African Violets (& Chirita)
 I have 18 plants. I have some blooming all year long. I have two south windows and when they start blooming I put them in the north window (my living room.) They like the south window best, but will bloom in the north one also.
 I use Jobe sticks  two to a plant about every six months. Too often will cause more leaves and an ugly plant. I also collect plenty of rain water as they hate Tomball water and will refuse to bloom.
Becky should try the leaf  as so many plant start from leaves.
 I am not an expert, but find this works for me. African Violets are my favorite plant and enjoy their beautiful blossoms. They aren't that hard to raise. Some of mine are old plants but still blooming.
I have seen the miniature plants, but never owned one.

Dorothy Tweedt (Click Here to visit Dorothy's Page)


Websites to visit: This page is an excellent article lin the P. Allen Smith Newsletter. It is a free letter that always has great information and I enjoy reading the new features every week.  This page has great information about African Violets.  This is the TAMU website info page. Lots of good stuff.  This site has a miniature variety.  This site is about Chirita and explains much about the Gesneriads.  This site has Chirita for sale, plants or leaves.