Using Garlic Powder to keep the Ants away

by Kathy Vilseck

(From Nita) When I had trouble with the ants getting into the puppies' food, I asked Kathy Vilseck what she had found that worked last summer with her dogs. We'd written about it and then lost the subject. The following is her reply:


Well, I actually solved the ants in the dog food problem accidentally. I moved Smokey's food which helped but...I ran out of garlic pills. So, I went out and put garlic powder on his food. The ants started heading out. They do not like the garlic. Smokey doesn't mind. In fact, I think he kind of likes the garlic. I do know that we have more problems with ants in the food when the food is in the shade. Of course, our dogs have dry food down all the time. No canned food and the bowl is not empty very often.

If you will be using the garlic powder like that, you might look into buying it in large quantities. Ever checked out . I was looking at it and may buy some of their stuff. Jan uses onion powder when he bbqs. I am thinking of buying a large one and then not have to worry about finding it.