Weather Notes

from Carl Evans in Louisiana


The Summer of 2010 has been one of the worst I've had in a while:  It was dry and then wet with small amounts and then dry. It was a roller coaster or merry go round.  This week has been dry and no rain for the next week. Also, my feet have been swollen and can't wear socks in shoes. I've been taking med to keep it down but it's not helping. I'm on my feet a large part of the day and then raise my feet above my head/heart and it shrinks during the night.


We've been getting some showers this last week that keeps the gardens n pastures going. We have a forecast of some rain this week. Have a blessed day. Carl


It looks like SPRING IS HERE. but watch out for it usually has a cold BRR time before Easter. The blossoms on my Pears, Plums, and Peaches sute like an answered prayer after the wet and wild winter we've persevered through. HAVE A BLESSED EASTER and a good year the rest of 2010.  Never fear the economy of our troubles nation. Just TRUST our hearts to the Lord Jesus for prophecies are coming true.


On December 4, 2009 we had an inch of snow. It was the earliest that we have ever had snow. It was nice to see. The flakes were coming down in big flakes. I remember in my early childhood that the snow came after Christmas-mostly in January or February.

Have a blessed Merry Christmas.  Carl Evans


The last 2 weeks we've had excellent weather with some showers but mostly SUNSHINE. It has been nice weather. Now  we are getting 1-2 days/week partly cloudy and showers.

Oct. 21, 2009

With June being "DRY", it started raining the middle of July and we haven't had a week without rain since.  During the first 16 days of October, we have had 10 days of rain in Toledo Bend Lake area. That rainfall totals 7.18 inches. Normal rainfall for the whole month of October is 3.8 inches.

Average annual rainfall for this area is between 48 and 50 inches. The October rainfall brings the 2009 total to 45.01 inches.  AND MORE rainfall is reported heading this way.  Last week, we had 5 inches in a 30 hour span. The pasture grass is growing good--about 1 foot high  and providing plenty for my cows.

I don't know which is best: El Nino or El Nina for each one brings good and bad. C U @ 

The deer hunters are enjoying the rain of their foodplots.


The weather has been just like El Nino was a few years back. For the last 6 weeks plus, we've had thunder showers and storms almost every day in the Toledo Bend Lake, in west central La. This week is supposed to be dry and this weekend will have some thunder storms.  Our situation is no ways like Atlanta, GA had last week. We are thankful for the rain to bring up the pasture grass, but we were beginning to develop webs between out toes.  Hunting season starts up this weekend so I'm sure the hunters are glad to have the rain too. Have a BLESSED day.  Carl Evans   Florien, La


June was very dry in west central Louisiana. Gardens and pastures dried up with about 1 inch rain for the whole month when 4 inches of rain is needed for the vegetables and pastures to keep the cows and calves growing.  July started out dry but about the middle of the month, rain started arriving  about the 3rd week and is still falling due to the thunderstorms. The last 2 weeks of July has brought about 4 inches of rain. It saved what was left of the gardens but the produce had dwindled to just a few plants.  We watched the drought in our area and in central and south Texas linger while the rains kept going from Colorado to Iowa  eastward.
  In our area the temps were in the high 90s up to the 100s with heat index up to 110 but now we are enjoying temps in the 70s and 80s and low 90s. OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS.


The weather is kind of dry right now and have another week before the next chance of rain. We've already had 32 to upper 30's in the past week



We finally started getting rain showers and it has helped with the grass and what vegetables that lasted through the drought. It showers almost every day. As long as it rains is what's important. The amounts are from a sprinkle-shower, to showers, and on to a short downpour. 



Clouds, clouds, and more clouds but no rain. We've had about 1 inch of rain in the last 3 weeks. The pastures, lawns, and forests are even squeaking for rain. Everything is getting brown and browner. I guess I'm gonna have to start feeding hay, even if I have to pay more because of the gas prices---about $10.00 more per bale. We've had 104 degrees plus in the last 2 weeks. Rain seems to have a mind of its' own. Rain can be seen coming straight towards us and then splits to go on both sides but none on our pastures and others. Hope you are doing good.


The rain has been going around us for the last 5 days until yesterday and today.  It seemed that I was a chisel splitting up the clouds to go around. We had a fair rain Tuesday June 24th and a good one today the 25th. It amounted to about 2 inches both days. We need it for all  the pastures and gardens and yardens. We have a good chance 50% for the next week.


The breezes have helped to keep things cooler.  The rain has missed us mostly but this morning (May 15th) the storms hit around 3 a.m. and woke me up. It was coming down in buckets--about 3 inches. It lasted about 45 minutes to an hour with wind. Tornado warnings were to the southeast  of us. We had some close lightning and a good bit of wind. I've been up since 3:30 and now it's after 10 a.m.. Garden seeds have sprouted overnight because of the oxygen and nitrogen in the  rain.  The other stuff that was already up have grown 5-6 inches since last evening. Gotta get some sleep before I go back to work at 4 p.m.. See you later.


The weather was great Sunday 4/6/2008 and today the 7th but we had some more rain last week about 2 inches. The Sabine River runs above I-20 and almost to Dallas. It comes within a very few miles from the Red River down to the Gulf of Mexico. If it rains in northeast Texas over towards Dallas, it takes about 14 days to get down to Toledo Bend. The generators at the Dam is running 24/7 and they have some gates open 2 feet to let some of the overflow go down the river.  We are looking for some more rain Tuesday the 8th and the 9th. It's too wet to plow and plant a garden unless we want it to be in knee high mud .

I made a mistake in the last posting about the elevation. There is NO 700 feet elevation in Louisiana. The highest elevation is about 400  and that is in north central La.  Where I live the elevation is about 180  plus elev..  The top of pool on Toledo Bend Lake is 172 feet and the water is above that. have a good weather day.  carl



On Sunday March 30, 2008, much rain fell on the Louisiana and Texas border. One report was 5 inches in less than 45 minutes. The total rainfall was 15 inches in 6 hours. Toledo Bend Lake has risen over 2 feet by April 1 and the gates as well as the generators can't keep the lake from rising. Some of the people who live on the lake have their piers under water.  The towns below the dam which includes DeQuincy, the Lake Charles area of Louisiana as well as towns in southeast Texas such as Orange. If they let too much water out, it will flood those areas, but if they don't open the gates, then the Lake will flood. DECISIONS, DECISIONS.  The area that drains into the Toledo Bend which is on Sabine River, comes from above Tyler, TX and I-20  and it will be  Friday when the water level starts falling, but we have an 80 percent rain on that day.


It's been sporadic with lows 29 to 70 and rain. Haven't had rain since Tuesday but expecting some Friday and then a cool and dry weekend then rain and cold weather again. back n forth, etc.


Within the last week, we've had almost 7 inches of rain counting today's rain. The temps are in low 30's up to 60's and even 70 degrees. I'm still glad that El Nina (the female) is not here for she would bring very dry times compared to the El Nino (male). 


I don't know if I'd rather have El Nina or El Nino because they are both bothersome. Jan 25th is about 35 degrees and raining and feels COLD   BRRRRRRR.  At 65 as of Jan 6, 2008,  I feel so cold and can't warm up enough. Our ground is soggggyyyy and it's still raining. We need some days of 60's upward and sunshine to make the rye grass grow to feed the cows. It costs too much $ to feed hay all the time.  The cows need some green grazing too. A big round bale of hay is lasting my 2 cows and 8 goats maybe 2 weeks and it costs $35.00 per bale. I'll have to buy another 6-8 bales. OH WELL !  That's the price we pay for our hobbies and business.  We always have to pay the PIPER.   When I get my head straight, and stop looking at the BAD stuff and look UP, I can laugh and make it.  I'm not really complaining but just writing something for the weather.  I think my cows are beginning to get web feet lak dem  kajins are down dere in sout lusianne.  Have a good and blessed day.



It's been kinda dry for the last 3-4 weeks. We had a nice shower yesterday and supposedly today too. Squirrel season opened today, so the woods won't be so crackly for them. The "garden" needs the moisture, but all I have in it are a few  butter beans, peas, and asparagus beans. I picked a few this morning, along with some dry ones for next years hope garden.



YES, we've had a above average year of  moisture.  We are still having rain every few days up  to last week -the 2nd week of Sept. 07, This week is looking wetter thanks to Hurricane Humberto. This is the first hurricane to enter the Tex-La area.  It was a milder storm than 2 years ago when Rita  hit the La -Tex border.  The storm will give us plenty of saturation for the land.  The Weather Channel had something on it that said:

Weather Center September 13, 2007  Hurricane Humberto
  10 am c.t. Wednesday tropical depression
  12:15 am c.t. Thursday 85 mph hurricane
   50 mph increase in less than 15 hours

the below words belong to me only.
In the last 2 years, many have left the Gulf Coast lowlands wanting to find higher elevation that won't flood. The people who've been rebuilding their "homes" are having to do it according to the new specifications of the Insurance companies.  It will cost them much more but the buildings will withstand  higher winds and storms.  I'm glad I live in the elevation of over 700 ft.  Many may not want to live in the hills, but to me they are safer.  There  are many hardwoods and pines that slow the hurricane winds down.  Living in the hills  doesn't mean we won't have severe storm problems, but by the time hurricanes reach here,  they  will  have dropped down to maybe 50 mph winds or less--mostly lesser..          



This week it has been a scorcher, in the upper 90's with heat index over 100. Tomorrow the heat index is to be about 110 or higher. I've been suffering from heat headaches and resign myself to the A/C or cold bath to get it down. We have a 30 percent rain this weekend.  I wish  it would start raining again. Ha, but the steam would be bad.  0 well.    :(



It is still raining almost every day down here in west central Louisiana since June 8th.  The so called Bahamian pressure system, which happens every 10 - 20 years,  is the cause of it.  Today is July 30th and it is still predicting rain.   La., Tex., and Oklahoma has been getting so much rain that it's caused floods while some other states are having droughts. 



There's an old saying that if it rains on June 8, it will rain for 20 days. We've been having rain every day since June 8. Sometimes it will hit where I live, and sometimes it will be just a little ways from me, but it is still raining and will continue on for a while yet. Another saying is if it rains on July 17, it will rain for 40 days and nights.

I think that may be true but I'm not doubting it. ha.


On Saturday April 7, 2007, we had snow in Louisiana from the North to below the central part of the state. The temperature was 40 degrees and it melted as soon as it landed. The snow would come in tiny flakelets and then it came down in tiny sleet and then snow flurries came. The flakes would be up to a silver dollar size.  We have never had snow in April as far back as the records go. It was AMAZINGLY awesome.  The Bible tells us that there will come a time when we can't tell the seasons of the year because so many changes will be taking place.

Thought you would like to know about it. It was very unusual. Have a good spring.  Carl Evans