Cold Hardiness

Cold Hardiness zones are based on the average annual minimum temperature in a given area of the country, with USDA Zone 1 being the coldest at minus 50 degrees F and USDA Zone 11 the warmest at above 40 degrees F.

Each of the map's colored zones is separated by 10 degrees and broken down into subzones A and B, separated by five degrees. To use the map, simply locate your area and then match up the corresponding color on the map with that on the legend.

Plants found at Lowe's that are not cold hardy in your area are used as tender perennials, annuals, or seasonal tropical plants to add color and texture to beds and containers. In Miami, Florida, a Hibiscus may be used as a flowering evergreen hedge, while in Chicago, Illinois, it is used widely as annual summertime color in flowerbeds and containers; replaced each year or placed indoors to protect it through winter.