Well I come from a family of (total) 10 of us kids.  5 and 5.  I am the third oldest.  Lived in Detroit 'til I turned 32 and decided to hit the roads and head for California,.  Lived in California for 15 years, met my husband and we moved back to Michigan.  I am 56 years young!  No children,  I have a tiger cat who is 14.  A few rabbits run around here from time to time.  In fact I think we have a few living under the deck. We live in the country kind sorta.  It is a small town that only has 3 police cars and a volunteer fire department., 1 grocery store and 5 or 6 fast food restaurants (rarely go to them but they are there for convenience)  As far as what kind of work I do...I work for an aerospace company and I mainly do their accounts receivables.    I love to do crafting and if I don't have something going at the time I would probably go crazy.  I have to keep my mind busy at all times.  So when retirement time comes up I have no idea what I am gonna do to keep busy!  I used to do woodworking and my friend at work thought I was crazy to sell my machines.  

I love gardening (veggies and flowers) and I willing to lend a helping hand whenever someone needs it!  I will include a picture of my Miss Tiffany! OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT!  I was never able to raise African Violets and after my mother passed away I thought I would give it another try and guess what!  I AM HOOKED AND THEY EVEN BLOOM!  I am a fancier of the Mini Violets and anyone who sells them...I'd like to see what they have to offer and would like to buy if they ship!