It dawned on me the other day that I had not written a true Mel’s View in a long while!

So much has been going on, but it’s not much that is really new.

My message board is growing! (1300 or so members!) I am working on some crafts for my web site, which hopefully will have its mall up and running in a week or so!

I have been babysitting, knitting, learning to sew and crochet.

I am dreaming of a garden this year, hoping to get more than just cherry tomatoes and jalapenos this time!

I have made my first quilt blocks, which brought about a revelation! You see last year I got a sewing machine second hand. For the last year I have struggled, and I did make some head way but it was never consistent. Some days it would work smoothly and others, it barely did anything! Well last week my neighbor saw me hand stitching a quilt block and got out their machine and said try this. I finished all 13 blocks (for a block swap!) in less than 3 hours! So I learned my inability to sew was not my lack of talent, but a defective machine! So now while I baby sit I sew! My neighbor is moving away in about 5 months and so we are now working on a quilt out of our material scraps, we will make 2 quilts, one for each of us! In between the quilt block sewing, I am making aprons, head covers and knitted dish/face clothes for my Prairie Homemaker mall.

I sent off an apron to a site member and she just raves about it and has urged me to make them and sell them. I wonder at them, not being sure of my abilities yet, but have been assured by my neighbor that they are decent enough to sell, after all she says, they are “home made” not factory made so some flaws are to be expected!

Drew is 60 days away from boot camp, and is working hard to run 5 miles in under 15 minutes, and do all the other things they wish him to be able to do. Chris has another physical to under go before he finds out for certain if he has gotten in or not. He really wants this, so I hope the new physical goes well.

We have had a lot of rain lately; we even had to mow the side yard already! I got tired of grass going up my skirt as I walked across the prairie to baby sit. The storms have been awesome to listen too! There is nothing quite like watching them roll in from our back deck or front stoop!

The young one I sit for is 14 months old and he is a blast! He loves Blues Clues and I think I have memorized most of the dialogue! I have a decided preference for Joe over Steve, he some how seems to fit the show better. He is also a very smart little one, and picks up things quickly!

Hmmmmmmmm that is all I can think of for the moment, I hope everyone is having an awesome week!