Southern Ontario, Canada 

Weather Reports


...we had our Thanksgiving in October (Canada).  Looking forward to Christmas now!!!  Still a mixed bag of weather up here, cold one day, warm another.  People are getting sick because of this, we need a long cold snap to kill the bugs!!!!



... just letting you know that I haven't the time at the moment to contribute to your newsletter. I do apologize, but there is so much happening over the next couple of months, its crazy... So in all, I feel I have to concentrate on my family at this time. 



"Although not officially the start of Summer until ... the 21st, it's been a lovely week here in Southern Ontario.  Had temperatures in the high 60's up to the mid 70's, and no humidity.  I only wish it were like that all Summer.  We've got the ideal forecast for the weekend......lots of Sunny skies and high's that may reach into the 80F mark....if we're lucky.  With it being such a cool wet Spring, the mosquitoes are late getting going..............though I wish they wouldn't arrive at all.  I seem to be the only one with the big "BITE ME" sign on my forehead!!!!  The forecast for next week, so far looks as nice.....finally.
Have a great week everyone and hope the weather is nice in your area."



  Hi again from Southern Ontario.  What a funny sort of a week its been.  On Tuesday the 15th, it was in the mid 80's here.  We had all the windows and doors open, by the following night it was barely above freezing, it was so cold and windy I had to turn up the heating.  We had rain showers yesterday but it wasn't too cold.  The temperatures for the next few days will be in the high 50's to low 60's.
  I can finally see some life in the garden.  I'm hoping in another week or so time it will be safe to clear away the Winter debris...... we'll see.  Its so nice to see some greenery in the garden again.  I know it won't be long until the Forsythia is in flower, as I saw the buds on them yesterday and they look ready to pop.
  We're moving house in August into a brand new one, and so the weather is so important at the moment, as the builders are a couple of months behind, with the rotten weather we have been having.  They can't build when its so cold and covered in ice!!!  So lets hope this better weather will stay with us.



  What a difference a week makes in Southern Ontario.  Last week ice pellets, this week sunshine, yeah!!!! However, still have quite a bit of snow/ice to melt.  We're actually supposed to get into the 50 to 60's for this week.
  Finally a bit of colour in the garden my first crocuses are in flower.  They obviously survived last week's storm.  I also saw some tulips peeking though.  Dare I hope that Spring has finally arrived???????



  Here in Southern Ontario, we must have over six inches of freezing ice pellets.  It looks like snow, but its ice, miserable to try and shovel, you need an ice breaker to move it.

  This has been the longest Winter ever, but the weather forecasters, reckon this latest storm isn't unusual???????  Its April for goodness sakes.  My crocuses were just starting to peek through, not sure if they'll have survived this latest storm?

  More snow forecast for Monday April 7th????