Socks, Sodas, and Suds

How does a spouse convey his/her love to you? After reading many a romantic novel, I just knew it would be the occasional nosegay of springtime flowers, or maybe some expensive chocolates, or even a bottle of my favorite perfume.

Boy, was I ever naive! My dear hubby is not the impulsive shopper. He doesn't bring home flowers, candy, or perfume (well, he does buy my favorite scent on birthday/anniversary/Christmas, if my supply is getting low). To describe him as a reluctant shopper is an understatement. It isn't the money issue, he just doesn't like to shop.

I remember wishing once or twice that he would be a little more impulsive and surprise me with a little something at the odd time. But then, a little voice (maybe my conscience) jogged my memory and I began to recall the steady, consistent ways he does show his love for me.

The first thing that comes to mind is "Socks" might think, " what do socks have to do with love?" Well, my feet tend to get really cold in the winter time (we turn off our heat when we go to bed) and there have been times when I couldn't go to sleep because my feet were so cold. Without my asking him, he would get out of bed and find me a pair of socks and put them on my feet. It would warm my feet so I could sleep. He had put my comfort ahead of his own.

The second thing on my list is "Sodas". At times, I have awakened in the middle of the night (in the summertime) hot and thirsty. He would wake up when I did (and do) and ask if there was something I needed. When I would tell him I was thirsty, he would get up and go get me a sip of my favorite soda, sometimes even complete with ice cubes. Again, he was thinking of me.

The third item that makes me know my husband loves me is "Suds". Due to a chronic illness, I am unable to keep my house in "apple pie order". So, on at least one of his days off each work cycle, he runs a dishful of hot soapy water, and cleans my kitchen until it shines.

So when I find myself wishing for him to be more thoughtful, that still, small voice reminds me that I have at least three things to be thankful for: "Socks, Sodas, and Suds".

And I am.

What do you have to be thankful for in your spouse?