Wanted to share this...and let everyone know that there are individuals on the loose, at least in my area of town, that are seeking out unsuspecting individuals, usually someone who is alone, and they follow them. When the culprit/s are at ease that the prospective target is unaware of their being followed, this is what happens:

A vehicle will pull up beside you and someone; usually a female will jump out and grab you if you have already gotten out of your vehicle. This person, usually a female, will proceed to start an argument and accuse you of either cutting her off in traffic or following her, or whatever.

Next, another vehicle will come along and two men will hop out and try and aide in the argument. However, they are really all together.

The woman who starts the commotion is the distracter, while the men who appear to be available for assisting, are actually there to aide in an assault, robbery, etc.

In the past, I was always certain this happened to other people in different areas of town, yet I have always been very cautious as to what is going on around me. However, this past Wednesday it happened to me.

After going to my bank, drive thru window, I went to Kohl's on FM1960 and Eldridge. After leaving Kohl's, I left the shopping center I exited onto FM1960 and headed towards Jones Road. Hobby Lobby was my destination point. After parking in a front row parking space, I proceeded to put my keys in my purse, make sure I had my list, and I hopped out of my car. When I reached down to lock my door, and raised back up, I was grabbed by a "crazy woman" who was shouting obscenities at me, and shouting that I had been following her.

How I managed to get back in my car is beyond me, but to my surprise, there were now two men with her outside shouting for me to get out of my car to resolve this.

After I gained a sense of composure, I remembered my cell phone and called 911 from the inside of my car. It was not until the Sheriff's Dept. was driving up to Hobby Lobby in the direction and location that I was parked, that the culprits jumped in their vehicles and drove away.

Even though I was scared out of my wits, and incredibly shaken, I managed to get the license plate numbers of one of the vehicles. The operator of 911 stayed on the phone with me the entire time.

The Sheriffs Dept. told me I was very lucky because this is happening frequently, with the victim usually ending up in the hospital.

So, No matter where you are, or where you go, take the time to observe vehicles and individuals that are around you, physically or in their automobiles. Never drive straight from a bank directly to your home. The officer told me to lock my doors, drive to McDonalds (or someplace) and go thru drive thru or something, because the whole intent was to rob, steal and assault.

I have lived in my neighborhood for six years and frequently go places alone. Not anymore, at least not during the holiday season.

All of you take care and be safe.
Baune Atkinson

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