Arlene Wright-Correll


Weather Report from Home Farm Herbery in Munfordville, Kentucky by Arlene Wright-Correll


Here at Home Farm Herbery we have been getting some nights below freezing for all the heat lamps are aglow in the greenhouse all night long.  However, yesterday got up to 59, but was so windy until about 1 pm that it seemed colder and today was at least that with no wind.  A lot of foolish bulbs around here are all above ground, but they seem to be making it.


It was 62 degrees and bright and sunny yesterday.  All the bulbs are being fooled because we know we still have 6 more weeks of winter that has not arrived yet.


We had a wonderful balmy day at 60 degrees even though it was windy, overcast and raining, but a good day for doing a lot of computer work.  We will have Christmas dinner with some of our family.


We finally got about 5 hours of rain today!


The daffodils and hyacinths are up and braving more cold, gloomy, rainy days than blue sky sunny days.  My gardening gal came in the other day and worked 7 straight hours accomplishing great winter clean up chores and I hope this coming Thursday is warm and sunny so she can come back and do some more miracle work I am no longer capable of. 


Weather?... ours is cold and it tries to snow and in the middle of it all we had one beautiful day in the 70’s and the next in the 50” now back to winter.


It has been raining hard for 2 days and the creek is up.  I just came back from my quarterly checkup and lab tests which showed I lost another 2 pounds making a total of 10 pounds in 60 days (whoopee), my sugar is down another point, my BP is right on target and my cholesterol is lower and every thing else is a-okay and that is not too bad for 3 hours of my time that cost about $1,800.00.  So unless I get struck by lightening or some other weird thing I am good for another 90 days. I have a lot on my to-do list, but I think I will take the rest of the day off.


We made a run to Glasgow today to get patterns printed at Staples and then a bunch of other errands doing the grocery shopping for November.  We had our first light frost last night, but it was 69 and sunny with blue skies today.  Apparently we lost our new signs when we had that terrific rain and wind storm two days ago.   I started to rework the Poet Lauriat painting this morning. We made a decision to do the Deck the Halls Christmas show this year even though Carl will be gone for awhile in November and we will be gone for 8 days in December.  We checked out the building in Horse Cave and sent in the form and check today after calling Ronn Kissler to tell him we are on board.


We had another hot day again and of course no rain.  I finally got someone to come in and weed several of the gardens.  Whew!

It has been in the high 90's for the past week, but the prediction is cooling down to the mid 70's and that will be wonderful


It finally is cooling down at night here to the 50's , but it is still so dry here that during the day the only thing growing in the gardens are weeds.


It is still hot here but finally in the high 80's to low 90's.  We went to the KY state fair yesterday and Carl's Splendor in the Glass took a 2nd premium ribbon.


We are between 100 and 107 and we are tired of it.


It has been very hot and dry here and we finally got some showers about 10 am this morning and then a deluge about 2 pm. At least we are not being blown away with 60 mph winds and flooding as nearby warren county was yesterday.


Rain all day today and flash flooding around us in nearby areas.


We got one heck of a rainstorm this evening with the highest winds we ever had here.  Thunder and lightening and rain for over an hour were visited upon us.  When the wind stopped, but still raining I looked out and stuff was scattered all over the place, plus some broken windows.  We will have to check out roofs tomorrow as at one point it sounded like something happened up there and we discovered water leak on the floor of my bathroom floor in the doorway and a lot of wet water stains on the ceiling.


We are getting a much needed rain shower at 6:30 am today and I hope it keeps up for at least an hour.


It got to be 103 on the sun side of the house by 3 pm today and still no rain.  I will have to water everything tomorrow.


It is dry here again and this apparently will be the last of the cool days for awhile.  We could use some rain again.


It has been in the high 90's for a week. Watering is intensive but stuff still dries up.  We finally got a 2 hour rain this afternoon.


99 degrees today. Hot, hot, hot. Rain? Yes, this morning for about an hour..


Weather in the low 90's today. Need rain again

We had to go back to Glasgow again early this morning to get some copies made in a 12” diameter only to find the copy place could not make anything bigger than 11” so it was on to Bowling Green to Kinko’s to get it done.

On the way back we got in a rain storm so bad that we had to pull off the road for fear of getting into an accident so we waited it out in a KFC and had some lunch.  It finally cleared off so we could leave and when we got back about noon it started to rain some here, but not like it was doing in BG with flood watches etc.  This weekend is the 400 mile long yard sale and the Highland Games in Glasgow with many places getting this rain.  Too bad!


We got some rain showers just as my garden helper started to work so I had her come in and vacuum and dust.  The rain eventually stopped and she went back out to clean out all the rose beds and other things.


overcast and warm today and then at 6 pm we got lightening, thunder and a deluge of heavy rain for about an hour and it was good for the gardens.


we just had 5 days of rains, flash floods etc.


lots of heavy rain and wind


It was another beautiful day again and I got into the garden at 8 a.m. and was finished just a few minutes before noon. 


The weather has been hot and dry here during the day and down to the mid to high 30’s at night and it has raised the heck with my tomato, cucumber and pepper plants.  They may well have to be replaced. 

I had put them into the straw bales and they look wretched because of the 2 cold evenings.  I am watering every day.  Some of the flowers are starting to peek through the dirt in the greenhouse flats, but the tomatoes in the seed plugs are goners. 


It was a rainy morning today and for some reason I was very tired and didn’t even feel well.


It was a beautiful warm day today and about midnight we received a good rain.


Another beautiful day that got up to 84 degrees


It was 74° by 10 a.m. today and it was a wonderful morning to work in the garden


It was a bright and beautiful day today.


It was an overcast day today with predicted rain which held off all day. 

After 3 bright, sunny days in the high 60's we got some light rain at noon yesterday and by 5 p.m. it was pouring very hard into late evening.  We awoke to an overcast day in the mid 40's and want the sunny skies back!


Rain was predicted for today so we were both out bright and early with Carl taking down all the plants for planting at the post box planter and me filling up 10 containers with only 20 more to go.  I also got a nice new lilac planted and a rose bush. The rain started just before lunch.  It was a nice gentle rain all day until 5 p.m. then it was a down pour since then.


First day of spring and it was a beauty. 


What a beautiful day today and my helper arrived working for 5 hours.  We were able to get the entire rose bushes planted, some of the pansies in containers, some pruning done, all the containers filled with new dirt so when the geraniums arrive I can go crazy as I do each spring, mulched all the other rose beds and just generally work out in the warm, beautiful sunshine.



Overcast day today and it began raining at noon. 


We enjoyed about 10 minutes of a hard downpour rain last night at 10:30 p.m.  We awoke to an overcast sky with 57° and it got up to 71° today.


It was warm early this morning and both of us were outside with our chore lists. 


Finally... sunny days in the 60's and we are outside all day, ,doing all kinds of things  such as making porch swings, new planters and cleaning gardens..


What a day, what a day.  Here we awake to 29° and by 10 a.m. it was bright and sunny and taking off our jackets.  We got so much done today outside and that was totally wonderful.


It got into the high 50’s today and hopefully will be warmer tomorrow and I can tackle cleaning out one of the front garden beds.


We awoke to 32° at 6:30 a.m. this morning and the sky was overcast. Warm weather would be most welcomed at this point.

It never did warm up at all today.


It is another cold day, overcast and Mother Nature is trying to send us some snow flurries


20° this morning at 8 a.m., but we eventually got some blue skies and the roads cleared so we closed the shop today, ran some errands in the village and took off for Bowling Green to get some things we wanted plus a 12 pack of beer since Carl said the weather report predicted some more snow for this coming weekend.


25° when I woke up today.  Roads still icy and snow here and by noon the sun came out a little to melt the ice off the metal roof. 


 More snow and still snowing again this morning and I am tired of it.  Even Rosie is complaining that she cannot enjoy it with one foot being larger than the other one which prevents her from getting her boots on or even skiing.


I awoke to 36° and almost 2 inches of snow with tons more coming down even though the pathways were trying to melt.  It snowed until about noon.  Cold, cold, and overcast!


Cold today and overcast and as my dear old friend Carole Dalphin says, “I wish Ma nature would make up her mind - I'm voting for sun.”  Me too old girl, me too!  However, it started snowing in the early evening tonight and now at 11:19 pm it is still snowing and it looks like the whole place is covered with snow again. 

Since the morning was shot, we ran some errands and the temperature never got over 37° today.   When we arrived back we passed the same “turkey spot” I spoke about the other day only this time there was somewhere between 100 and 200 of them and in the middle of them was that grand big old white turkey.  What a Kodak moment! Never a camera when you need one.


It was cold today and I woke up to a snow flurries in our part of the world. 


 Rain, rain, rain all day today and cold about 42° and I had to drive into town today for a short meeting to catch 2 people who were at a big meeting I did not want to attend. I lucked out as they came early and I was able to conduct my business with them and boogie back out begging off another meeting. 


It had started to rain when we left the Thomas House and the temperature had dropped back down to 37 although the highest it got today was 42.  Carl says we are supposed to get some snow this weekend. It is gone here now except for places where people made snowmen and snow forts or piled it up in driveway edges.  Rosie wants another 4 or 5 inches for at least a week and perhaps she may get it.  I know it is pretty to look at, but we lived for many years with 120 inches of snow a year and it was a good thing we were young enough to deal with it. 


37° this morning and very overcast at 7 a.m. when we went down our driveway this morning. The snow is just about gone and there in the driveway were 4 deer following 7 others who had just jumped our fence into George and Barbara’s fields. All together the 11 deer grazed away in the Brooks’ backyard.

Further on down the road, only about 3000 ft or so, we were stopped by a flock of wild turkeys that numbered at least 50 and right in the middle of them was the largest, whitest turkey we have ever seen.  We sat on the highway for awhile until they decided to take off flying which was, indeed, another sight. 

The skies had cleared and the temperature hovered around 49°.


27° this morning and still lots of snow not melted yet.  We were going to head into Glasgow today, but Carl decided we would stay put until the 3rd and run all our errands that day hoping the roads will truly be cleared and that is o.k. by me.


37° this morning and very overcast. Isn’t today Ground Hog day?

Apparently Puxatauwny Phil saw his shadow today and we can expect 6 more weeks of winter.  However, we lost about 80% of our snow today and that is fine with me.


This morning was so bright outside with all this snow and sunny skies that it woke me up like someone had turned mega watt light bulbs on at 7 a.m.  


This morning greeted us with a loud silence and the reason was the land was covered with about 7 inches of snow which is apparently the largest snowfall in this area in 14 years.  It was 27° at 7 a.m. and I do not think it raised much above that during the day.

It sure was pretty and I could have done without it.  So we both just vegetated today with reading, crossword puzzles, TV and falling asleep in our chairs. We cannot even take the mail to the post box at the end of the driveway.


Cold today with temperature at 22° at 8 a.m. and I was feeling sorry for myself until I opened up Donna’s email which said, “Minus 5 degrees today and the wind chills today are going to be 25 below----during the DAY! Super cold weekend heading out this way & we are not going skiing!”

It started snowing today at 2 pm and at 11:30 pm it is still snowing and that will closed down our part of KY tomorrow since we have no plows etc.


Waking up this morning to a small blizzard like landscape with the ground covered completely in white made me want to go back under my duvet and sleep until the flowers were up. 


The temperature was 52° at 8 a.m., but raining cats and dogs as the saying goes.  Did you know that saying came from Europe when cats and dogs kept warm up on thatched roofs and when the roofs gave way they fell through, hence “Its raining cats and dogs!”

The rain started about 1:30 am and by 2 a.m. there was a thunder and lightening storm so bad that I ran around unplugging TVs, computers, etc.


The temperature was 47° at 8 a.m. and got to be 62 by noon.  Even at 6 pm the temperature was still 55° and that was nice.


It is gloomy and overcast again today. Temperature was 42° when I awoke and there were lots of things to be done on the computer and websites today.  The temperature never went higher than 48° today and when we took a run into town it was damp and cool and very gloomy.


As I said it was a rainy day all day today, but it was 52° at 8 a.m. this morning and mild all day.  


The weather, though overcast today got up to the mid 50’s. 


It was 41° at 8 a.m. and it got to be 64° by 3 p.m. today.  It was a wonderful day for working and moving things from the little school to the Creativity Center. 


Even though it was 17° at 7:30 a.m. it warmed up by noon and we lost some more snow.


The snow is finally melting away and another warm day should get rid of it all.  It seems less cold with the fields clear of the white stuff. 


It is still cold and overcast upon waking up today.


Today is another cold day today with snow and ice still on the ground.  I will be glad when it is all gone. Roads are clear but the parking lots etc have dangerous walking patches. 



It was 13.7° on Carl’s atomic clock at 7:30 am today and some primeval animal instinct kicked in like it did yesterday when I saw all that snow and cold and I want to crawl back into bed.  All my energy seems to want to hibernate until it is at least 40° out there.


We awoke to another day of 17° weather and I personally do not know how all our dear friends and family members still survive in the North Country! 


It is another bitter cold morning here for this part of the world.  At breakfast this morning we enjoyed watching a large doe and stag browsing and foraging for grass or whatever on our lawn as we viewed them through the large dining room area.

It was 12° here and did not go above 17°, but we had clear skies. 


This morning was 34°, raw and windy. By noon the temperature had dropped down to 42°.


We woke up to rain and 54° and here was another Christmas morning.


We awoke to 27 degrees and gray skies at 6:30 am today and by noon it was 51° with the skies still gray, but the sun really trying to shine through as evidenced by a big white circle in the grayness.


The temperature was 47° at 6 am and it was a beautiful red sky sunrise.

The temperature is 52° at 10 pm tonight. Another Christmas eve and all is well in our world.


We woke up this morning to our first snow just 1 day before the 1st day of winter.  It was merely a dusting that consisted of a light covering on the roofs and the flat tops of the pergola, arbors, flat surfaces of the planters and hardly anything on the ground as more ground was showing than snow.  Plus it was 36 degrees when I got around this morning so it was all gone by 11 am.


It is raining again today, but quiet, unlike yesterday morning.


It was a rainy day today.


The temperature went from 27 degrees this morning to 43 by noon and the sky was fairly clear.


By noon it was 61 degrees and by 3 pm it was up to 63 degrees.  Skies were clear blue except for clouds and upon arriving home we discovered clouds we had never seen before near our home like great swatches of grey clouds that looked like someone had drawn a giant feather through all of them leaving them looking like wispy horizontal paintings of clouds in the sky.


Warmer this morning and eventually got up to 45 today.


It was 14 degrees this morning here in beautiful Munfordville.


I shivered when I saw the thermometer was at 26 degrees at 8 a.m. this morning and then I got an email from Donna saying they were in the middle of a blizzard.  So we were not too bad off as the wind had died down considerably here and the sky showed patches of blue.


The temperature was 50 degrees at 7 a.m. this morning and grey skies again, but the wind was blowing between 35 and 55 mph at times during the day.  Tree limbs all over the place and at one time when I came out from my meeting I could hardly walk against the wind.  It rained on the way over to the meeting, but about 8:55 a.m. the clouds broke and the most beautiful and biggest rainbow I have ever seen appeared.


I think the cold spell has broken as it was 40 when my feet hit the floor at 6:30 a.m. today.  However, it was grey skies again and by 8:30 it started to drizzle and an hour later we had a good rain.


Cold here again with 30 degrees this morning and it was another morning of computer work. 


Today was a rainy day all day today and in the high 40’s. I finished my wine bottle cheese trays today and got some small wooden frames stained today for the signs needed in the Garden Cottage. 


We woke up to a very heavy frost this morning and the temperature was 30 degrees as I headed out to my doctor’s appointment wrapped up in scarf, gloves and my garden cap Glynis has bought me in Virginia City, NV.

By 11 am it had warmed up about 15 degrees


 We had a big night of rain and drizzles all day. We had to go and get a replacement faucet today.  It was only in the 40’s all day today


Today we awoke to 44 degrees, windy and overcast, but by 9 a.m. the skies was clear and the temperature was up to the high 50’s. 


It was 27 degrees at 6:30 a.m. this morning and 67 by 1 p.m.



Windy again today and about 37 degrees at 5:30 a.m.


It was 40 degrees at 6:30 a.m. this morning and very windy with a slight overcast


I awoke at 6:30 am to 46 degrees, slight wind and an overcast sky.


Same deal today. 52 degrees at 7 am and very overcast. 


Raining or trying to all day.. temperature in the mid to high 50's.


We currently have cool mornings and get between 55 and 74 by noon.. so no snow.


We are up at 5:30 am and hit the road by 6:15 am to be ready to set up at 7 am.  The temperature was 33 when we headed out, but it warmed up quickly and became a nice day


A beautiful day again today, but it started out as overcast... 


It was a sunny day today and in the high 60’s so I repainted a wrought iron table and chair set


We had tremendous winds with a high of 79 yesterday and we were able to sit out on the patio last evening at a wonderful 72 degrees.  About 7 pm. the rain started and it rained all night. Over cast this morning and 50 degrees.


Nice today in the 70's, but it was 47 early this morning.


Real quiet here today and though it is Sunday Carl really is working straight out in the stained glass studio on this new panel. The maples are turning and when the sun is on them they are pure gold and red and a wonderful sight.


The weather was a beautiful 73 degrees today and though we had a big rain last night the skies eventually cleared and by late afternoon it was lovely.


We finally have a sunny day today after a week of overcast and rain weather.  Mornings are in the mid to hi 40's and mid day we get high 60's to low 70's and then back down again in the evening.


Great rains have visited us for the past week, many of them producing flash floods in many places of KY


We had the rain. now bright and cool.


We are enjoying some lovely rains for the past two days.


Weather has broke here finally and in the low 70's today.


We had a week in the mid 70's with cool evenings and about an hour or two of late night showers every other evening.  The weeds are up around our necks again as my young man has moved away and I need to find a substitute.


Another month flown by. The heat has abated here and we awake to mornings in the mid 60’s which allows us to open the doors until about noon when it gets up into the mid 80’s. The crepe myrtles are in full bloom as are the Cleome, Glads, Holly hocks and lots of other garden pretties.


It has been hot here each day for a week, often interrupted by incredible thunderstorms with 50 -60 mile wind weather alerts. Anyone who says we are not experiencing climate change has their head in the sand. We have lived here for 10 years now and last year we started to see weather changes like never before only to be surpassed by this year to date.


Now that it has stopped raining the weather has been dry and hot in the mid 80's to the low 90's for the past few days.  It keeps me indoors.


Yesterday and today we have bright sunny skies though the mornings were in the high 50's . Great days for outside work.   Especially after days and days of torrential rains. 


We have had a week of rain and it is still raining and it appears it will be raining all this coming week...

I finally found 3 reliable workers for my gardens and they cannot work because of this rain.


We awoke today to overcast skies we decided, since the forecast was rain, we would run a long list of errands. By 11 am we had beautiful cloudy blue skies. The kind of clouds that makes an artist want to stop doing whatever is being done and get out the pastels, oils, acrylics or watercolors and start painting. I could not take my eyes off these ever changing sky scenes. Such beauty and most people miss it.

The redbud trees are in bloom all over KY and the dogwood trees are popping out in profusion. We get a lovely view of the ones that grow in George and Barbara’s woods from our carport. The mid spring daffodils are out and other mid spring bulbs. Again this winter we lost a lot of tulips. However, the violets are all over the place and the grape hyacinths are popping up and some of them in the darnest places. I see the bleeding hearts are out and the lilacs are starting to bloom. Plus the weeds are in profusion already.


Will real spring ever come. Tried to snow today and I had to cover up some containers of flowers tonight because it is supposed to get very cold.

Last night we had our 113th tornado watch warning and bad winds and heavy rains.


We woke up to 2 inches of snow the next morning, but it was gone by noon.


It was raining this am and windy, but the sun came out and we were in the 50's.  Each day brings us closer to spring.


After 8 days of freezing weather, we have had two sunny days in the mid 60's


On Tuesday 12/16/08, we awoke to overcast day and icy roads. I thought I had heard sleet during the previous early evening, but when I went out to one of the outbuildings there did not seem to be anything. So on that morning we had icicles and slippery walkways. That meant an inside day for me.

Then on Friday, 12/19/08 we awoke to a great blue sky day and by noon it was 71 degrees! Crazy weather. But definately on 12/21/08 winter arrived with mid 20's by noon and it looks like it will stay for awhile.


We have slightly overcast skies today, but in the high 50's which was lovely after the low 20's yesterday.


We are experiencing cold days from the low 20's to the high 30's and I guess that means winter is here. We plug along each day doing tons of things of which much is to insignificant to mention.


It is 25 degrees here today and it was about 27 degrees yesterday.  The day before that it was in the high 50's with lots of rain so we are glad that was not a cold day or we would have had some snow.


Our garden ponds have been frozen the past couple of mornings. The days are not too bad in the high 40's.



I don't know if we are having Indian Summer yet. We had one light frost and then we got a couple of days of cool, but not cold weather and now we are having nights in the 30's and beautiful blue sky days in the low 70's.



Grand weather, Cool mornings in the low 40's, going to low 70's by noon and the mornings are really great for working in the gardens, especially the herb beds.



We have been busy here and enjoying the warm fall weather. Trees are starting to turn slow but sure. I was finally able to get back out into the Mediterranean herb beds on Saturday morning and got 4 more sections cleared. It is great working among them as each section is different and each one has its own distinct scent.



Weather has cooled down and I am working in the gardens each morning finally and systematically clearing out 30 4 ft x 5 ft Mediterranean herb beds. I go out first thing and do at least one and sometimes two of them each morning.



Another good morning to get out into the Herb section of our gardens. I was able to get another whole section totally cleaned out.  The temperature (in the high 60's ) was perfect for working out and at noon today we started to get some much needed rain.  I checked out the grape vines on the pergola and they look like they have not survived this summer's intense heat and drought so I will prune them out tomorrow.



Weather still warm here in the daytimes and cool in the evening to the high 50"s and low 60"s. Days are getting shorter.



It finally cooled down today in the hi 60's. We could shut off the a/c and leave all the French doors open.



We got a little rain today and lots of wind.



After spending cool days in Chicago and then in MO. I am back in KY with temperatures almost 90 degrees and dry.  Our apples need picking. I hope I can find someone who wants them. All the trees are loaded.


Its been in the mid to high 90's here and it is almost too hot to have any ambition. The two plum trees are loaded and I have to find someone who wants the fruit. Too much for us and the heat has been affecting everyone.



We have had a hard couple of weeks of no rain with the past 7 days being in the high 90s.  It is raising havoc with the gardens and my flowers.  The Cottage Garden is looking like a right bit of jungle at this moment.  The weeds are uncontainable and some are higher than the flowers.  The hot weather sure brings out the weeds.



No rain in days and we are watering every evening. Hot in the very high 90's each day. Hard to work in the gardens. The lilies are bursting forth and the yucca is out. Our landscaping guy has a couple of new weed whacker users and they weed whacked everything in site including lilies, bachelor buttons, calla lilies and we only know what else.

Last Tuesday we were out of power for about 1.5 hours and Donna called the next day and said she was out of power the same day for 9 hours. Then on Thursday am we lost the electric again for about 2 hours. I think this is the start of what we will have to deal with just like California does. Since then we have had two outages for a minute or so in the evening.


No rain in days and we are watering every evening.  Hot in the very high 90's each day. Hard to work in the gardens.  The lilies are bursting forth and the yucca is out.  Our landscaping guy has a couple of new weed whacker users and they weed whacked everything in site including lilies, bachelor buttons, calla lilies and we only know what else.


Weather has been hot and humid past few days.  I finally had to put the a/c on in the office because the computer fan was really laboring.

Kitchen is hot because I am backing an apple, raisin & pecan pie for Carl.
Studio is super hot because I  have some stuff in the big kiln that has to go up to 1545 degrees, so we are roasting here.



Weather was 44 degrees at 6 am today and even Chocolate did not like it.  I had forgotten to close the greenhouse door, but I guess everything is o.k.  Got to be in the high 60's by noon and nice working outside in the clear blue sky weather.



The weather is brilliant as far as the temperature goes. In the 70's .. I could take this all year round.  French doors have been open for days.   It now looks overcast and we may get rain tonight and tomorrow.  I have been working in the flower gardens.



Rain all day yesterday from noon on, overcast today, but warm in the high 60's.



Friday mid morning we lost our water and Carl said, "Oh No not a broken pipe," because there is about 2000 ft of pipe coming into here. I called George and they were out. So I called the water department and they were repairing a pipe somewhere and had turned everyone's water off and that was a relief. About an hour later we had water. It started to snow a little bit late Friday afternoon and about 8:15 p.m. we lost the power. Out came the cards and Carl and I played by candlelight until time for bed. We woke up to electricity and snow which meant canceling out haircut appointment that afternoon and no trip to Louisville on Sunday to the Annual Arts and Crafts Market place at the Louisville Fair Grounds. When Chocolate came in from being outside she was covered with snow.

CLICK HERE to see Arlene's snow photos !


Feb. 21 gave us our first icy road day and that was the evening Patti and I usually go for our art lessons. Needless to say we did not go.


It was 61 degrees on Feb.. 17th and it said the high was going to be 36 with the low of 31, but it stayed 61 and went to 64 by 1 pm.. so who knows.. I only know that we again had cloudy skies... A heavy rain for about an hour at noon and big winds again.  This evening the wind is strong.


Last Monday and Tuesday it was almost in 70 degrees. Crazy for Feb. 5 & 6. But we knew what to expect when the rains came. It was one heck of a night on Tuesday night, especially between 11 pm and 1 am. Wednesday a.m. we are still standing, though a total of 45 people were killed in surrounding areas there wasn't any damage to our outside or surrounding area. Now, at this writing, it is Sunday night, Feb. 10, and it is 16 degrees. We have tulips trying to come up from the heat and probably not making it from the cold.



We have had very cold nights that has put ice on the ponds. Lots of wind that has taken down many of our flags and shredded our American flag to pieces.  Today was a high of 48, but will go down tonight to 27.  We have about 4 weeks of cold weather left here in KY...


This past Sunday morning was a "I'm glad to be alive morning"! The air was a crisp 10 degrees, the sky a clear, clean blue, Carl was at the other end of the morning table and all was right in my little world! What more can a gal want? The day before Glynis had treated us to a "Correll Family Day" outing for my upcoming birthday. Pizza for lunch and a good movie. We went to see "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickleson. Excellent movie. Perfect day!


Jan. 1 brought cold wind and some KY snow flurries and on the 2nd apparently colder because our garden ponds are frozen over. 

Weather is weird. Some days down to 16 and other days up to 61 degrees. Enough to keep us hopping and wondering about our orchards.



We were basking in 60 degree weather this past week even though most of the days are overcast. Saturday the blue skies broke through for about 4 or 5 hours.



Here it is December 11 and the temperature today went to 74 degrees. Amazing even for this area. We have had seven lovely days of much needed rain and in the mid 50s to high 60s.


Weather is decent here.  We had 3 days of much needed rain last week.  Days in the mid 50's and nights in the 30's.



We are finally getting our trees turning here. We could use some rain again. We get cool nights in the mid 30's with a light frost here and there and we get 50's in the day time.


Wednesday came as a wonderful sultry Indian summer day with gentle breezes through the trees creating rustling music as I sat on the back patio and stole some time to read. Then Wednesday evening was pleasant with the cricket sounds in the dark once night came upon us.

Thursday P.M. saw us in the dark for a few minutes and when the lights came back on we were in the throes of a very strong thunderstorm with lots of hail and wind for about 20 minutes or so. I sat on the back patio and enjoyed it. Friday a.m. found us without telephone and tv, but internet and electric.

Today is overcast and rainy all day, Wonderful in the mid to high 60's. It looks like that may be the same for tomorrow and part of Wednesday and we sure can use it.  Ponds are dried up. Fire ban on. I have not seen a turtle all summer!

On October 10 we finally got our first fall day. Brisk, clear, crisp with a slight wind and temps in the high 60's and we dropped down to 46 degrees about the following 3 am. Lots of energy came back and it was a busy day.



We are still having in the high 80's and low 90's.  Trees are still green.  Need rain. The only thing that grows are weeds.


We have been in the mid to high 90's forever it seems with no rain at all and finally this early evening we got a 30 minute deluge.  It just sounded wonderful.  There is very little sign of fall here yet.


Well, we finally got a very big rain about 3 pm right after the next day of cleaning up after the wedding. It rained hard and then stopped and then rained through out the evening with rain off and on on Monday.  Great for everything including finally cooling down to the mid 70's .. What a relief.


We finally got a good rain today.



We are still getting hot and sometimes hotter. This past Monday was 67 degrees at 6 am and 104.6 at 2:38 pm.  Fire ban back on again. No rain in days. Gardens are burned up. Fruit trees have nothing on them as all the buds died off from those 5 days of frost in April this year.


We finally got some rain after 30 days of dry with half of them in the 3 digits that proceeded to burn everything in our gardens when we had a burn ban and a water ban. Then something happened for a week in the water company and we were not allowed to drink it for a week. They ordered restaurants and stores closed. Always something.


Just hot hot hot and dry dry dry... Gardens are a mess. I think I should have quit while I was ahead.



We are having hot weather.. No rain again. Everything dry again.



We got a whole evening of rain and thunderstorms.


We finally got some good rain.  An all day thing that broke our heat wave and let us have cool evenings. A real break for the farmers here.



We have had a few small smatterings of rain but we get that heat in the 90's right back and dries everything up. Then the other evening we had a real good steady rain and it was lovely.


We had 4 minutes of rain today. That is a total of 14 minutes of rain in 21 days. Our farmers are going to start to hurt. My personal garden has gone to rubbish!  Regardless of the constant watering.



Rain is still passing us by and it is predictably unpredictable as usual. We did get 7 minutes of it on this past Wednesday. I am tired of watering and I have decided that next year there will be no vegetables planted here!

The drought continues and there is not one piece of fruit in the orchard this year. No pears, no cherries, no peaches, no apples, no plums! The grapes are just about done in on the pergola, however the ones in the arbor seem to be hanging in. The watering is getting to be a major chore and now needs to be done daily especially in the hanging baskets and the containers. The ponds need to be filled up more frequently. The only things that are hanging in there are the drought resistant plants such as the coreopsis.



Our weather report. We have had overcast for days here and got about 5 mins. of rain yesterday. We are watering like crazy and really need about 2 or 3 days of a good downpour. Weather in the high 80's.



No rain. Just promises.


Warm today and a little overcast.  We need rain, but no sign of it.


We woke up to a cool morning and blue skies which tempted me to work for 2 hours in the gardens, which I did.  The weather got up to about 78 and it is now cooling down again in the evening.


We could use some rain here now. I am watering every day.


We have Feb. and March weather right now and it has been raining for 3 days.  Terrible for mid April. Gardens, trees, roses and orchid and everything else froze out.


We had 23 degrees this am.  So still cold and hoping for warmer weather.


We have lost everything even in the green house with two freezes 23 and 24 degrees last two nights and expected to be 20 degrees tonight.


We have had beautiful sunny days in the high 70's here with light winds. Great gardening days.  Now we need some rain which has been predicted, but not arrived yet.


Weather report today. March came in like a lion yesterday with great rains and today we have 30 mile per hour winds.  Can spring be far behind?



Last night we came out and it was 52 degrees and welcome. This morning we wake up and it is snowing lightly.

Will spring ever come?

28 degrees was our high today. We woke up the other morning to 7 degree temperature and it had been a long time since we had experienced that kind of cold. The only thing I can think of that is worse than that is not waking up.


7 degrees this am. and 2 or 3 inches of snow predicted during the night.


14 degrees yesterday am. 28 degrees today.


Winter has set in KY style finally.

Cold here in the 30's. Tries to snow, but we never get anything that amounts to anything anyway. The daffodils are fooled and some of them have their yellow heads up way ahead of time and a couple of the Bradford pears look like they are going to pop as one of the flowering quinces did.  April fools way ahead of time.


It looks like the cold front is going to hit here and we have blossoms on our flowering quince and many bulbs are up between 4 to 8 inches.
BRRRRRRRRRRRR is predicted for the next 7 days.
Dec. 19 and we are running around in short sleeve shirts.  Been in the mid 60's for a week now. We love it and wonder did we go to sleep and wake up to spring. I think not. Good old mother nature probably has something very cold up her sleeve for us soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

brrrrr.  29 degrees here this am and will go down as low as 14 tonight.

Trying to snow with snow flurries. I hope it does not stick as we need to go to the eye doctor today in Bowling Green.

We have been experiencing hi 50's and 60's in the day time going down to the 20's at night.  Bright sunny days.  However, we expect 29 people in for a big outdoors Raku Workshop here at Avalon Stained Glass School this coming Friday and they predict 34 degrees... Rats!


It is now cold and in the 40's each morning. We had our Indian Summer I guess, one day last week in the 80's and then the next morning 42 degrees and cool since then.


We are getting cold nights and mornings here and the frost on the morning of Nov. 3 showed the gardens frosted over and gone until next spring.


Where is Indian Summer????

We have frost this am again.  It is weird that one of the Clematis is going strong in the front and as beautiful as ever and a couple of the roses must have their insulated roots on while the rest of the gardens have gone to frost land.
I still have some perennial seeds to get it, but rain and wind on my free days keep me from getting that chore done.  We are trying to paint the house and could use a little of that global warming we keep hearing about



The past two mornings have given us 32 degree temps. Yesterday took out most of the plants including all the cannas. Today took out the rest of them.  Brrrrr.

I know it will warm up again soon. But the gardens will look like the devil from now on.


Our first cold day here today.  This am it was 40 degrees and has not gotten over 48. Windy.. and even the skies look cold.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The weather here is overcast each day for the past 3 or 4 days with some rain once in awhile.  The temps are in the high 70's during the daytime and in the high 40's and low 50's during the night.


Warm, sunny day today even though it was 24 degrees at 7 am this morning.  It is supposed to go down to about the same temperature this evening.


We are cold here now. Had snow flurries the other night and about 1/2 inch of snow next morning which was gone by 11 am.  Windy again today.


28 degrees here this am. Heavy frost, but the first sunshine we have seen in about 5 days.  We are glad to be alive and we give our daily thanks for that.


Cold nights and 50 degrees with wind chill factor today.  Overcast.
CLICK HERE: to see another report and photos of the tornado damage!

Weather is dicey here. More tornados predicted for this area.  It is supposed to get cold here tonight.


CLICK HERE:  11-06-05  Munfordville residents begin cleanup after tornado rips through town


We had a light frost last Friday and then 2 mornings of heavy frost that wiped out almost all the flowers. Today was in the mid 60's. Hard to know what to dress in.

We have been having overcast days with drizzling rain for the past few days and it looks like we can expect the same for all this week.
We have brisk winds at about the mid 50's during the daytime making it sweat shirt weather for working and being outside. 
The evenings are down to the mid to high 30's so we are starting to bring some of our plants into the greenhouse.  Perhaps we will be able to keep our cherry tomatoes going through the winter and our peppers.
It looks like we may have to bring our patio containers of flowers into the greenhouse also before Friday as it is predicted to be down to 34 which is close enough here for maybe getting a light frost.
The temperatures are making the trees turn rapidly making it really finally to look like autumn.



It runs between 97 and 101 degrees here right now.



Weather hot here and we are praying for rain.


We finally got 2 good days of much needed rain. Temp is mid 80's during the day and good sleeping weather in the evening with all the French doors wide open.


The weather has been hot in the mid to high 80"s.  Overcast with threat of 30% thundershowers for the last 3 days and predicted for the next 5 days, but so far they have not shown up.

We could use them.

We had a "tidal wave" of a storm for about 6 hours this Sat. morning.  Right in the middle of our big inside barn sale. Only 4 people showed up. Was a bummer.  We made our ad money back, but we still have all this good stuff!


Great warm sunny weather here in the high 70's for the past 4 days.  We got lots of outside work done.


The weather has decided to go Backwards!  We experienced several cold rainy days and some heavy rain storms at night.

We still have not been able to bring our patio containers out of the greenhouse.
Weather for past two days has been clear, but cool in the mid 50's going down to the low 40's at night.
I am ready for better weather.  What's going on here, Mother Nature?

After an incredibly mild winter and especially February which is usually cold here, March came in like a lion, so hopefully it will go out like a lamb. Mother Nature decided to blow big winds late February 28th afternoon and then she dropped the temperature down to about 27 which seemed colder with the wind. We awoke on March 1st to see light snow flurries, some wind, the ground covered in white, and the temperature at 26 degrees. It continued to snow all day, nothing like a Northern N.Y. snow, but enough to make us turn the heat up here. Believe it or not we usually heat this whole big house with only the gas fireplace in the great room. Oh well, I am anxious for spring. We have roses to plant and patio pots to start. Also the lavender seeds need to be started in the greenhouse. However, We are grateful for the mild weather of February because we had a lot of moving stuff around between buildings. March 6th was a great warm day, but it looks like we are going to have a chilly week


The weather has been very rainy and overcast here the past few days.  Not too cold, but windy.  I saw my first daffodil the other day on a very cold morning of 29°.  It warmed up to 53° by noon .  Our miniature Dutch iris are popping out and so are some of our hyacinths.  Too soon I think.


Spitting snow here today and being the first real wintry type of day since we came back from FL.  Very overcast and windy, so it makes it a sort of depressing looking day.

The Gods were smiling on us with all the great weather while we had to do all that outside work with the new buildings and moving things in and out of buildings.

We have had very mild weather here lately and today was overcast with fine rain towards the end of the day.


Beautiful weather this past week in the low 50's to high 60's with occasional showers.  Fine with us at this time of year.


Just still below freezing and sunny.  Tiring.


It is cold here about 18 degrees. Sunny, but it is still icy here.
I am looking forward to going anywhere right now as I have not been out of the driveway for 5 days because of the icy roads.

Thanksgiving day was bright and sunny and so was the day after. Then on Saturday, cold windy rain set in making it a nice soup day.  It looks like we will have the same kind of weather today.  All in all it is still a good day to be "above ground".


Sunday morning showed a great red sun emerging from the clouds and of course the old sailor's warning of a "red sky at night a sailor's delight, a red sky in the morning a sailor's warning."

We have had mild weather in the high 50's and low 60's with overcast and occasional showers for the past 3 or 4 days.  Now this morning indicates they will continue.
We are still getting roses and Iris, believe it or not!



The other day we had a good all day rain and now we have had bright sunny days here for the past couple of days in the mid 50's to 60's.  Early a.m.'s are in the mid 30's.

Leaves are just about all off most trees.  Even though the Bradford Pears lining our driveway still have not turned red.


The weather has been in the high 60's to the high 70's all this past week or two.  Rain off and on and very overcast for the past 6 days, but not oppressive. The winds have been from slight breezes to strong and they are helping Mother Nature rid the trees of all their leaves. 

Monday we had wonderful fall weather with a good rain on Monday night. The next day was a pewter grey day with gentle rain in late afternoon.  The past 2 days have been overcast and late Thursday evening another good rain. 


The weather has been magnificent here. The leaves are barely turning and those that are fall into the streets and fields. Temperatures have been in mid to high 70’s during the day time and in the mid 50’s at night. It really makes for wonderful sleeping weather with all the doors and windows open and a nice quilt on the bed. . However, the other evening it seemed really chilly, maybe a breeze, so I had to close everything up because I was really getting cold. The next morning we had our lowest temperature of 47 degrees. It warmed up quite rapidly during the day. We are really enjoying the fall here now even though we still have a ways to go for full fall turning of the trees.


We are getting high 50's and low 60's during the night for great sleeping weather.  We are going from the low to mid 70's in the daytime.  We had a good rain for 24 hours one day last week, and now we are having lovely blue sky weather.  The trees are just starting to turn here and there.


We have had great weather here.  We got a really good thunderstorm and rain during the late night and very early a.m. last night.  Good for the gardens.

Past two days sunny and allowed me to get the mums planted in back Cottage Garden or what is left of it after I cement the whole beautiful thing over.
Today, it is overcast and about 72 and trying to sprinkle.
Nights are cool for sleeping with the French doors open.

It has been in the mid 80's past few days with nights going down to the 50's. This a.m. very still and quite at 6 a.m. with the temperature at 68. But it feels like it will be a hot one today.


We have had great sleeping weather in the low 60's and it is great to have the bedroom french doors open with an extra blanket on at night.

We have had the mid 80's during the days, but today on the 12th it was low 70's all day and wonderful.

We are having crazy weather here. Up almost to 100 this past Monday, then Wednesday in the mid 80's with a big rain that evening. Kept the grader man from coming in to finally cover all Glynis' drain ditches over.  Today, Thursday is overcast and cool in the low 70's.  I was finally able to do some weed whacking today without having a stroke. It is supposed to get really cool tomorrow. Who can figure?


Been hot and hotter last few days.  Sprinklers running but places where they are not could use some water.  So it is clouding up fast here and rumbling.  Hope we get a good blast of rain.


68 degrees at 6 a.m. today.  High in the mid to upper 80's and that makes for needing a little rain at least for the sun flowers way down the driveway.  We were in Missouri the other day and it was 98!  Then the next day coming back through Indiana it was 101!!!!  So we are thankful for our mid to upper 80's.


Hot in the mid 90's . a little overcast, but no rain today.


Evenings are cool here in the mid 60's and it goes to the mid 80's in the day time. We had to turn the sprinkler system back on now that the rains have seemed to stop.


We had another good rain.  The temperatures in the low 80's in the day time and in the 60's in the evening. Great for sleeping.


It is in the 80's here with nice light winds. Overcast with threats of thundershowers past 2 days and for next 2 days, but so far, no rain.



We have been living in "Thunder Alley" for the past 4 weeks. None of us can remember weather like this. Approximately 12 hours or so of nice weather and then up to12 hours of amazing heavy rain and thunder and lightening. It seems like it is almost every day. There is so much water in the rivers and lakes and Kane says his job, so far, is to tell people to stay out of the water and no swimming. The hollyhocks are blooming now and they look lovely. However the rest of the garden is starting to get soggy. It gets to be as high as the mid 80's during the day, but cools down at night for lovely sleeping in the high 60's and that is great since we have to keep all the doors and windows closed because of the rain.


Past few days we have had heavy, heavy rains and amazing thunderstorms.  Looks that it may continue over Memorial day.


It is humid today and overcast.  85 degrees, but a nice brisk breeze.  Great day to be alive!


We have had wonderful weather here past few day and getting lots done.

Mid to hi 70's ,,, lots of sunshine.

Sunday a.m. and cool at 50 degrees. Raining again, which blows out my gardening "to do" list. Maybe it will clear up later in the day for me to do at least any hour out there.


Raining like crazy today. 60 degrees at 7a.m. Was a beautiful day yesterday, but had to run a ton of errands. Today was the day I was going to work outside!


Well this is the 3rd day of heavy, heavy April showers.  Constant rain. Very depressing. In the 70's during the day and 50's at night.  Needless to say, getting a lot of reading done.


It is a very rainy 2nd day here and dreary.


The weather has been getting warmer each day. Light frost at day break, but 70 by noon.  Bright and sunny yesterday and got the last of the new roses planted and started my onion bed.


Well it is 38 degrees and sunny here this at 7 a.m.  today.


Temp. dropped down to 39, Still raining but may try to snow tonight. Raw and windy out there.


I was just out in the strawberry bed when it turned real black, got cold and icy rain came in with big wind. 


We had 73 degree weather the other day. How wonderful! Now we are getting March weather with the wind tearing all our flags to pieces, plus overcast and heavy rains and weather in the 50's during the day and dropping to the 30's in the evenings.


We are getting overcast days in the 50's with nights in the mid 30's, but some mid 20's are forecasted for the next 3 or 4 days.  Crocus are popping up and the 1st plump, pink hyacthin is giving us pleasure.


The weather is cold here. Cold enough for the little bit of snow we have to take a long time to melt. We are comfy and warm here. Not as bad as the people in NYC that have not had heat since Dec. 18th 2003. Imagine those landlords getting away with that!


We had so much rain for 24 hours one day last week that for the first time ever a low spot on Jeff and Pam's place contained a small pond.  Then the next 2 days were overcast with wonderful temperatures in the mid to high 60's.  Welcome, Welcome.  But today on 1/5/04 it is 36 degrees in a.m. going down to 14 degrees. Next couple of days are supposed to be the same.  Thinking seriously of visiting our relatives in FL for awhile!


No snow, beautiful bright day, 40 degrees and slight wind, but lovely.

Just tons of rain all day.  In the hi 40's but supposed to get down to the mid 20's tonight.

Bright sunny day today in the mid 30's . Most of the snow is gone.


Today is the first time, since we moved to Central KY , that we have been here at this time of the year. We usually leave no later than the end of November for warmer climates and we rarely return before April 1st. Once gone, I never pay attention to the weather.

With that in mind, it was quite a surprise to see all kinds of snow weather today.  It had started snowing about 9 p.m. last night and it probably stopped right afterwards as there was only a ˝ inch dusting about 6 a.m. today. However, the temperature was 32˚ and whatever weather we could have, we had today.  Lots of wind, big wet snowflakes, but by 9:30 a.m. the sun was shining, and though the wind was still blowing, the snow started going!  Then by 2 p.m. we started to get flurries so thick one could not see.  Finally wind coming from every direction.  Snow, stop and go, but I doubt the final result will be an inch. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow in the mid 40’s and down to mid 20’s during the night.