Blocking that Winter Wind

By Kathy Vilseck, The Scrubbie Lady

Jan has some rubber matting cut into strips that we hang over the doors.  They are like the ones you see in large warehouses to keep the heat out (Home Depot has them around here).  Anyhow, the dogs can stick their noses out (Harley always does) but the wind is blocked.  Harley doesn't have the heavy coat and fat layer that Smokey has so he gets cold easier.  

What we have used for the dog doors was some old conveyor belt material.  Don't cut it all the way through.  Leave 3-4" solid at the top.  The strips are about 3" wide. Then Jan screwed the top to a piece of wood, about a 1x2.  Then the wood is screwed to the top of the door opening with the strips hanging down and between the wood and the door frame.  Since we have two dog houses with different sized doors, they are marked.  Jan takes them down in the spring and puts them up in the late fall.

Jan said he made the doggie doors from the runner mat you buy at Home Depot.  You can get it by the yard off a roller.  He doesn't remember what we used for a clear door.  We put one of those on Harley's house because he kept tearing off the black strips.