a favorite of my husband.  We don�t eat candied yams but we love fruit salad.   I guess these are my family traditions now.    

Happy Thanksgiving from The Scrubbie Lady