Parade of Ducks, Part II


Unfortunately, ducks are actually a little inquisitive I guess.  One day, Donald and Daffy decided to wander around the side of the house.  I don't know why.  And they did it quickly. 


I looked out and suddenly just saw one duck.  I kept looking for the head of the other.  The one I saw was Donald and he was looking kind of lost and just calling.  So, I went out looking.  Couldn't find Daffy.  Anywhere.  I looked all around the front yard and then looked where I didn't want to look.  And found what I didn't want to find. 


We love Smokey but he plays rough.  We have found countless dead possums in and around his run.  Usually, they are buried.  Well, Daffy was buried.  Not the result that I wanted.  Smokey wouldn't let me over there.  So, I had to wait until my husband got home.  I held Smokey, while he retrieved Daffy. 


So, now I have a drake that is really confused.  We had just the two of them for about a year and they stayed together.  Daffy was the larger duck and didn't fly as easily so I guess that Donald got away.


Anyhow, now I have a lonely duck.  We didn't have plans to raise ducks or anything but one duck is not happy.  So, I go looking.  Well, that time of year (early spring), I didn't know anyone with hens but I did go back to the people I bought these two from and asked if they had another drake for sale.   They did, they had two and they didn't want to sell one and be keeping the other one.  So, I went to pick up two new playmates for Donald.  I was told that one was lighter colored.  That one is Pretty Boy Floyd in the picture.  He is a nice looking duck and unusual colored.  The other drake is a bit larger and he got named Scrooge. My husband still cannot understand how I can tell the ducks apart (except for Floyd, obviously).


Then I learned that it is not a good idea to have three drakes and no hens.  If you have owned ducks, then you probably know what I am getting at.  If you haven't, sorry, not the thing to talk about in mixed company. lol 


The resolution of that problem is another story.


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