Hello, everyone.

I just received a phone call from our niece, Kimberly Carter. As you may remember, she was scheduled to go to Iraq in a month's time after being trained to drive supply trucks for the Army. She had just been moved to Alabama for the last part of her training (in my opinion, some of the most important training). Now, things have been moved up and they are shipping out tonight. To say the least, I am somewhat apprehensive... they really needed this training. It appears that they will receive "on-the-job training" after their arrival. I believe that she will be stationed in Kuwait.
Please remember to pray for her safety . I know God can be where she is, even if we aren't. Thank goodness, He isn't limited and finite, as we are.
Thanks a bunch!
Debora, Tim, and Alan Bettis



As of today, our niece Kimberly Carter (my sister Sherry's daughter), left for further military training (stateside).

At the end of this training, she will be deployed to Iraq. Needless to say, we are anxious for her safety in this war torn area of the world.

We have been concerned for  the safety of our men and women in uniform

around the world, but especially in the mid east, for some time now.

But when it affects us personally, and someone we know and love is in harm's way, it gets even more real to us.

Please help us pray for her safety while she is away, and a safe return home to her family and friends, when her time is up.