Ok people. I'm sick of hearing everybody say negative things over and over again about our President, our government, and especially our troops.

I know a lot will agree with me. My brother-in-law is in the U.S. Air Force. And I'm very proud of him. Our troops are taking care of things that nobody else wants to do, but things that everybody wants the rewards from. I just wanted to put a little something together for our troops. Just to let them know who's backing them up.

Please pass this on to family members, friends, and OF COURSE OUR TROOPS!!!

SO....simple instructions. (Start a new message, copy the list of names below and paste onto your new email. Send to everyone on your own address list and let it grow in all directions.)

1- Type your name with your city next to your name.

2- type the person/persons you know that is in the service.

3- put which branch they are in next to their names.

4- Make a small statement to any of our troops.

They'll love to read what you have to say.

**If a troops name is already on there....doesn't matter. Add it again. They'll be able to see how many people care for them. See?! SO SIMPLE! You don't have to participate if you don't want to. This is not a chain letter or anything like that. It will not bring you good or bad luck. But it will let our troops know that we care.

And it might make them fight a little harder and be a little more proud to do what they have been sent to do. I'll start it off.

Thanks a lot,

Jared McClelland


1) Jared McClelland - Houston, Texas

Chris Adams - U.S. Air Force

Take care of yourself Chris. We can't wait to see you again.

2)Randy Adams - Bridge City, Texas

Chris Adams - U.S. Air Force

I have the homeland covered for you, take care of our lives. See you soon.

3)Amanda Adams - Crestview, Florida

Chris Adams - U.S. Air Force

We love you and are waiting for you to come home.

4) Nikki and Dave Bales(US Air Force)-Abilene, Texas

Chris Adams, Kevin Veneman, Fausto Fernandez, Ryan

Zwernnamen -U.S. Air Force

We are so proud of you. Take care of yourselves and come home safely-and soon!!!! :)

5) Andrea Tumlinson Quantico, Va

Jimmy Tumlinson - USMC

I am so proud of you!

Dennis Kauffman, Jr - U.S. Air Force

Stay safe, Denny!

Cory J. Martin, Sr. - USN, retired

Thank you for all you have done for us!

Gus Schmidt, Jr.- Marines, Mobile, Alabama

Take care of yourself. Grandpa in Texas is proud of you.