In January we had a lot of snow and the last time fifteen inches came.  When the streets were cleaned it was piled up in piles in huge piles that eventually has melted.  We had 17 degrees this morning but will be about fifty tomorrow. Spring is on the way now.  Our tulips are up about an inch now.  The trees look like the leaves will be opening soon.  Hope your weather is getting settled down so you can get in the garden.  We won't do any planting for another month.  We will plant some tomato plants in big pots on the patio as we did last year and had all of the tomatoes we needed all summer.  I planted the patio variety.


Here in central Iowa we are experiencing winter and how. We went through a week of below zero temperatures and a lot of snow. Finally the temp moderated and now we are experiencing a load of snow.  Church was called off last night because of some sleet and then about six inches of snow.  We are to get about  six to ten more inches today and it is showing no sign of letting up now.  There is snow piled up every where and most of the schools in this part of Iowa have been closed for the day. We look forward to June and hope the snow will all be gone by then. Some of the piles in the parking lots of the malls and other big stores will be there for weeks even when the weather warms up. Enjoy your weather.