About joining and posting:

All you need to do to join is have a .net passport which means you have to have a hotmail or msn email account, real easy. Fill out the membership (I don't let people in who don't leave a message telling me something about themselves) and then you wait until I let you in. I have gotten kind of slow about this since most new members don't post anymore and I find this aggravating.

When you are let in you can post messages. To post a new message or reply to one. You click on any subject on the left click on any post that interests you and read it, if you would like to reply, just click on the " reply".

If you would like to post a new subject. You click on New Discussion at the bottom of any post. You can also post pictures (click on pictures) or View all the recent messages by clicking on the Messages board and then clicking the " View all Messages" at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, there is really no risk to anyone joining.