We had a tulip poplar tree on a little point into the pond (the tree the elephant ear plants were around).  It has had some problems since we moved in 7 years ago.  Well, Saturday morning, one of the three trunks was down and in the pond.  A friend came over and helped Jan get it out and cut up.  It had ants in the base so they decided to take the other two trunks down while they were at it.  The last one came down in the pond.  It went over halfway across the pond.  We now have 1/2 cord of poplar wood for the fireplace next year.   I really liked the tree for the tulip shaped flowers it got every spring.  Took some growing ends from some limbs and stuck them into the mud in the pond.  We'll see if they root.

The first picture is the one that the storm took down.  The second is the last trunk that came down with Jan and his buddy over on the right cutting up the wood and hauling the tree out of the pond.