Dear Townhall supporter,

Please read this important message from our friends at Your action right now will be of great comfort to our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Urgent Message from General Jack Singlaub

If you believe the mainstream liberal media’s reporting on the American military effort in Iraq, you’re almost forced to be ashamed of our troops!

The liberal media want you to believe that U.S. troops in Iraq are guilty of widespread torture...oppressing civilians...murdering U.S. journalists...opposing the war effort...

And losing the war.

That’s the media’s latest refrain, and they’re singing their defeatist song in harmony day and night, on the TV news and in every major liberal newspaper -- the U.S. can’t win!

Well, I’m not ashamed of our troops, and I do believe the U.S. can win this war.

After a military career that began in World War II and included combat roles in both the European and Pacific theaters of that conflict, as well as in Korea and Vietnam, I think I know a little bit more about our military situation than some anonymous editorial writer at the New York Times or some hair-sprayed TV “commentator.”

And I can tell you this –-

Our troops in Iraq are winning the war.

And despite being immersed in a lethally hostile environment, they’re upholding the highest standards of decency and civilization in their selfless mission to liberate the Iraqi people from tyranny and confront the America-hating terrorist fanatics on their own ground.

These courageous men and women need to know that somebody back home is working to restore some appearance of fairness and balance to the media’s coverage of the sacrifices they’re making for us.

Do you agree with me?

If so, go to our Media Research Center web site and add your name to the “Message of Support to Our Troops” that you’ll find there.

If you, too, see through these liberal media lies about our troops, help me tell our brave men and women on the front lines:

We support you here on the home front.

We’re exposing and challenging the liberal media’s lies about you.

That’s the message you’ll be sending when you go to and add your name to the “Message of Support to Our Troops” that you’ll find there.

Because when you sign up, I’m going to send a special “dog tag” to one of our brave men or women in uniform on the front line, in your name, personally.

The dog tag bears the message, “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media -- America Supports Our Troops!”

And it promises your prayers until that soldier comes home safe and sound.

And your name will be inscribed on the dog tag.

And I’ll also send you a “dog tag.”

I hope you’ll put your dog tag on your key chain as a daily reminder of the sacrifices our troops are making by putting themselves in harm’s way in support of freedom and in defense of our nation’s security.

It will also be a visible badge of your participation in this grassroots activist campaign ...

... and it will remind you every day to pray for them and their safe return home.

Please, go to our Media Research Center web site and add your name to the “Message of Support to Our Troops” that you’ll find there.

The liberal-dominated “Big Media” -- the network news operations at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN; and “establishment” papers like the New York Times -- are ceaselessly pounding the same handful of ugly, negative themes:

  • We’re losing the war...
  • Troops are near mutiny, they’re so opposed to the war effort...
  • And if they’re not opposing the war effort, these soldiers are routinely torturing prisoners and oppressing civilians...
  • They’re even deliberately murdering U.S. journalists.

Every one of these wild accusations is false.

I need you to join me in demanding that the media tell the truth about our troops in Iraq and help me get a signed tag to every single one of the 150,000 men and women in uniform over there.

We’ve already sent, or have in the pipeline, over 26,000 signed “dog tags” to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But that means there’s more than 100,000 of our troops still over there who haven’t personally received our message -- “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media -- America Supports Out Troops!”

So please do two things for me today:

  1. Forward this e-mail now to friends, relatives and colleagues in your email address book who share your outrage over the liberal media’s lies about our troops.  Hopefully, many of them will forward this email also, and your activism in support of our troops will be multiplied many, many times over!
  2. Go to our web site at and add your name to the “Message of Support to Our Troops” that you’ll find there, so I can hopefully include the dog tag with your name inscribed on it in the next shipment to the front lines.

And I’ll get your own dog tag out in the mail to you as soon as I can, so you’ll have your reminder to pray for our troops daily.

Our troops need to know that the vast majority of Americans see through the media’s shameful lies about them.

Send them that message today!

TOGETHER, with a BIG GRASSROOTS RESPONSE, we CAN expose the liberal media’s lies AND send a massive, warm, personal message of support to every one of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With urgent thanks,

Major General John K. Singlaub (U.S.A. Ret.)
On behalf of the Media Research Center’s “Fight Media Bias!” campaign

P.S.  I urgently need you to take two actions NOW —

  1. Go to and add your name to the “Message of Support to Our Troops” that you’ll find there so we can get your dog tags out as soon as possible.
  2. Forward this e-mail to friends, relatives and colleagues in your email address book.  If they join you in sending the “Message of Support to Our Troops,” and in forwarding this e-mail on to their own circle of friends and relatives, our grassroots campaign will spread across the country like wildfire!