Answer: I am really not sure what the flecks were but I don't know that I would take a chance on it. I have never made wine so I don't know how that would work. Have you smelled of it? No, don't taste it. If it were me, I would dispose of it down the drain. Sorry. Kathy Vilseck

Question: I processed my grapes and put the juice in a covered stainless steel pot to sit for the 8 hrs in a cool place (not refrigerated) prior to making jelly.   Then afterwhich you would strain through cheesecloth and proceed to making jelly. 
Well,  I got caught up and now it has been 3 days till I have been able to get back to the juice to make jelly.  The location was subject to temperature fluctuations over the 3 days from daytime weather to nightime cool.  Anyway, when I removed the lid to check my juice I notice there are several little flecks on top of the juice (say a dozen) which I now suspect to be mold.?  Is my juice now bad.??? And cannot be used... or will cooking it elminate the mold, since it gets up to about a boiling temperature of 200 degrees or better?  And/or if it is now not good for jelly can I make wine out of it?  Or do I just pitch it out.  Certainly not worth killing anyone over.  Guess I may have really messed up.. first time I have not been able to get back to the process the very next day.
Thanks for any response.