Patty Ramsey in

Central Virginia




Another springtime activity around here is hunting morels. I looked at the creek near here on my way home from work last Tuesday and I din't see any. It was a bit soggy from the torrents of rain we had last week. But it won't be long now. We haven't had a good morel season in two years. Last year we had a late cold spell followed by a summer-long drought and the year before was too hot and dry. This spring has been perfect - cool and wet. Almost too wet. But who's complaining? My well isn't.

The turkey were gobbling yesterday morning when I stepped out onto the deck with my morning coffee. I haven't seen the gangs of them, just solitary hens now, looking for that perfect nesting site. One tom turkey crossed the road in front of me on Tuesday. But he was a loner, also. Now if only this pollen would clear out of the air so my nose will stop running...... The pollen was soooo thick, you could see it in the air like smog. We are supposed to get a light rain tonight and I hope so. This air needs it.
Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season. Take a few minutes and savor it. Every day like this is a true blessing.




Hope everyone is enjoying a taste of spring (finally!) We still need our fire at night but seeing the bright blue sky and feeling the warmth of the that sun sure does a body good.


On a weather note, we are flooded out right now. We had an ice/snow storm last week and now torrential rains and the river is rising. Luckily we are WAY above that 300 year flood plain!  Stay dry and think Spring!



We are still in the midst of winter here in central Virginia. We had a snowstorm last Thursday night and another one Sunday night. It is all about melted now ( Tues.) but it is cold. Mike and I will be cutting more wood for the stoves later this week, for sure. We met a very nice couple today. They came by the shop to pick up their banjo. They live not far from here so it was nice to meet them and maybe see them in the future playing some tunes. Music is such a magnet for making friends. And old time music is fun because it is good "roots" music and not many folks are playing it these days.  Finding other fans of old time music in our own area is an exciting thing since it has been almost 8 years since we've moved here and we don't know many people who play it.