Mississippi Weather by Kathy Vilseck 

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Well, actually, the temperatures have pretty much stayed hot around here.  Some less hot last week but we haven't had anything resembling winter for a while.  We finally cut off the pilot light and circuit breakers for the heater since we haven't used it in a month.  It gets up to upper 80's during the day and upper 50's at night.  So, however warm it gets during the day keeps us warm enough at night.


Didn't even hardly get any rain.  It went barely north and the other part went barely south.  The worst was north but the area didn't get the bad tornadoes (I don't think we got any) and only some hail. Right here at our house, we got some short what I call spring showers.  Not enough to hardly register in the rain gauge.  Less than 20 miles away, they got about an inch.

Actually, last Friday, we set a new record for the high.  It was 82.  Our temperatures at night are up and down.  One morning we woke up and it was 68 at 7am.  The next morning, it was 40.  Our high today was supposed to be 63 according to the news last night.  Well, it was 44 when we went to bed and 50 when we got up.  We have a minimum/maximum thermometer on the deck.  It reads 53 at 2am.  Since we got up the temperature has gone down 5 degrees but they say this afternoon it will be 55 (but last night they said it would be 63).  I am about to give up on forecasts.


78 degrees is a little bit higher than we have had.  Yesterday was supposed to be rain all day and high in the upper 60's.  Well, we had drizzle most of the day and 55.  Today, it is supposed to be 69 and rain all day and most of the night.  It is 60 and it has mostly drizzled today.  So much for accurate forecasting.


All this weather keeps coming through but the most we usually get lately is 1/2".  Some storms last night but they veered just enough to go south of us and north of us.  We heard a couple of good rolls of thunder and some rain.  That was it.  Other places got hail and 70 mph winds.  The weather has been really warm. Like upper 60's.  The heater has stayed off.  This is really weird for us and a little scary.  I keep thinking that when winter does finally get here, we are going to get clobbered.  The trees are already budding out.  This has happened before although not so early in the season and then we got a hard freeze.  It messed up the plum, peach and pear trees. 


We got to the low 60's yesterday and sun most of the day.  Today, it will get warmer and then the rain chances come back followed by cooler weather.  


 We have had some rain.  2" on Saturday and 1" Tuesday.  Today, a front is coming through and they were talking rain/snow mix at last report.  High was at midnight last night.  Tonight we are expecting 20's in Memphis which means teens here.  Glad for no snow.  Wish we could get some good sunshine. 

Ours is actually typical winter weather.  If it warms up, it rains and then it gets cold again.  Most of the time that is.  Works out okay.  Me, personally, I like cold weather and I don't mind rain but I don't want them on the same day.


We are having cool weather after getting about an inch of rain Monday night and Tuesday morning.  It is supposed to start warming up but right now it is 26 with a forecast high of 51.  We should be at 60 by Friday.  Hope that includes some sun.  We had enough overcast and rain to last for a bit. 


It got up 52 today.  Sun, wind and no rain.  This morning when we got up (3:30am), it was 25.  The forecast for Memphis tonight is 27 and we are usually about 10 degrees cooler.  The high forecast for tomorrow is 42. 

I am going to a craft show in Como (small town a little south).  I'll see how it turns out.  They have some kind of music festival downtown.  The show is inside so maybe people will want to come in to get out of the weather.  Hope. Hope.


We are finished with the rain/snow/freezing fog for a few days I hope.  Only getting up to 49 today but that was better than the 35 yesterday.  The sun is out for the first time since Saturday.  Love it.


Well, I hope it warms up here.  Right now (6am), it is 22 degrees in the backyard.  The forecast was 30 and it is 37 in Memphis.  The sun is supposed to come out and maybe we will get to the low 60's on Saturday.  The station we watch has all these awards that they are the correct the most of the local weather forecasts but that is really bad since they are wrong a LOT for us. 


It was 33 when we left the house on Saturday morning.


It is almost 7am and 31 outside.  Our first official freeze (at least here, the weather station is warmer). 


Well, we got the cold front yesterday.  Not much wind, drizzled all day.  Don't think we got much rain though.  We broke a record high on Sunday but it was only 87.  Monday afternoon it was 85, Tuesday afternoon, it was 46.

It was supposed to get down to 41 last night but we only got to 44.  A little cool.  We are expecting frosts at least one of the next two nights.  The forecasts are for 41 but we usually go about 10 degrees lower.  We just lit the heater last night.  First time we have used any heat. 


We had less than 1/10th of rain Saturday.  That is it.  But, at least our temperatures are back down into the upper 90's and some really cool nights (48 anyone).  Up and down like normal for this time of year.  That Tropical Storm Lee gave us a whopping 3/4".  I had heard that Texas is in the worst drought in over 50 years.  After what we saw when we down to CC in July, I can believe it.  I really don't think ya'll are going to do any good until you get at least a tropical storm and that dumps way too much at one time.


Got 3/4" of rain but it took most of yesterday.  We got some wind today but not any trouble.  Our high today was 74.  We only caught the edge of the rain and it wasn't too heavy obviously.  We have the north winds also.


We made it to 99 yesterday.  Some clouds and rain around us.  This morning we woke up to light soaking rain which we need.  (I know ya'll need the same but a lot more). 

We haven't had a lot of problems with bugs.  Some fly problems last month but they seem to be gone.  If you have Skin-so-Soft bath oil, dab it around your door and any openings.  The flying insects don't like the smell. 


The humidity is normally in the 70's.  Temperatures are getting down.  They have been upper 90's+ during the day.  Upper 70's at night lately.  They are talking cold front right now and so we are looking at rain chances and upper 80's during the day. 


There has been quite a bit of rain in this area but none here.  We spent one night listening to all the tornado warnings and how we would get 3-4" of rain and it all went either north or south of us and we could almost count the number of drops that hit the deck roof (metal).  We are watering.  We got a lot of rain earlier this year but now we have the upper 90's and 100's and so the water is drying up pretty good.  It is wet and humid in the mornings but that doesn't do much good. 


(I asked if they had any problems with all the flooding...)The guys had to take a long scenic route to get home one day but that is all.  Our pond got 18" in a couple of days if you can imagine.  Lot of low areas with water that didn't have them before but it is a ways away from us.


We got quite a bit of rain.  At least 8" in 2 1/2 days.  The rain gauge leaks so I don't know how much exactly but it brought the pond up about 18" and that included spreading it bank to bank.  Hasn't been that full in a couple of years.

We didn't have damage except for some small dead limbs that came down.  The nasty stuff went around us both directions.  Thank Goodness.  I have seen some nasty pictures of the damages.  We think we have had enough rain to last a while.  For the last few weeks we have been getting at least 1 1/4" a week and then, of course, this week.  Jan and Rob had to take a very long way home yesterday.  Usually takes them 45 minutes.  Took them 2 hours.  They still have to go a long way today because the main road is closed.  It crosses a river that drains a very Large area and it is flooding still. 


All the storms that have been through this week have gone around us as far as dangerous weather.  We lost some small limbs one day and the guys left for work late yesterday but only got about 2" of rain total out of both systems.


We had a lot of warning about bad weather and then when it hit, it was nothing but some rain.  Now they are talking rain tomorrow. 

We shut the heater down last week and now it is cool at night and warm during the day (81 yesterday).  We are expecting it to be cool on Saturday but then warm up again.  Hopefully, it will not be too cool.  I don't want to use the heater again.  Also, Saturday is the open house day at the local feed store/hardware store/greenhouse and I want to get some plants for this year.  I have had enough of low 40's at night. 


We are waiting for a line of thunderstorms followed by a front.  High of 76 today, low tonight 37.  Don't know how much rain but may be some hail and high winds.  Around here, anything 45 and above is a high wind. 


The time does slip away.  We are doing the spring/winter dance right now.  Some days it is up to almost 80 and we think okay, spring is here.  And then the next week we have the dreary 40's and we gripe about the weather forecaster that said the sun would be out


Warmer days but still cold nights.  Had some heavy rain Friday night and we are expecting more tomorrow (Tuesday). 


...  We have been getting up to barely 33 for a few minutes each day.  It is around 23 at night. 

I am staying in mostly.  I go to let the ducks out and tend to Smokey.  He stays in his house unless the sun is out (doesn't matter the temperature, only that the sun is shining.  The ducks think this is fine unless the pond freezes.  Then they get upset and go back into their pen.  We did put a tarp over half of their pen when the heavy (7") snow came in January.  Now they like the tarp because it keeps the sun off them...... The weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow (mid 40's).   

We are getting some sleet right now and then snow(1-2") later.  Not much snow but it will probably be on a layer of ice.  Wish no one had to drive in it.   I did learn before to walk in the snow when I had to go outside.  Better traction than ice. 


Hope ya'll have had some decent weather.  We had 74 today and lots of sunshine.  We have had a lot of sun the last couple of days.  We enjoyed it and guess we will have to store the memory since we are forecast to have rain for the next three days.


OK, let's recap on the snow.  Two weeks ago Sunday night, we got 7".  That finally melted off last Tuesday.  On Thursday afternoon and evening we had rain then sleet briefly and then 1" of snow and then it went down to 20 overnight.  It melted off Friday but we were frozen in for that day.  They worked on Saturday.

Now, we are told that we may get up to 3" of snow tonight.  Originally, the forecast was for 1/2" maybe, then it changed yesterday to 1" maybe and now they are saying 1-3" tonight.  We haven't seen the sun to speak of in almost two weeks.  So far, the guys are short two days of work (made one of them up on Saturday).  The main problem being that our driveway ices over and our hill is not too pleasant since it is so steep and in the shade. 

Yes we are tired of snow.  After the snow, we also have the problem of slick mud which doesn't help driving on our road.  After we get off our road, it is usually fairly good.  But, we are 7 miles from a "secondary" road where they put down salt brine or clay/rock combinations. 


Tuesday all of our snow/ice finally melted off during the misting rain.  .  Wet as all get out and muddy but anyhow.  Now, we are expecting rain, then sleet (weatherman thinks the sleet is better than the rain???) and then 1-3" of snow but snow will fall in a short period of time. 

It has been okay.  Not enough sunshine for me.  Got up to 50 yesterday but looked dreary all day.  If we are lucky, it will get above freezing tomorrow. 

I am glad I don't have to drive somewhere to work but I worry about the guys.  This mess is supposed to hit while they are at work. 

Smokey thinks the weather is pretty much okay.  He didn't like the snow too much but he got out.  He took his naps in the doghouse.  But, when the snow was off his pile of leaves and the sun came out (34), he took his nap in the leaves.   I think he dislikes the mud more than the ice/snow.


Well, we got it.  It was 21 yesterday morning and we had 7" of snow.  Rob and Jan tried to get out but couldn't get halfway down the driveway.  We tried later and didn't get as far.  We had sleet before the snow started.

Today it was 31 when we got up and I think that will be our high.  Tomorrow's high is forecast for 28 and we will be in the teens or lower for the next three nights.  We may try some shoveling.   The main roads are better but not great.  People are driving on them and not being too careful so we hear about the wrecks of course.  


Happy New Year...... We are waiting for the mess to hit us.  Nice weather for a couple of days and now it is hitting the fan.  After today, we will be above freezing one day this week and into the single digits at night probably.  They are forecasting 4-6" of snow and this time everyone is taking it seriously.  Roads are sprayed with brine.  Grocery stores are packed.  I had three things to pick up while in town.  Boy, was that a mess.   Didn't try W-M but I imagine they were worse. 

Today will be more hay for Smokey and we are finally putting a tarp on the duck pen.  They like protection from wind and sun.  Just looked outside and it is 23 and Smokey is sleeping outside on the pile of leaves.  Haven't looked at the ducks but usually they are sitting on top of the frozen water in their pool.


We are having nice weather.  50's at night, 70's during the day.  Lower humidity.  A/C is off and of course, the heater is off.  Great for the utility bill.  Windows open airing out the house.  All the good stuff.  They are forecasting 52 for Monday night in Memphis and that probably means low 40's for us.  Interesting.


Weather here has cooled down but no rain.  In the last 2 months we have gotten about 1" of rain.   In 1/4" and smaller increments.   The garden did okay but a lot of watering going on.  Temperatures are finally getting down to 2 digits.  We had over 100 for something like 3-4 weeks.  Not normal for us.  The nighttime temps are dipping also.  We actually had a low last week of 48.  Couple of days with the windows open.  We could do with more of those.  Less a/c.  We won't discuss the electric bill.

All the animals are okay.  They are all happier since it is getting cooler.  The pond is down quite a bit but still plenty for the ducks to play in.  They are molting right now so they all get along.


We are very hot here also.  Most afternoons it has been hitting 100 or more. Yesterday was the exception.  No rain but overcast. 

We got 8/10" rain the other day.  Other people had more.  The Farmer's Market was overcast and breezy for most of the time.  Glad there wasn't rain. 

I started going to another Farmer's Market about 40 miles away.  Heard it was very good EXCEPT for the two weeks I have been there. It is on a blocked off street.  Last week, the heat index was over 120.  Might be better when the weather improves.  I hope so.  But, I have decided that if it is that hot again this week, I'll not go.  The customers just don't show up.  We don't expect any good cooling (like maybe lower 90's) until at least a couple of weeks.   Of course, the unexpected rain sometimes has unexpected results. The 8/10" lowered out temperatures by 25 degrees.  Of course, it came up a bit but it was late in the afternoon so it didn't go up much until the next day.


We have had off and on really HOT weather and humidity.  Much hotter than normal.  This week they are forecasting possibilities of rain but we haven't gotten any of it yet.  The biggest chance is tomorrow and I hope we get it then and not on Saturday.  Don't need any slow days at the farmer's market. 


We haven't gotten a lot of rain although it looks like we will today.  Big Time.  Mostly just afternoon pop-up showers in the area lately.  Just barely enough so I don't have to water the garden. 

It has been hot (upper 90's) and humid.  Not my favorite weather. 


Did you get anything from those storms that came through?  We just got rain and some wind.  Nothing damaged.  Stuck us in Friday evening and all daylight on Saturday. 


We had early very warm weather so everyone is kind of off kilter as far as gardens go.  We are having nice weather.  A little chilly at night but the heater has been off for a couple of weeks and we just do it until the sun comes out and warms us up.  We are expecting thunderstorms this weekend.  They can't agree on when they will be here.  We have mostly dried out so I guess it will work.  We had a VERY wet spring.


We are having some nice weather.  High 60's and now up to the high 70's before the weekend.  But, it was 33 when we got up this morning.  Lots of sun which really helps the moods. 


We had some rainy weather on Sunday/Monday (1 1/2" plus a few LARGE snowflakes).  Today, it is beautiful.  Low 70's, lots of sun and very little wind.  Makes you want to just garden all day.  Unfortunately, we still have about a month to go before we are reasonably sure we won't get a freeze.  We got some wind from the rain storm but no twisters and no damage around here.  Friends had the tarp top of one of their chicken pens taken off.  It is hanging on one side.  Luckily, the pens are empty right now.


We had decent weather last week (especially the end of it) but that has quit now.  It is raining.  Started last night and will continue until a probable snow/sleet mix early tomorrow morning.  Along with freezing temperatures.  I hope the new strawberry plants will be okay. 


We are (at least for now) out of the nasty weather.  It has been up into the 50's/60's the last few days.  Lots of sun.   Unfortunately, until yesterday lots of wind but it was nice enough yesterday to open a couple of the windows.  I have enjoyed hanging out stuff and had two whole days to wash everything on the beds.  But it is still in the 30's at night.  I really am tired of waking up to the central unit running.  Jan is the one that gets cold.  Rob and I like to sleep in the cold.  Rob gets to leave his vent closed or partially closed.  I just don't use as much covers.  Oh, yes to the lower electric bill.  We filled up with propane last month.  Hopefully, the last time before next winter. 


We had a snowprize on Monday morning.  Wasn't supposed to get anywhere near us but we woke up to 4" of snow.  Monday was a stay at home, Rob couldn't work, etc.  The ducks were not sure at first but they got over it.  They landed on the ice last week so I guess they were just being cautious but when I let them out instead of flying out and landing in the pond, they ran up to the edge and then ran around to a sloping area before they got in.  Then they were okay.   Smokey thought everything was just fine as long as the sun came out. 


Well, we warmed up today.  A high of 44.  Pretty good since the forecast was for 32.  It is now 26 but should warm up good again tomorrow.  We will have freezing temps every night but the days should be more normal.

When we woke up this morning, the pond was frozen over (a result of an overnite temp of 16).  And, we had a couple of geese walking on it.  The sun was out.  I let the ducks out.  It was sooooo funny.  They usually fly over to the pond or at least flap their wings to run faster.  Well, the ones that flew landed on the ice and slid.  They thought it was water.  Then they took a couple of steps and the ice broke so they were in the water.  Eight in one little area and one hen got stuck off about 4' in her own little pond.  She eventually got over to the rest of them.  The ice wasn't that think but it took a little.  As they were out playing around they made their little pond bigger and the sun helped.  Jan went out and broke the ice around the edge and especially where their pond was closest to the bank.  They managed to clear out that little channel and went flying out of the water.  By the time I put them up they had been swimming around all over.  Between them pushing on it and the sun, the pond was mostly clear by 5pm(that is when I put them up). 

With the sun out today, we finally realized that we had ice on our trees.  They looked like someone had strung Christmas lights on them.  Not enough ice to do damage, just enough to get you wet if you stood under one today in the sun.

Early in the day:

We got the system that came across ya'll (at least that is what it looked like).  Luckily, here at our house, we just got rain all day yesterday but the temperature didn't go below 33 until after midnight.  Rob had to stay up at his girlfriend's parents house so he could get in and back to work.  They kept him at work yesterday 6am 'til 9:15 pm and then he got to drive back to her house on slick roads.  We had some slight snow flurries today and the temperature didn't get above 27. Tonight they are forecasting 14.  Tomorrow 32 and then finally above freezing on Monday.


Yes we are getting the really COLD weather.  The pond is frozen over and the ducks are NOT happy with that.  I am keeping them in and bringing them buckets of water twice a day at least.  Smokey is okay with this but he really doesn't understand why we aren't outside playing with him. 

We have had one low of 9, one of 10 and last night (Friday) it was 17.  Was forecast to be 6.  It made it up to 33 on Thursday for about 30 minutes but that is the only time it has been above freezing since Wednesday afternoon.  Tomorrow we may be up to 33 again.  Just depends.  We got a lot of sunshine today and it made it up to 29. 

We are making good use of the fireplace and free wood.  All the faucets are covered, the well has an insulated house and a light bulb burning.  And we have left the water running.  So far so good, no frozen pipes and the vehicles are doing okay.  We had snow on Thursday.


Having a "heat wave".  It got up to 55 yesterday and they are talking 60 today with rain tonight and tomorrow.  No white Christmas but that is okay with us. 


We have had some slight frosts but the killing freeze was Thursday night.  The predicted 37 for Memphis.  They got hit with 30 and we got 25.  Luckily I brought in everything we wanted in that evening.  Some stuff I just got cuttings.  Plants are way too big to bring in here.

We have started using the fireplace.  I know they say they aren't efficient but it is free wood and it keeps the house warm and even brings the temp up a few degrees. 


We are having nice days and COLD nights.  It is 36 right now but no freezes. The heater can stay off during the day and we just open the windows.  No need for anything else.  Of course, we have a slight wind tunnel because the dining room and living room windows are across from each other and they are north and south windows. 

But, they are forecasting 70's this weekend.  And sunshine.  Love the idea.   Yes to the cold fronts. 


We are having warmer weather temporarily.  We had 1 3/4 inch of rain yesterday and today we are expecting lots of sun in preparation for 1-6" of rain Thursday and Friday. Our heater is still off (Jan cut the pilot even). We had to use it a couple of days but now we are okay for a few more days. May have to kick it over again this weekend.

I was looking forward to a nice Saturday for the Farmer's Market but Jan now says the forecast is for rain Saturday morning and a high of 64.  Not a good thing.  We don't have a good crowd on the cloudy days and well, the rainy ones just shut me out completely.  Last Saturday was bright and sunny although not really warm but we had a good crowd.


We are having drizzle all day today and possibly tomorrow and Thursday and the temps will be going down.  We haven't used the heater yet but I did light the fireplace Saturday afternoon.  The problem is the dampness.  It is 73 but very damp ad that just permeates the house.  We expect 30's on Thursday night.  Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market will be interesting.


Glad you are getting cooler weather.  We sure are.  Yesterday morning it was 46 and this morning it is 47.  The highs are barely in the 70's.  Very nice.  Jan doesn't care much for the cooler weather but I do.


We are having the drizzling weather.  Lots of rainy days but not much rain.  Seems to go around us on both sides. Our daytime temps haven't gotten as low as yours.  Usually we stay in the low 70's.  It is now officially fall so I guess it will get warm again.


We have had cooler weather and there is rain all around us but only got about 1/4" at the house.  The high today was 79.  Nice to leave the a/c off. 


Hope you are having some nice weather.  We sure are.  Cool(60 at night and low 80's during the day), dry and breezy.  The a/c is off and the windows are open and we can get some outside work done.  Jan and his brother and a friend worked on sealing the leaks in the levee.  Now, we will find out when it rains again if it worked.


Our weather has been fairly nice.  Drier from a cool front.  There was a lot of rain around but we didn't get very much of it.  We are getting low 80's and 60's at night.  Love leaving the windows open.  For a couple of days, it was very humid and still but we have gotten past that.  Very mild weather for August.  I can handle the hot weather and even the humidity a lot better if we have some sort of wind. 


We are having nice weather.  Another "cool" front came through and dried things out.  Not looking for rain for a while so I guess I will be watering this morning.  Our highs are running low 90's. 

Right now(5am), it is 64 degrees.  Sure is helping with our electric bill.


Well, we had a HIGH of 80 yesterday.  It also rained from about 1pm until after 11pm.  A couple of lulls but not much.  Mostly drizzle but we know we got at least 2 1/4". 

I figure we will be steamy today but they say out high should only be 83.  Then the temps will go up for the weekend.  We haven't needed a/c since last Thursday and are not complaining a bit.


We have had a brief respite from the heat and the humidity since Friday.  So nice.  Then it rained this morning and I think the nice weather is over. 


We have had a couple of nice days of cooler and drier.  Actually we were able to leave the a/c off. 


Belated Happy 4th.  We had a quiet day.  My Dad and stepmom were here.  They just left this morning.  I am still canning.  Yesterday I put up some blackberry/elderberry jelly for them to take with them.  No fireworks.  It didn't rain until Sunday morning.


Today it was in the upper 90's AGAIN.  At least the a/c is fixed.  It is supposed to stay this hot with no chances for rain for at least a week.  I really don't like hot weather. 


A little warm around here (mid 90's and head index about 100) but we had 2 1/2 inches in three good rains from Friday to yesterday.  There was some nasty weather around but we didn't get it.  Some people had a small tornado dance around in their woods and pastures.  A small town north of us had a somewhat larger tornado do a nasty dance through their town. 


We have had  wet spring which is helping everything to really be green.


When you got the 2 inches 2 weeks ago, we got 5 inches and we have had at least 2 since then.  Now, things are drying but we are expecting rain from that tropical system in Florida. 


We got some cooler weather along with some rain.  Not as much but still got about 1 1/2" in the last couple of days.  I keep putting plants in and I don't have to water them in because it rains that evening or the next morning.  I do my planting late afternoon or early evening.  Have to do some more tomorrow morning.  Our last count of tomato plants is 31.  We ran out of canned tomatoes so I guess that is not out of line.


Well, we are expecting more rain this weekend but hopefully not as much as last weekend.  We got over 5 inches from Friday night to Tuesday morning.  Every thing is squishy.


We have been getting off and on drizzle the last couple of days.  There was some large amounts of rain but they went north.  We heard the thunder.  Had to stop working on the porch because of the rain. 


We got some misting rain but nothing heavy.  Northeast of here a ways (up in AR), they got about 5 1/4". 

Actually we don't need it right now.  I am transplanting tomato plants into larger containers.  Friend started them for me.  He plants several seeds in one peat pot so I am getting a lot more plants that we actually expected.  I just cannot see throwing away 3 perfectly good plants because they are all in the same peat pot.  I will have some Jet Star, Cherokee Purple and Romas.  Also, going to put in some cukes. 


We had some rain come through last night.  1 3/4".  We have been getting rain every couple of days.  That is about all.  Just rain and a little wind here at our house.  I hear thunder but not very close.


We are waiting for a severe thunderstorm.  Rain about every 2-3 days.  Well, it will get things ready for the planting of the garden.  In a couple of weeks.


It was 32 when I woke up this am at 6. Supposed to get to the low 70's and pretty today.  I still don't know if we are going to Memphis.  We don't plant warm weather plants around here until after the middle of April.  The last couple of years we had nice 80+ degree weather early and then got zapped with a HARD freeze.  Like 18 degrees.  So, we watch things.  The plants are back outside but under the deck roof so they are protected for these short frosts.


We are getting drizzle.  And it has gotten cold.  The high will be the upper 30's.  Quite a change from the 80's day before yesterday.

The high in Memphis should be 35 today.  Freeze tonight and a little warmer tomorrow but freezes for the next couple of nights and then 60's during the day and upper 40's at night.  Weird weather.


Nice warm weather here for the last 5-6 days.  We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow evening and then temperature is going to drop.  We will go from a low of 55 to a high of 55 in 12 hours.


We got 3/10 of rain the other night.  Mostly a lot of overcast and wind.  It will get up into the mid 40's (like yesterday) but it is so windy that we still need coat, gloves, hat and boots.

This morning it was 20 at 6:45.  Now it is 7:10 and it is 21.  It is supposed to make it to 51 but I don't know.  


Our plants are outside for the next few days.  We are expecting rain Mon-Wed and then Wed night the temps are going to crash again. 


We are warming up also.  It was down to 37 last night and already up to almost 60.  We have been putting pot plants outside.  The forecast is for 60's during the day and high 40's or 50's at night.  Great!


New Year is okay.  Nothing really exciting.  Today it is in the mid-60's.  And dry.  Tomorrow will be warmer with rain.


We have had cold weather lately.  A week ago today, it was in the upper 50's and we got almost 5" of rain.  The pond looks so much better.  Then after a couple of days, the cold weather came in.  If it would stay kind of cool and dry out, I could make fudge.  I keep getting reminded by Jan about it.  He has been doing the pecan shelling and picking.


We are having nice weather.  29-30 Monday and Tuesday nights but since then we have had high 70's during the day and 50 at night.   We are expecting rain Wednesday night into Thursday.  I don't run to Memphis on Thursdays anymore so I don't worry about that.  We are going to paint a friend's house this week (inside) but we still don't want it too wet.



We are enjoying pleasant no heat, no a/c weather.   But, also no rain so I guess you can't have everything.



We haven't had  a lot of rain.  We got 3/10" from Hurricane Ike.  Today, Memphis got 2" in 1/2 hour and we got 1/10 at the house and it took most of the day to get it.  Jan said they also got lightning, wind and hail with the rain.  Needless to say, I didn't have that problem at home but I did hear thunder so I shut down the computer and some surge protectors.



The heat index has been over 110 for most of the last week or so.  At the house, it is a little bit better but not much.  Now, we have a cool front coming in MAYBE so they are talking temps in the low 90's.  We got 2 1/2" of rain last Thursday and they say we have a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. The other day the a/c ran all day and it didn't get below 82.  Jan says that a/c will only cool it to 20 degrees below the outside air.  And it was 102 that day.  I have to stay in as much as possible.  He has been working on a project outside and it does worry me.



How are things in hot Texas?  Ha!Ha!  I talked to my parents last week and it was hotter here than there.  We are expecting 100 tomorrow and 101 on Tuesday.  Today was supposed to be 99 but it clouded up and then we had a very little amount of rain (1/4") but it stayed cloudy so it didn't get steamy and was actually comfortable.   Luckily they didn't have hardly any damage from the hurricane.  Just some limbs down and no power for a bit.  My cousin took a generator to my Dad on Saturday so he could stay cool.  Haven't been able to catch up with Mom but twice but she is okay.  Now, I guess she will remember why I told her she had to have a phone with a cord on it.



We definitely have a dry week.  There was rain all around us and we got 1/2".  That is it.  We need more but don't think we can expect any right now.  Maybe a little short shower but that is it.  I hate to have to water all the time.



We had company yesterday and a small cookout (only hot dogs and hamburgers).  The weather was hot until about 3:00 when we got a hard shower and it cooled off.  Finally!  We only got 1/4" but it worked.  Helped since we wanted to light off a bonfire for the company's kids. 



Well, we got some rain.  Dad and Dodie were here for 11 days.  We got 6 1/2 inches while they were here.  Including two semi-major storms where they were talking tornadoes.  We came through both just fine.  One knocked out the power for a few hours overnight but we were okay. We have gotten 1.3 inches since they left. We have been having the 70/50 temps but tomorrow should be up to 80.



We had cold also.  I don't know the lowest. somewhere in the low 40's.  Now it is mid 40's at night and 80's during the day.  Dad and Dodie came in Friday, 30 minutes before the storms.  We got 2 3/4" of rain and some noise but that is it.  Down in Harlingen, it was forecasted 102 yesterday and it was 80 here. 



Well, we got some rain but the storms didn't come here.  We got a total of 2 1/2 inches but it was over 2 days.  Light rain on Sunday was perfect since I had just potted up some herbs that I bought and were given to me.



Our temps have been in the upper 80's.  Lows in the upper 50's.  No heat, no a/c and we get to keep some windows open.  Yesterday it drizzled, etc all day.  We got about 1/10" here at the house. 



Well, we had the hot weather yesterday.  It was 76 when we got home at 5:45.  Now, today is another story.  Our high temp was right after midnight.  It is in the low 50's now.  We had a little drizzle this morning but not much. 



Well, we haven't had any more storms.  The weather has been nice and is supposed to get nicer.  Things are blooming out but I am still worried about a last ditch shot like we got last year.  The paper is on the global warming kick with someone deciding that these early warm spells are an indication of global warming since spring is coming earlier.

So it got into the mid 60's yesterday with lots of sun and LOTS of wind.  It would have been very nice without the wind.  It only got down to mid 30's as opposed to mid 20's last night. 



It is supposed to be 63 today and 38 tonight.  Lots of things blooming (peaches, plums, pears, daffodils, grape hyacinths, etc.) and the oak trees are losing their leaves from last year.  The dogwoods have their buttons but are not open yet.  I just worry about what we had last year.  It was soooooo warm and everything bloomed out and then Easter weekend (second Sunday in April) we had a low of 23 and temps stayed cold for two weeks.  Garden time around here starts in the middle of April except for things like cold weather greens and onions.



We got 3.2 inches of rain last night.  It has drizzled all day but I don't think that is much to add.  But, you can definitely tell by looking at the pond.  Wow!  Water where there hasn't been water in a long while.  There was some thunder and lightning but I slept through it. 



We had 78 today and sunshine.  Very different from just a few days ago.  We are expecting rain all day tomorrow according to one station and starting at noon according to another.  I'll just wait until it hits. 

I remember last year.  Everything bloomed out so pretty and then on Easter we got clobbered with lows of 23.  I hope that doesn't happen this year.



Our local guy mentioned triple digits in Corpus Christi in passing.  Our highest has been 78.  Of course, when we get that this time of year, it is usually followed by nasty weather.  We had quarter-sized hail and high winds yesterday morning.  Now, we have a shingled roof and it woke us up at 4:30am.  We only got 8/10 inch of rain but every bit helps.



We have 4" on the ground from yesterday.  Well, we did this morning.  It is melting pretty good.  Memphis has 7" and their temperature is not supposed to go above freezing today so theirs will stay around awhile.  It is 43 here right now (3pm).

Snow Photos, CLICK HERE



We got the rain storm Tuesday (I think).  Anyhow, we got 3 1/4 inches of rain.  Boy, did that make a difference in the pond.  The ducks didn't quite know what to think.  All that water that they had never seen before.  They adapted fairly well.  When the geese are here, they all kind of hang out together.  Now, we did have something chase them (ducks) out of the water.  I don't know if it was a turtle or a snake, I just saw a black head.  They certainly moved out fast.

We are under a Winter Storm Warning until Saturday night at midnight.  The original forecast said some slight snow flurries tomorrow afternoon but the warnings came out tonight.  When we came home from Memphis, we saw where they had sprayed salt water on the highway.  But, they didn't do anything with the overpasses and bridges.  I think they will put salt/gravel mix on them.   I wish we knew something for sure.  Rob leaves for work at 5:00.  Not much weather on at that time of the morning. 



I am waiting for the rain, etc to come in.  It is showing on the radar in Arkansas.  We may be lucky in only getting some wind and rain.   I hope so.  We are right on the edge of the more dangerous risk.  We'll see.  I'll just be glad if it waits until Jan and Robby get home.   I don't like to have to worry about them driving in the mess. 



Things here are cold, 40.  We just missed some nasty stuff.  The cold and the wet didn't get here at the same time so we are okay.  Knock on wood. 



We are having our second nice day.  It was 74 yesterday and 64 last night.  Nice to turn the heat off.  Today, it is nice but is supposed to get nasty this afternoon with thunderstorms.



We had the front come through on Tuesday and had 50-60 mile per hour winds.  At least in Memphis,  I don't know if we had them that strong here but they were strong.  Didn't do anything to us except knock down a couple of small dead limbs. 



We finally got our sunshine today. We had the sleet on Friday but not as bad as Memphis.  We all stayed in Friday night and it was supposed to clear off by midnight.  Well, it didn't and there was a freezing fog (?) on Saturday morning.  The temps finally got above freezing around 9:30.  But, it only got up to the mid-30's all day.  Today the sun came out about noon and our high might have made it to 50. 

We used the fireplace yesterday of course and, as usual, I got a splinter in a finger.  I just managed to get it out.  I had to let it fester and then push it out.  OUCH!!!! But, it does help keep our gas usage down.



We have had the cold weather this week.  Yesterday it got into the mid 30's in Memphis (where I was) and the wind chill made it feel like the low 20's.  Last night it was 18.  Today, it was supposed to get into the mid 30's again.  Well, it didn't make it above freezing.  Now we are having the wet stuff.  Sleet and some rain and the temp is 30.  Jan thought it was clearing out but they show more and the temps are not going down. 



We got the frozen stuff this weekend.  Thank goodness for the fireplace.  We used it and the heat stayed off all day (until 11pm) Saturday and all day Sunday.  I keep the heat turned down when they are gone so it is usually off during work days.  The fireplace kept it up to 70 in the main areas of the house. 

It has been 18 a couple of mornings.  This morning though it was 37.  Good thing since it started raining (well, drizzling) about midnight.  That will change tonight back to the low 20's and teens.



BTW, it was 22 when we woke up today. It is about 50 now and the sun is shining.. They are talking snow showers possibility on Thursday.



We have had 20's the last couple of nights but after the rain got through yesterday, it has cleared off (we got 1 3/4" in two days). But, it is supposed to get a good bit colder. Later this week, it may not get above freezing.



We are having wet weather. We got 1/2" yesterday and 1.3" this morning. We have gotten more in December than any month since July. The pond is improving but still has a long way to go. The ducks are having fun but for some reason, when they go across the driveway and there is a puddle, it bothers them. The temps have been in the upper 50's during the day and the 40's at night. That will go bust starting about Monday. The forecasted high for New Year's is 40 and one station says that Jan 2 will be a high of 38.



We are having frozen weather and maybe the wind is laying down a bit. The rain is in Arkansas. It will probably be here around 3-4. The forecast for Memphis is 38 tonight. We'll see what we get. It was 24 yesterday morning and 27 this morning. Right now, it is 54 outside. Rain and cold are both fine but not at the same time.



It is cool here (frozen at night) but dry. No white Christmas for us.



We didn't get the snow. We were getting some misty rain this morning at the house. More in Memphis and it is cooler in Memphis. They had some nasty weather but we were fine. Now, today it will be cooler and then jump back up tomorrow morning. Like a forecast of 78. The plants can stay out until Thursday night.



Our weather this weekend has been in the upper 70's. But...the high tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-50's. We actually took the houseplants outside on Friday and they have been there ever since. Probably won't have to bring them back in until Thursday if the forecast is right. Weird December weather.

Jan said that the weather showed all kinds of drizzle and cold weather just north of Memphis today. I guess the cold front is stalled up there. Don't know. I did all the laundry yesterday.



We are getting cool nights now (mid twenties) and days in the high 40's and 50's. The trees are all bare now and we can consider fall over with winter setting in. Not much going on here. We have both been doing a lot of reading.  We seem to have a lot of wind  lately.   Matter of fact for about a half hour the other night it sounded like freight trains outside our home and was a bit scary!


We are getting in a cold front as we speak.  We have had some fairly decent weather the last couple of days.  it was overcast and some drippy today but the temperature stayed in the upper 50's and 60's (60's mostly). 



Well, it is 40 outside and has been drizzling lightly all morning.  I have the fireplace going and Jan set up his barrel pit outside by his kitchen.

It got to the mid-40's today.   It drizzled off and on all day.  Gloomy, no sun.   I had the fireplace going all day.



We haven't had any wet stuff YET.  That is supposed to be coming tomorrow night.  Now, they say not much sun tomorrow.  Right now (10:30) it is 28.  The forecast was 30. 



The rain came in today.  We got about 1/2" while we were gone.  They got quite a bit more in Memphis.  Then we got 6/10ths this evening.  Just didn't last very long.  The ducks enjoy it because it makes their puddles larger.  Now, the temperature is diving down.  77 yesterday, 72 today and 50 tomorrow. 

We had an overcast day.  It got up to 48.  Right now (8pm) it is 37.  The forecast for tonight for Memphis is 33.  I think it will get a bit colder down here.



We have a 70% chance of rain on Wednesday and then the high on Thursday is supposed to be 53.  Thursday night through Sunday night, we will have hard freezes.



We have a chance of rain on Wednesday.  I haven't heard the low forecast.  I was hoping it would stay warm enough to leave the plants outside since two of the ferns hang in the dining room.



It was 27 when Robby and I left this morning (at 7:25). Now, it is 60. Nice day but it will freeze again tonight.



We have had some on and off weather. Really nice during the day. Sun shining, upper 60's to low 70's during the day and 50 at night. Now, today, we are expecting a high of 78 and a cold front comes in so the high tomorrow is forecasted to be 58. Freeze tomorrow night. I have to check the propane today and I am really dreading it.



It got to 71 yesterday and only down to 53 last night. No rain forecasted until Monday night. Highs in the upper 60's and low's in the upper 40's.



It was 38 when we got up this morning. It got to the low 70's yesterday. One of the thermometers is on the deck and it gets hotter because of the tin roof. It read 78.



We are having the high 40's. I think the rain is supposed to move out today. It drizzled all day yesterday in Memphis. No a/c for us. Jan lit the heater night before last. So far we have 3 inches since Tuesday. That is way out of normal for us lately. I am so happy to not be normal. There are larger puddles in the pond. One is starting to connect with the large part of the pond. The ducks love it. A couple are deep enough for them to swim in. It has been dry in those places for awhile so I guess they are getting a bonanza of bugs. They sure are working on it.



We got 1 1/2 inches of rain Wednesday night and a little bit of showers last night.  People on both sides got tornado watches and one area had one but we didn't get any rough stuff.  Temperatures are cooler.  This morning it is 52 and they are only forecasting mid 70's.  Yesterday, it go up to 90.   They are showing parts of this system going over the lower 2/3's of Georgia.  They really need it, they just don't need anything rough.



It is drizzling outside right now.  Night before last we got 9/10".  We'll see what we get this time.  North and northwest of us got a good bit more rain and enough wind to knock some limbs down.  We are going to the friend's house to help get some down and cut up.  With the benefit of getting us some firewood and bbq wood. Oh, I wish we had a wood stove. 



It was 50 when we got up this morning.  It is supposed to get up to 82.  We'll see.  It got up to 90 yesterday but the high tomorrow is forecast to be 72 with a low of 49.  Now, we have to figure out where to put the LARGE ferns that are hanging on the deck.  Jan wants to put hooks in the ceilings to hang them.  I don't think he realizes how hard it will be to even get them through the doors without damaging them.   Oh, and we got 8/10" of rain night before last.



They are saying that we will be getting October weather the end of this week but they are only talking upper 70's and 80.  We'll see.  The station that supposed is accurate more than any other in the area has talked slight rain chances for a week and no one has gotten anything to speak of. 



The forecast around here is for the upper and mid 80's.  Well, at our house, it has been in the low 90's.  Humidity is low and so we have been able to leave the windows open.  After that last electric bill, I can handle that.



There is rain going around us again.  Still nothing on the ground. Very strange.  It usually rains this week (during the fair) every year.  Hasn't yet.  Only 5 days to go and we really need the rain.



Everybody is fine and dry.  We might get some rain from this depression in the Gulf.  We'll see.  Sure could use it. We are having high 80's during the day and mid 50's at night.  Great for the electric bill. 


We got 1" of rain last Sunday and 8/10ths yesterday.  We are enjoying it although we could use more.  The temperatures are going down.  We are getting our 3rd cold front this week today and tonight.  The low for Saturday night is forecasted for 54 for Memphis. We will probably be in the 40's.


We are expecting temps over 100 for most of the week.  Heat indexes will be down a bit from the "cold front" and lower humidity.



We are expecting hotter temps and lower humidity.  The temp yesterday was 94 but the heat index was 108. 



The high in Memphis yesterday was 96.  It was 100 here.  But, when it was mid-80's I could only stay out for a few minutes before I was absolutely soaking wet.  It isn't cooling down over night very well.



It is still HOT here.  We are supposed to have it all week.



We got some sprinkles this afternoon.  Really clouded up and I thought it would do something so I got off the phone and put the ducks up.  Well, that was the end of the sprinkles.



It is good and hot out today.  Supposed to be 98-100 until about Tuesday.  20% chance of rain but that is not much.  We got 3/10 yesterday afternoon.  Pop-up showers they call them.


If ya'll are finished with the rain just send it on over.  The only thing that has saved us was the 6 1/2" we got a couple of weeks ago.  It is still dry as dust around here.  Actually, the area around Smokey's house is dust.  We don't water everything either.  Mostly shrubs and small trees and some stuff like the elephant ears.  Reservoirs down where my parents live are filling up after a lot of years.  I don't guess they have had a wet year in at least 25 years.  That was when the last hurricane or tropical storm came through.


Well, we haven't even had the raindrops.  I started watering again today.  Well, actually, yesterday I had to water the waterlilies.  They are in their own puddle which doesn't last very long.



We got some very short showers today.  Not enough to register in the rain gauge but enough to get everything wet.  (Didn't get the dust off the van, however).  I had to go to Holly Springs (19 miles).  Just as I was leaving, a serious thunderstorm busted over town.  Could barely see the car in front of me.  Got 1/2 mile out of town and the sun was shining.  Oh well.  The humidity is supposed to drop so I guess we will settle for that.


We had the rain Thursday evening.  On Friday we had about half a lane of the road that caved into the ditch.  Well, they were dumb anyway.  They cut the ditch with a backhoe and it has straight sides.  So we get 6 1/2 inches of rain last week.  Like no one would think it would cave in.  Right!

Glad the garden is doing well.  I finally pulled up my onions.  Have to dry them out and find a good spot to store them.  They may wind up being dried and powdered.  That is what I wanted to try to do since Jan likes to use onion salt with the bbq.



We are much happier with the rain.  Still well behind normal.  Officially, we are down 15" for the year and down 35" total for the last 2 1/2 years.  But, that is Memphis records.  It has been a lot drier down here.  It is usually the other way around. 



We got 2 inches this morning and then this afternoon, it came back with a lot more wind and lightning but only 1 more inch of rain.  There is talk of more in the early morning hours.  We needed it.  The ducks enjoyed it except that it meant I had to put them up early.  One gave me a little trouble but not much.  I got in the house right before the bottom fell out.



We have been cloudy all day and listening to thunder (the dogs are not happy) but I don't think we will get any of it.


Well, the rain went all around us.  We listened to it all afternoon.  Had some breezes.  Got dark and then light.  Finally, about 5:30 it really looked serious.  Dark, lots of wind, etc., etc.  We put the ducks up and closed up the shed.  30 minutes later it sprinkled for about 5 minutes.  End of rain storm.  They went all over the place and around us.  Tomorrow is our last chance to get some for a while.  I hope it comes in.  We really need it.



Things here are just plain hot.  Haven't heard a heat index but it was 101 Thursday afternoon and 96 Friday afternoon in the town where I go  buy groceries.  Down here it was 94 at 11 this morning.  But I think that was the high.

We got some drizzle this morning and the temps are staying down a bit.  My brother-in-law called from Memphis and said they have rain "cascading" (his word) down.


We got sprinkled on yesterday.  The only way I know is because I saw spots in the dust on the car and trash can.  Jan said they got a little shower over near the recycling place (about 4 miles).

We are pretty much out of luck until at least Tuesday.  This is usually our dry time of year so I figure we are pretty much out of luck until fall.  We are already having normal July temperatures.

It has been dry heat around here.  Helps you to handle it.  We woke up this morning to 57.  But it will be almost 90(or more) this afternoon. Strange weather.  No rain even hinted at in the forecast.



We are all healthy and sweating.  90 degree weather.  All that storm, etc. that went through gave us .10".  No expectation of any more for at least another week.  We usually don't get much this time of year.  Usually, we get heavy spring rains but we are down 36" since January, 2005.


We haven't had any rain to speak of since the first week of May and we only got 1/2" then.  They are talking about maybe rain next Thursday.  And the temps have been in the upper 80's. 



We have had some "pop-up" showers the last couple of days but it doesn't amount to much. Now, we have a 50% chance of thunderstorms today and tomorrow.  We'll see.  Everything is mowed and clean.  We could use the rain and then dry off by Saturday.  Unfortunately, we are also having high 80 degree weather.  Hotter than normal for us.  Just can't get it right. 



We have had some decent weather.  We got some rain today.  Lots of soaking rain but only got about 3/4" total.  It is supposed to keep this up so we will see what the final tally is.  I don't have to water the garden.  Hooray!


Oh, about the rain.  They figure we will be drizzly, etc but not much rain and it will be out of here on Thursday.  I hope they are wrong.  We could use some rain.  Don't want the thunder, lightning, etc. but we do need the rain.


Yesterday it got warmer but it was still 39 overnight. Got 3 1/2 inches of rain last week in 4 days.  (2 at one time Saturday night). 



Well, we got a little rain, about 1/3" and that is all.  But it stayed overcast and it came down slowly after the first 1/4" so it mostly soaked in.  Everything is watered well.  They are talking rain again tomorrow night.  Then cool weather.

We still have the windows open.  It is 61 outside and 71 in the house.  Tomorrow night or Wednesday we will have to light the heater again.



We got some light rain last night.  From where I have no idea.  The storms you got are supposed to be here tonight.  The temps are slightly cooler today.  Upper 70's forecasted instead of the high 80's.  Yesterday we set a record of 86. 



The radar is showing the nasty stuff coming across OK and CO.  We are supposed to expect rain tomorrow.  I hope it is mostly rain.  There were three tornadoes in the OK panhandle.  Scary.


We got our rain last night.  It started about 6:15.  While Jan and I were out by the road digging up some flowers to move to a bed so he doesn't mow over them.  We got a little wet coming back to the house.

It rained pretty hard and steady for 40-45 minutes.  Then stopped.  Later it started a slow steady sprinkle and that kept on going for I don't know how long.  I need to put the rain gauge back out.

We are having 80's.  There is a cool front coming through and will drop the temps to the low 70's this weekend. We have been keeping the windows open all the time.  Nice sleeping weather. 


Well, if 83 makes you miserable, you don't want to be here.  Our high was 88 today and may be up near 90 tomorrow.  I really don't want to turn on the a/c but I might.  Jan loves to sweat, I don't.  I don't handle the heat very well. Never have.  I am okay with a decent breeze and cool water but still don't care for it. 

We were overcast part of the day but it still got pretty warm.  They are talking rain by about Tuesday.  We need some. 

We are looking forward to really nice weather and maybe a little bit of rain.  If we don't get the rain, I will be stretching the hoses out to water the onions tomorrow. 


Weather here was really pretty.  Sunny and a breeze.  Upper 70's.  It will be warm enough tonight to leave the plants out.  Maybe until next weekend.  Right now, they are forecasting a high of 79 on Friday.


We are into the cool weather again.  Light freeze last night.  Shock after the warm temps the previous three days.  I had been wearing shorts.


We got a little bit of drizzle yesterday.  Just enough to run the wipers, not enough to rinse the dust off the van. I am hoping the rain will hold off until lunch (like they say) and I will be able to get the sheets dried.  They are going into the washer as soon as my dish towels get finished.  The dish towels are going out on the line also but the sheets are the ones I really like to smell after drying outside.


We are talking rain Wednesday and Thursday.  The weather is supposed to stay really nice. The low on Friday night is forecast for 38.  No telling how cold it will get down here.  Before that it sounds really nice. It is 81 here now.  The windows are open and the house is still cool from last night.



Well, we had a beautiful!!!! day.  Nice warm weather.  The house is open.  We got some sprinkles Friday night but the forecast rain didn't happen around here.  We had the windows open last night until about an hour before we went to bed.  I turned the heat on but I don't think it kicked in.  Thank goodness.  The windows have been open all day and now they are forecasting 75 for tomorrow with maybe a 20%chance of rain.  I will be doing laundry in the morning.


It turned out to be about 63 today. 

We are expecting nice weather this week.  At least for the early part.  60's during the day and 40's at night (in Memphis, it may freeze here).  That is better than the 24 at night.

We are enjoying a sunny but COOL Sunday.  It has not gotten out of the 40's.  Last night the low was 24. 

02-25-07We got some rain and wind yesterday and some areas got tornadoes but not near us.  Talk to someone who said they had to go very slow down the interstate with their flashers on because the rain was so bad.

We got a lot of wind yesterday but it was also still muddy so didn't have a blowing dust problem. 

Our overnight low was 59!!!  It is supposed to be up to almost 70 today.  Weird.  The trees are budding out and that is not good.  We watch some of the oak trees.  They don't lose all their leaves until they bud out in the spring and so until they drop leaves, we know we are still in store for some winter weather.

We had nice weather yesterday but it will be nicer (warmer) here today.  Expecting some rain this evening.  I washed sheets yesterday and they smell sooooo good.  Not quite warm enough to open up the house but did put plants outside and turn off the heater.  The overnight temperature was 57 and it is supposed to get up to 68 today.  However, with wind today (like yesterday) and overcast, it probably won't feel that warm.



It was windy all day yesterday.  Only got up to about 40. When they left last night it was 17.  This morning it was up to 41 by noon.  Lots of sunshine but I think we are looking for some wet stuff tonight.  Not sure.  Tomorrow is supposed to be up close to 60.  Nice for a day or so and then here we go again.


The weather is taking a dip today. Yesterday it got up to 68 and the sun came out. Although it didn't come out until about 2:30. After I had done laundry and hung it all over the house. We got some rain over night but I haven't checked the rain gauge. Need to do some stuff outside but I should have done it yesterday (plant onions). Had the plants out yesterday and were able to leave them out all night. They got a good watering and now need to drain so I can bring them back in the house. I found a plastic tray that is for hanging plants. Think I may get it for all of them. It hooks on the side of the pot and covers the bottom and a few inches up the side. I can water and move it and don't have to worry about dripping water everywhere or making sure I put the pot back down on its tray when I bring it into the house. We were at 50 when we got up this morning, now it is 56. I can handle that.


Well, will are starting a heat wave here. It got up into the high 40's yesterday. Friday, don't know that it got much above freezing. The sun came out yesterday and we could do a little bit but the breeze was stiff.


This is our first morning in three without ice in the area. Thursday, I drove to Memphis (Jan rode with a friend to show them the way) and had to deal with ice on the windshield all the way up there. This is with the defroster going full blast. Yesterday, Memphis closed off the bridges across the Mississippi and a lot of the overpasses on the interstate because they were iced over. Of course, the temperature went up and most of it was gone by 10. I didn't have any trouble getting to Senatobia.



We are expecting high 40's tomorrow and then the temps will go down. Oh, well, go to leave the well light off until tomorrow night and I haven't had to use the heater all day.



We were snowed in on Friday. Got some rain Thursday night, then it froze and then we got about 2-3" of snow on top of that. Normal for us. Most of it was melted off by Saturday morning except for some in shady areas. Roads were fine by Saturday.



Right now it is 7:30am and 14 outside. It will get up to the mid 30's maybe and then drop again. Rain/sleet/snow expected after midnight. Probably a mix of the latter two.


We have had drizzle most of the day but tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to really mess up. Snow west of us but it is going northeast so we don't know. High tomorrow will be in the low 30's.



Well, we haven't seen much of the sun lately. They keep saying so but it hasn't happened yet. No more wet stuff until Wednesday night. Today's high will be 50. Of course, it was only supposed to get down to 32 last night and when we got up, it was 27.


It is cold here (39 right now) but warmer than it has been. Highs in the 40's and lows in the high 20's. We are expecting some wet stuff tonight and tomorrow but the temperatures are up high enough that it will be just wet. Hope that is all it is. I have to pick Mom up at the bus station on Tuesday. I know about the Texas gulf coast. Jan's best friend is in Port Arthur (regular weather for them is rain), sister is in Corpus Christi (damp and foggy) and Mom, Dad and stepmother are in Harlingen (down near Brownsville). Mom got a little sleet and 31 degrees. It will probably be about freezing when I pick her up at 6pm. I am taking an extra coat, just in case. I kick the sides of the dogs' water dishes (1/3 of a drum) to bust up the ice. Memphis has been colder than us which is really unusual. Usually we are about 10 degrees colder.



Really strange that it is so bad but it is south of us. We have the freezing cold weather but no more frozen water of any type. The high yesterday was 31. And, it is colder in Memphis than it is here by about 5 degrees. Of course, when it is in the low 20's, I don't think it matters much. We are expecting high 30's today.


Well, we are not frozen yet. It drizzled all day yesterday and then stopped and then started raining sometime last night. At midnight the temp was 65. Now(7am), it is 52. The rain is supposed to move out before the freezing temps come in. The forecast is that it will be low 30's this afternoon and a low of 28 tonight. That means hard freeze for us. Our warnings have been for flooding. I finally closed the windows last night. The heater is still off and the house has not gotten below 68. That will change today, I'm sure.



We are still waiting for the cold weather. It was supposed to start raining early Friday morning. It started drizzling this morning and that was the first rain. We had great weather yesterday and we were able to leave the windows open. Hopefully, it will start before the cold gets here. Don't need the ice/snow. There are various places on our road that take a long time to thaw because they don't get any sun. Another thing that works on ice is fertilizer. It melts the ice and doesn't hurt the grass on the edges (if you have any grass around where you are spreading it.)



We are having cool weather and a LOT of wind. Tonight the forecast is 28. We are not expecting rain until the weekend and the forecast is 65 for Saturday.


Our rain stopped yesterday morning. We got 8/10 inch. that makes almost 3" in 4 days. They are forecasting more this coming weekend. the pond is looking a lot better but still has about a foot to go. We didn't have a lot of wind. Now they are saying 28 in Memphis Tuesday night. That means hard freeze for us.


It was overcast all day today. Low 60's. Not bad. We got another 3/4" of rain last night.



We are having relatively warm weather. It was a high of 55 yesterday but didn't feel like it. It rained all day starting at about 11:00. Then we got some more last night but I haven't checked how much. During the day we got 6/10 inch. It is 61 now (7:10am). The high is forecast for 65 but I think it will probably be higher.



We woke up to 24 this morning. The sun is out so it is warming up but I don't think it is supposed to get above the mid-50's. We are supposed to warm up some more and then rain on Thursday and a slight drop in temperature. We are actually above normal most days but that doesn't help the propane bill much.



The days have been nice and it went to ___ last night. The plants were out all weekend. Then last night the low was 44 at 2:22am. Right now, it is 41 at 10:00am. And the wind.... The wind chill is bringing it down to the low 30's. Guess we will stay inside today. I need to start putting up Christmas. Wrapping and bags first. The weather is dry so maybe I will make some fudge. No forecasted rain for 3 days. we got 2 1/2 inches on Saturday. Of course, it rained and drizzled all day.



We had nice weather yesterday (mid-50's) and it was 54 this morning. Time for the plants to go outside. Rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow with the high tomorrow of 65 and the temps will start going back down but slowly.


Yesterday was dreary all day and the high was 38. When we got in the van at 10:00 to leave, we had to get the frost off the windshield first. The high today is forecast for 55 and then it will go up. They have even said 66 on Friday with rain Friday and Saturday.



We have been having the foggy weather also but only got rain yesterday and only got 3/4". But it helps. Tonight the frozen stuff starts again. It will be a good freeze every night for the next 6 at least.



It is cooling off today. Only mid 60's and it was 46 when we got up. Expecting the possibility of rain tomorrow night.

We were partly cloudy. I wore long sleeves because the high was supposed to be in the low 60's. Well, I think it got warmer than that.

We may get rain Wednesday. The temp is going back up then also. The windows are still open on the south side of the house but I guess I need to close them. We are expecting 40's by in the morning. But, it was nice to air out the house.



Friday was okay, high in the mid 60's. Today it mad it to 70 and tomorrow will be a little warmer. It was so nice outside. Partly cloudy and a slight breeze but warm enough. We ate breakfast at the table on the deck. We are expecting rain maybe Monday evening and the temperatures will start going down slowly that day also. Probably won't even be cold for Christmas, much less a white one.



We got 1 1/2" of rain yesterday. I put out some plants and put a bucket at the edge of the deck roof. The bucket was filled to overflowing. I watered all my pot plants and put a bottle of it up. Not much puddles. Guess most of it soaked in. The temperature was in the low 60's but then went down to 36 last night. I had to bring the plants in. This morning it is foggy. When it warms up some plants will go back out but they will have to come back in tonight and tomorrow night and then they can stay out for a few nights. We are expecting 60's through the weekend.



It is Tuesday and it is raining. has been since about 4. Don't know how much but it has been pretty steady. The temps are up. 56 at 6am. No heater, hurray!!!! We are expecting nice weather almost all week. They are forecasting some low 40's in Memphis so that means plants come in but it is still better. They are getting some rain and will get some sun.


We were up to 54 yesterday. Today it is that high already but cloudy so it probably won't get much more. We are looking at nicer weather this week including 65 for a high on Wednesday. Yesterday morning it was 14 at 5:30 but warmed up.



Yesterday it barely got above freezing although the sun was out. When we got home at 6pm, it was 26 here. This morning at 6am, it was 11. Lots of straw for the dogs and last night I mixed their food with some chicken bullion powder and hot water. Smokey has not been eating (he gets down every once in awhile) but after he got a good sniff and a small bite, that wasn't a problem anymore. He needs to put on some weight. We might get up to the high 30's (at least in Memphis) but the forecast is 23 for tonight. Then a nice weekend. Next Monday they have said something about 60 during the day and high 40's at night. We will be able to turn off the well light. We have a light bulb under the little building over the well head. It keeps the well and the adjacent faucet from freezing.



We had relatively decent weather on Sunday. Got up to the low 40's but the wind (not breeze) never died down. We stayed in.

We are expecting low 50's today and tomorrow and then Thursday we have a dry front coming through to drop the temperatures. Why does it pick on Thursdays.


According to the thermometer on the deck, it got up to 54 yesterday. It is usually warmer than the actual temp. The other thermometer doesn't have a max/min register on it. Today, we are not that warm. I think the high has been 46. It was 23 at 8am. We are into normal weather. Low 50's for highs and low 30's (or lower) for lows. It will freeze most nights. The sun is out but we also have a "breeze". Read "wind chill". Breezes don't set off the wind chimes. We didn't get rain, sleet or snow. Some drizzle Thursday afternoon but not enough to make problems since the temperatures didn't really go down until after midnight.



Our high yesterday was 71. The cold didn't hit until after the sun went down. When Robby came home at 10, it was 48 and he said the roads were slick. This morning, it is 27 and I think it is supposed to go up to 32 today. Not enough rain to cause any problems. The bridges might be a little slick but that is it. There is enough traffic to dry them out. Snow? We didn't even get sleet. Although I heard there was some north of Memphis. This weekend is supposed to be low 40's during the day. And sunny. We'll see. The dogs are staying in their houses unless we come out. If the sun is out, Smokey will stay out. He likes it that way. Cold and sunny. He takes naps out in the sunshine. He has a good coat and muscles and he stays warm easier. Harley gets cold a little easier. he stays in his house more.


Greetings from getting colder North Mississippi, That front is blowing through about now. Temperature is going down, windy. Robby got nervous on the road, said it was slick. I think the wind kinda unnerved him. We had decent weather all day. A little bit of rain but it didn't last long. Everything is cold proofed. We shall see what it is like tomorrow morning. We had a power outage for about 1 1/2 hours tonight. The whole area.



Getting brighter out. And warmer. We expect 70 today and low 50's tonight. The ferns and airplane plants are going out and will be able to stay out until Wednesday. Then everything comes in and Thursday it gets nasty.



We had a nice day today. No freeze tonight and 71 tomorrow. I have tomorrow to get the laundry caught up and some bit done outside and then we expect rain. The potentially nasty weather will be Thursday. Just in time for me to be in Memphis doing errands and, of course, I work on Friday. We are pretty much ready for the cold weather. The dogs will be some more straw and we will have to turn on the well light. The hoses are drained and the faucets covered every time we use them. I want to get a freeze proof faucet installed but we didn't get it done this year. I have been trying to find water heater blankets without much luck. Couple of places told me they didn't get them this year. Some people just looked at me like I was from outer space or something.


Well, it is a very pleasant Saturday. The same for the next few nights. Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have high probabilities of rain. But, THURSDAY, the forecasted high is 44. The low is forecast to be 25. That means hard freeze down here. I don't like the combination of freeze and rain.



Jan is sitting out on the deck but it is 49 and I really don't want to do it tonight. We had temps in the 70's today and a light freeze tonight. Higher tomorrow and warmer overnight also.



We have had windy and cool. Yesterday the sun was out and that helped.


Our total rainfall was a little over 3 1/2 inches and it is still muddy. Where it isn't frozen. it was 28 this morning. From the looks of the weather, it may warm up but it will be cloudy most of the day. Jan wants to treat the deck this weekend. It was cold and windy all day yesterday (high in the high 40's). Today and this weekend, they say it will be in the mid-60's during the day. We'll see. I will probably wash this afternoon and evening and leave the clothes out all night. We don't have the dust storm problems that you have.



We are dripping and have puddles everywhere. Since yesterday morning we have gotten 3 1/4 inches. Maybe more later but I am not sure. Warm front collided with teh advance of a cold front. We are expecting a high of 48 tomorrow. Normal. If it is reasonably warm, it rains, If it is cool/cold, it doesn't rain. Works for me. The pond is coming up nicely. Still has a lot to drain and seep in from the yard. Still needs lots more but the bottom is almost completely under water now. Makes it look lots better and lots bigger.



The weather here is cool enough although it did warm up today. Got up into the mid-60's. Of course, right now it is 37 so I figure it will freeze again (28 last night). They have revised the forecast. The highest next week will be 64 on Tuesday and then it will be 52 on Thursday. Guess summer is gone for good.



We had a high today of 58. It hit some time early morning (like 1:30am) and now it is about 48. Not getting any warmer. There was some bad weather in the area but it blew through fast and all we got was a little bit of rain. Haven't looked at the gauge yet but it is probably less that 1/4". Have a great Veteran's Day.



We have had some rain and cooler weather but now it will warm up. The small plants are going out today and will be able to stay out for a couple of days. They are forecasting 77 for a high tomorrow and Friday and 60 for a high on Saturday.



Friday we woke up to 26 degrees and it didn't get above freezing until about 9:00. Yesterday morning wasn't too gad. Today, it is 54 and will get up to mid 60's. That will be nice. We are forecast to have rain and cooler weather by Tuesday. This is normal. We get rain in November. Robby's birthday is the 18th and it rains most years.



Our low this morning has been 26 so far. I think it got up into the high 50's yesterday. The sun was out so in the middle of the day, a sweatshirt was plenty. Then about 3:30 the breeze picked up and that blew that idea. Tomorrow I have to do laundry. It is supposed to be cool but sunny. Just need to get it out early. I think the temps will be in the 60's for the weekend. No rain until about Monday. The thing about straw in the dog houses is that they can dig around and put it to conform to them and it helps them keep warmer. We will be putting the plastic strips back on this weekend. Seems like we just took them off but that was because we had late cool weather last year.



November is here. Wet and cool, getting colder. We got an inch of rain yesterday and that was supposed to be it. Except, of course, for what we got overnight. Oops, forecasters missed that. The front is here so the temp is only supposed to be 56 today and 38 tonight in Memphis. Time to drain hoses and cover faucets.


It is nice and sunny here. Cool (high 50's). Should get warmer. We'll see.



I am listening to light rain around here. 50. Didn't get up to 60 today and it drizzled rain all day. Didn't get much but just made it damp and cold. The heater is on but it doesn't run much. Not expecting much warmer weather.

Monday night we had a freeze warning until 9am on Tuesday. It was 36 when we got up. It actually did freeze by 9. Right before 9 as a matter of fact. Didn't last long though. It is a little warmer at night now but just as cool or cooler during the day. we are looking to put in a freeze proof faucet outside. It is on a galvanized pipe that goes down below the frost level. When you turn off the faucet, it drains down into the ground so there is no water to freeze. You still have to drain hoses thought. We take off the covers and use our outside faucets during the winter. We just don't leave them connected.



A nice cool 30 here. There was ice on the guys' pickups this morning.


It is overcast and cool. The high is expected to be 59. Of course the low was supposed to be 42 and it was 49. They are forecasting high 30's and low 40's the next couple of nights so we will probably have freezes.



We had a nice day yesterday. It got up to 80 but was dry and a slight breeze so it was comfortable. We got a total of 2" Monday. Now, they say we will be at 85 today and rain tonight. High tomorrow will be high 60's. We may have to relight the heater tomorrow night. The forecast is for 47. That means below 40 down here.



It is raining here. We had some drizzle earlier but then it got heavier. Now it is going back and forth. The forecast was 1 1/2 to 2 1/2, looks like they may be right for a change. It feels cool but it is the dampness. The temp is only 64.



I am up early this cool morning. It is 44 outside. Yesterday was so nice that I turned the heater off. Forgot to turn it back on last night. Now, I sleep fine in a cool room and actually prefer it. Jan, on the other hand,..... Well, it is 61 in the house this morning. I just turned the heater on.

We have clear and cool weather today. The high is expected to be 76. Then the rain will be here early in the morning. They say 100% chance for the area and expect 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. To end around 2 tomorrow afternoon but there is a 60% chance for Tuesday. We need the rain. The weather looks to be really nice the rest of the week. The small plants go back out today. The larger ones are in to stay for the winter. We had a bonfire last night. Just the two of us.



Yesterday, it maybe got up to 60. Today, we should be in the upper 60's. We had to light the heater but won't need it again for at least a week. Jan wants to keep it on 70 but when I bundle up for cold weather, it is too hot.



We didn't get any wet stuff last night. They are talking a possibility for Thursday night but I hope not. Memphis is expecting 37 so that means we will have a freeze. The plants come in tonight. 47 for Memphis which means mid 30's for us. Might as well go ahead and get it done. Jan will probably light the heater pilot tonight.



We are getting ready for COLD weather. The radar made it look like ya'll got some rain. We are expecting some rain maybe after midnight tonight and then the temps will start going down. Forecast for Memphis for Tuesday night is 37. That means freeze here. Guess we will have to light the pilot on the heater. The high Thursday is supposed to be upper 50's.


It was 40 yesterday morning and 45 this morning. The weather during the day was pleasant and no a/c needed. Should be nice the next couple of days and then we expect rain and a cold front Wednesday/Thursday. The high Thursday is predicted to be 58 and the low 41. That means we will probably have a light frost Thursday night. May have to light the pilot on the heater. I don't look forward to that. Then it is easier to turn on the heat and there we go.


We had nice weather today. 80 was the high. The low tonight is supposed to be upper 50's. The cold front came through but didn't bring any rain with it. The temp on Saturday should be in the low to mid 70's and low 60's after the sun goes down. That'll work.



Things here are hot again. It was in the mid-90's yesterday and 100 on our deck. Great for drying clothes but not good for cutting back on the electric bill. We are due a cold front Thursday so maybe the temperature will be decent this weekend.



The weather is heating up again. The high yesterday was 88. No clouds. The lower humidity is helping but not completely. Finally had to turn the a/c on yesterday afternoon. Only got down to 61 overnight.


We woke up to 41 outside this morning. The house has been closed up since yesterday morning so it stayed pretty well. We got a propane delivery yesterday but will put off lighting the pilot light as long as possible. The temperature will be going up into the 80's before the weekend is over. We put out fresh straw for the dogs last night. Smokey gets his on the end of his house. He rearranges it to suit him. Most of the time, while Jan is putting it down. Harley is different. Jan kept him busy while I put the straw in his house. That is where he prefers. If someone doesn't keep him distracted, then he climbs into the dog house while you are doing it to rearrange things and you can't get it in. Afterwards, we were listening to him bump around getting things set up just right. This morning, Smokey was asleep on his straw and had his nose buried in it. As soon as the sun comes out, Smokey will probably be laying out in the grass. He loves to take naps in the sun when it is cold. For some reason, Smokey doesn't care for going into his house. Nothing in there, we checked. He will stay outside unless it is raining or VERY cold.



GGGGGoooooddddd MMMMMorning, It is 47 here outside. The house is closed up so it is 68 in here. Our bedroom window is open so Jan and I were under bedspread and afghan (yes I made it). I am trying to get Robby moving good. Jan is staying home again today and Robby will have to drive himself. The sun is supposed to be out again. Yesterday was very nice. Actually, I like it cool because I sleep better and I can bundle up for the cold...



Things here are cool. 57 this morning. Drier. We closed most of the windows and it stayed comfortable. Robby had to wear a jacket to work.


We got 2 1/4" of rain since in 16 hours. The pond looks a lot better and I won't be watering for awhile. 1 1/2" came down in one hour.



We awoke to thunderstorms and tornado warnings. The heavy stuff went west of us but we got a little rain. Supposed to get some more over today and tomorrow. Guess Jan won't be building his buddy's fence gates tomorrow. The temps will be in the upper 80's until Sunday and then I think it is supposed to come down.



It is a COOL Wednesday (45 at 6am). Dry until maybe tomorrow night. Everything looks better after the rain.



Yesterday at my house was wet. I don't think we got much more than 1/2" yesterday(1" the night before), but it stayed overcast and mostly drizzled. That's okay. It is here and everything is well watered. Temp this morning was 51 outside. We are supposed to have high 70's by the end of the week and maybe more rain on Friday evening.



We got 1" of rain last night. The rough stuff went north of us again. The temp today should be in the mid to upper 70's and they are talking 50's at night in Memphis. That means 40's at night here. We haven't been using the a/c much day or night lately. Usually don't turn it on until the inside temp gets to the upper 80's.


I just came in and checked the radar. There is some rain south of us. Hope it gets here. We had clouds most of the day. One little light sprinkle. Not even enough to clean off the windshield. We have a 50% chance of rain tonight and 80% tomorrow. Tomorrows is supposed to be after midnight. Jan is planning to go fertilize. It had better rain. Some of the places he is talking about will be a major undertaking to get watered.



Tonight (right now) it is 65 outside. I don't know what the forecast is but I figure low 50's. Love it!



We are having high 50's at night. Maybe cooler tonight. Dry!! 50% humidity or lower. Light breeze. Sure is nice. Jan and I are discussing getting the propane tank filled.



The front finally came through and it was 60 this morning. Open windows, nice breeze, etc.



Well, it was a dry day but a wet night before. Today there has been rain all around but none fell here. The "cold" front is finally coming through and so the temps are going down.


We are getting some wet stuff. Coming up from the southwest. Got at least 1/2" last night. The rain gauge was up under a tree and so I don't think it read accurately. Anyway, we are getting the slow soaking stuff this morning. Supposed to last until about noon. Of course, the forecast was that the rain would be north of Memphis. Guess they blew that AGAIN!! I am not objecting. We don't have to worry about the lily pads for a while. After last night, they have a fairly good sized puddle around them. Larger than when we water the. In addition to having to water so much when it doesn't rain, we also have the problem of driving the plants dormant. When we put down sod the first summer, we were watering it just as instructed. This was in July. Well, it started turning brown. So we called the guy we got it from. He asked if we used well water. When I said yes, he said to quit watering it. Sure enough it greened up pretty. Well water (at least around here) is so cold that the plants think fall is coming and they start going dormant.



No rain for us yet. There were some small showers around today but they were north of us. Jan's buddy from Port Arthur called and they got a bunch of rain but that is normal for them. When Jan told him that it was so dry the grass was crunchy, he didn't believe him. Good for getting rid of crabgrass but we really would like for the other stuff (trees, shrubs, flowers, bermuda grass, etc.) to survive.



I picked up some mulch at the recycling center and we put it around some stuff and then watered it in. We really need some rain !! There is rain about 30 miles south of us but I don't think it will get here. Actually, we need a lot of rain. These little 1/2" rains just wet stuff down, it keeps it alive but barely. Now the oak trees are showing the effects of not enough water. We can't water it so we just have to pray for rain.



I heard on the news that ya'll were getting a good bit of rain. They are expecting it to go north of us. Our weather is great however. Cool, breezy. I need to do laundry today.



We have been having a lot of clouds the last few days and the temperatures have been great. Like mid to upper 70's. Maybe a low 80's for a couple of hours. Of course, we could use some more rain.