New Wallpaper

Waste Not, Want Not
January 16, 2004

Tired of looking at the same old wallpaper on your PC desktop?
For those of you who have a flatbed scanner and the editing program to go along with it, the possibilities are endless! Scan a favorite photo, greeting card, artwork from an old calendar and save it into your “My Pictures” folder. 
To load as wallpaper: (You’ll only be using the left button on your mouse.) 
1. At your desktop, click on START
3. Double click on DISPLAY. You should now see the DISPLAY PROPERTIES screen. (Note: At this screen you can center, tile or stretch your selection and change the background color of the “mat” it will be on. I like to use a light color for the background so that my icons are easily seen.)
4. Click on DESKTOP
5. Click on BROWSE
6. Find your scanned selection among those in your MY PICTURES folder
Click on it. It should now be highlighted by a blue border. 
7. Click on OPEN
8. Click on APPLY
9. Click on OK

Your desktop art should now be your selection!
My favorite (and absolutely FREE!) things to scan for this purpose is artwork out of catalogs! One catalog that I find to be perfect is from The Lang Companies. They are the folks that make those beautiful calendars, notepads and stationary and their catalog is full of “thumbnail” artwork that you can use for this purpose. A friendly reminder here… copyrighted material in any form is for personal use only!