We have Ducks !

by Kathy Vilseck


We live on 6 acres in the country.  Mostly wooded.  We have a pond in the front yard.  In the 5 years we have lived here, we have added unofficial pets...deer, raccoons, hummingbirds, visiting geese, cardinals, etc.  We only had two official pets...Harley and Smokey.

Last weekend we added 2 domestic mallard drakes.  Meet Daffy (the tallest) and Donald.  A woman advertised them because she bought 5 ducks and 4 were drakes.  The poor female.  Their names were Abraham and John Denver (she kept Martin) but we decided that needed to change.  Besides, they don't answer to either name.
I brought them home in a large airline pet carrier.  The next day my husband, son and son's friend built them an 8' x 8' x 4' pen.  They have adjusted fairly well.  Today was their first day out of the pen.  They love the pond.  But, now putting them up, that is another story.  We let them out about noon and put them up around three.  The neighbors were doing some work with a bulldozer and we were sure of how they would react.  Well, if you want to lose weight, get some mallards and try to herd them back into their pen.  Not the thing to do when it is hot.  But, we will keep them.  They are interesting and pretty.  And when they first find new water, they are hilarious. 
We have already talked about getting them girlfriends but that will have to wait.  My husband does not want to build another pen anytime soon.  They are domestic mallards so they shouldn't be flying north for the winter.  We'll see.
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