Weather at the Homeplace in NH

by Kathy


The leaves are so beautiful. The nasty weekend with hail and assorted wonderful stuff (yeah--right!) Yes, I'm being sarcastic.



Things here have been on the chilly side, frost on the car windshields this morning. The start the car, get an extra cup of coffee kind, unless you can find your scraper which the kids have put away for you in no-mans land while cleaning the car for you this summer.

We even lost some pumpkins to frost the other night, it got down to 29. TOOOOO early for this. Hey the leaves were wonderful. The mountains were "on fire" with the reds, yellows, oranges and other in between shades. When the sunlight hit them they were just breathtaking. But, it was kind of short lived we got a very heavy wind (50 mph) and heavy rain  (hail) weekend. You just have to take a min at times and look around and enjoy. It may not be there tomorrow as we all seem to think it will be.