Fire ants... by Dorothy Tweedt

Well I have been getting rid of them for a long time and my way is the best ever and lots cheaper..........................

I put about a half cup of Pine-O-Pine or Pine-Sol in a bucket of water.  You don't have to use a lot.
I found this out when I lived in the woods and on a hill. It was sandy and had many mounds of fire ants. I started pouring my mop bucket on the mounds and begin to notice the ant hills got less and less and finally only occasional one popped up .
 I quit using Pine-O-Pine to mop with because Ken had Asthma and kept using it only on the ant hills.
When we moved into Tomball, the apartment had lots of fire ants and I had a dog to walk so I got permission to do the same on the ant hill there. Now I do it here. So I always keep a bottle of Pine-O-Pine or Pine-Sol on hand.