Bug Out Bags
There has been a lot of talk lately about leaving your home in an emergency and what to take with you. Here are our ideas..

First..use a large heavy duty backpack, it should have a waist belt as well as the shoulder straps. In hers, 1 bottle hydrogen peroxide..to purify water and wounds. Bandaids and cotton pads to stop bleeding. A roll of masking tape for many uses. Dried herbs and dried food. Mostly jerky and fruits and veges. I can always find water. With the dried meat and veges, a stew can be made. Parched corn and jerky saved many a pioneers life. Dried fruits are for energy and heat.

Pack everything in doubled ziploc bags. This offers better protection against mildew and when empty, they will work for gathering any wild foods you find as you travel. Also very lightweight. Carry 2 metal mess kits from an army supply store, you can cook and eat from the same pan, and a canteen and metal cup. I have one book that covers first aid in the wild. A hunting knife in a belt sheath will be a large help in anything you do. Take a heavier jacket than necessary. You can always take the jacket off and tie it around your waist, but its hard to put one on in colder weather if you don't have it. Same with boots.

We use the 1000 insulate that are also waterproof. I can go with bare feet, until I make a pair of mocassins, but its hard in the cold without good boots. Now, I have covered the basics for eating and getting water and first aid.

He should have his own pack and carry one very important tool. An all-in-one..pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, little prybar..etc. It has about 7 different tools in one. He should carry his own canteen and cup, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for water purification. Baling twine to make snares and tie things together. A roll of duct tape. This has so many uses. Carry wooden matches that have been dipped in wax to keep them waterproof. Pack them in a waterproof container. Preferably plastic with a screw top. There should be a 10 x12 piece of plastic for a shelter top. Also, you can roll up in it for extra warmth.

We have the ability to survive in the wild, but few people today do. Take the time to learn about your environment and find the wildfoods in every season of the year. Find the places to go and hide from other people who want what you have. Study the pioneers lifestyle and use it now, practice makes perfect.

The most basic thing to remember is plan ahead, don't panic, and don't allow anyone to round you up and make you go somewhere you don't want to go.