When we lose a little friend, where we can go for comfort...


Rainbows Bridge


Dogs 4-Life


During June, we lost Sammy and Junior; each such good doggies. Our hearts are still hurting with Junior being the most recent, we cry when we see his toys or his collar or just look to see him in his usual spot out in the yard. When I needed to have someone hear my list of his physical problems that brought on Junior's shut down, I emailed a fellow at Dogs 4-life. He insisted that we take Junior to the vet the next morning. By the time I heard from him, Junior had been dead for an hour. It came on so quick, it was scary. It has made us more watchful of behavior out of the usual and ordinary.

After the loss of Sammy, Randy had found that on the Dogs 4-Life page, there was a listing for Rainbows Bridge. They have an excellent concept of honoring the little one we were so attached to and dealing with our grief. You will enjoy looking around Ginny's pages.