About Newspaper Pots

Well, now I used to have instructions on how to make the paper pots. I made them myself one year but found my plant that were grown in them did not grow as well as the ones in the plastic pots. I am not sure why this was but I think maybe it was because they dried out so much faster in the green house.
I cannot remember the instructions specifically but here is what I can remember. You take a glass about the size you want your pot to be. Cut newspaper about 5-6 inches (depending on how tall you want your pot) and long enough to wrap around the glass 3 or 4 times. wrap it around the glass 3-4 times then fold in the bottom like it has 4 sides. Slide it off the glass and staple the bottom where the pieces meet (staples will rust and eventually be biodegradable) and also where the sides meet. Then just fill with soil and use (make sure you have a drip pan- I used the plastic meat trays under mine).