Our Deck Fountain

by Kathy Vilseck

My husband and I love waterfalls.  When we lived in town, he built a nice one in our front yard. We have plans for a big one at our place in the country but it is still in the planning stages.
In the meantime, we have this deck fountain.  It is a revised version of what we wanted.  The original plan was that the water went from the pump into a bucket that tipped into the whiskey barrel half.  We have had the whiskey barrel for a while.  We bought the liner at a hardware store.  It cost almost as much as the barrel.
My husband built the stand and chute in the back from throwaway lumber from where he works.   The chute is actually lined with plexiglass.  The stand is hollow.  The post coming out is an old broom handle.
The water splashes into a hanging fake lily pad on chains.  It is sold as a bird feeder.  The (submersible) pump was in an outside small pond made from a kit.  We inherited it when we bought this place.  It is in the barrel.   The hose from the pump to the post is hidden by the fake fern.  The plants on the wagon wheel are fake.  The rest of the plants are real.
It has a blue underwater light.  It makes the softest, most relaxing sound.