Doggie Adventures at the Myers Home

I am sitting at this computer at 2:00 am fighting off the dogs who want to get in my lap because "look mom's in a chair". One of my co-workers thinks that we have dog adventures all the time. Now, when I was lamenting my dog problems at work it was not for their entertainment, I wanted sympathy! 

Yes I realize that it is mostly my fault that we have so many, even if I wasn't directly responsible for bringing them all here I also didn't say no! I wonder how much money we could save if I would "Just say NO!" ? That seems to be the slogan now-a-days for every thing and everybody! "Just say NO". Well, not me, not when it comes to animals anyway, hey I brake for birds! And please don't mention dragonflies, roadrash, scars, and contact lenses to my daughter at least not in the same sentence anyway! But that's another story for another time.

Actually, this really isn't even a story it is just the way life is at this household, for better or for worse! Our " adventure " for today was the morning start with the "we need to fix Hotrod's chain" nag from me to my husband. Now, we were already going out because I had to go to the doctor. Now, had I gone when my husband had "suggested" on Friday when I had to leave work early then I wouldn't be going Sunday morning instead of to church. I also wouldn't be hearing "I told you so" a little more nicely put mind you than that but the meaning was the same. Anyway, finally got home after all the usual things that go with being sick ; doctor, Home Depot, Pharmacy (also work, hence the sickness in the first place) McDonalds, can't take that antibiotic on an empty stomach, then home, at least those are usual places for our family anyway. So I wait for Eddie to get through in the shop because with me a little under the weather neither one of has had much sleep so we're going to take a nap, that looks so pretty on paper doesn't it? 

Anyway 45 minutes later he is summoning our son to help him retrieve the dog, Hotrod, the one whose chain yeah well you get the idea. It seems the deer wanted to come close to get the apples and she wanted them to come close so she could get them! So she lunges and just as he (Eddie) gets to her she takes off with tie out stake and chain and dog going through the field at a dead run after those deer, who, of course, head straight for the woods! Now, what do you think is going to happen with her dragging all this behind her? Well, of course not right away because that would make it to easy to find her. 

We have to drag out the 4-wheeler, one go on foot, one on the 4-wheeler, and yours truly in the truck up and down the road because, remember, I am sick. Of course in the middle of all this our daughter comes home from spending the night with a friend asking how I'm feeling (so sweet) and what's going on. I tell her what's happening and of course it's just routine around here (not the first one we've lost, but that's another adventure) she takes it right in stride says ok gotta change my shoes I'll have them drop me at the house and I'll start looking. By then our son has come back with the 4-wheeler leaving his father in the snakey woods on foot all by himself and has propped his rear-end in a chair in the living room to finish watching his movie (so thoughtful and concerned) which is one that we own not rented so there really is so no time frame or late charges to take into consideration as to when it can be watched, but we won't go there! 

He says dad is coming up gonna get the 4-wheeler and take it to look for the dog, ok I go on down the road in my truck looking for a sign of the dog turn around come back looking the other way, no luck, return home. Now, the 4-wheeler is up by the house where it was so I go in thinking that Eddie is inside. Nope, Travis is still on his backside watching that movie and he doesn't know where his dad is. Of course, I am female, prone to a little melodrama when I don't feel well just like any female that always goes to worst case scenario in their head whether it is realistic or not, so I go out to get the 4-wheeler to take to the woods to find my husband who by now has gotten snake bit, had the deer turn on him instead of the dog and also fallen and broken his leg! All that in a minute and a half, pretty good huh? 

Just as I am shooing my daughter out of the way she spots him coming out of the edge of the woods intact (yes she is still outside because we haven't found the dog yet and for some reason her priority is not the movie, it's her dad and the dog, strange child huh?). So I go to retrieve him with the 4-wheeler and halfway to him he hold's up the tie-out stake and chain with no dog! Oh yeah, she was all wrapped in the underbrush and, of course, just as he got up to her, yeap you guessed it, she got loose! Hit the trail of those deer again and was gone! 

We sat there in the field a little while trying to figure out if we wanted to even bother trying to teach this pup anything or if we even could because so far she wasn't catching on which is why she was chained in the first place. About the time we decided we would just have to let her come back on her own and sent Jesika in the direction of the house here came the dog out of the woods. We yelled for Jesika (she was on foot) and she took off for the dog, made a grab for her and got yanked to the ground for her effort. Of course then the dog comes right to us as Eddie's getting off the 4-wheeler. I knew that Jess got hurt because it was the same shoulder that got pulled when our other lost dog adventure happened about 4 months back. 

Anyway, Eddie led the dog home, Jesika rode with me home and we wound up putting the dog around the small oak in front (yeah she can reach my flower bed) because 4 attempts at putting the new tie-out stake in the ground were to no avail; good ol' georgia red clay! And my husband is not wimpy when it comes to arm strength simply because of his line of work. And guess what, our son Travis is still in the house watching that movie that is not going anywhere, it can be paused, stopped, started, watched, rewatched , etc, etc, etc,! 

Somehow I feel I should burst into song about now. Anyhow, Jesika and I stay up to watch a comedy chick flick type movie (trying to recover from the gory guy one my husband rented that was so bad even he didn't want to finish watching it!) 

I went out to check on the dog, who has already dug up one of my heirloom Dahlia plants, and somehow she has gotten a container that has dog dip in it. Now, mind you I had it labeled but for some reason that didn't seem to deter her from eating it! Perhaps it's the fact that she can't read so she didn't know it was toxic! Anyway, I call for Jesika, wash down the area where it leaked out and bring in the dog for observation. This is the same dog trying to get in my lap, steal my coaster or anything else within her reach. 

She is a stray (yep I'm a sucker) that we found about 6 months ago, running down the middle of a lane with a full size truck right behind it. Now this lady was very nice because she was going very slow with her flashers on and if the pup stopped and cowered she stopped as well. Of course the moment Jesika and I stopped to see if we could help and the pup got out of her way she just took off in her truck leaving us sitting there with a stupid look on our face (I mean more so than usual!). I actually had this one a home (actually 2!) but my husband formed an attachment to her even though Jes and I had made a special effort not to! Just when you think you have a man figured out and life is all harmonious he goes and plays a dirty trick like that and you have to start rethinking all the things you thought you knew about him! 

Anyhoo, now we have a female dog with the name of Hotrod that is as big as a large goat and chases anything from butterflies to deer and the birds just really make her mad sitting up in her tree taunting her because she can't reach them! But, we love all our animals and if you're not a dog lover or even a liker then this household is no place for you because you can bet you will be barked at, licked, sat on (if you're brave enough to sit in the first place) and nipped at, (we have chihuahua's!!) but for us it's as normal(?) as breathing and who doesn't like a good deep breath!