June 1


My 4 Romantika Clematis are in full bloom in various parts of the gardens right now.  It looks like a rouge Hollyhock is trying to move in.



About 4 years ago I planted 4 of these orange lilies and last year they were so crowed in the first raised bed that I divided them and put some in the 2nd raised bed.  Now both beds are overrun with them and I will have to subdivide them again this fall once they have taken all their nutrients down into their bulbs and put them in clumps in other places.  They are really show offs! 

The grapes are starting to cover the pergola and I dug out two of those hanging tomato planters I bought about 5 years ago which were a complete flop for me.  I cleaned them up and put a tomato plant in the bottom of each one and now they are flourishing. One of them even has a medium size green tomato on it.  My raised bed in another part of the garden is awash with tomato plants.  Our peach trees are total flops even though they are 12+ years old.  We get peaches right off, but since we do not spray they quickly get rotten.  However, the apple and pear trees in the orchard are loaded all ready with fruit and I expect the deer will start showing up again and clean them out as they do each year.


It has been in the mid to high 90’s all week and dry so I am doing a lot of watering and can hardly work outside during the day for more than 30 minutes.  Tomorrow morning I have set my clock for 5:30 am and I will be out by 6 am and do about 2 hours of gardening before it gets hot.  The weeds are flourishing.


June 2

I got up early this morning and was out in the garden by 6 am and I got a lot done by 7 am while it was cool.  It got to be 94 again today.  I got my watering systems all set up.  Our original automatic water system pipes in the ground got busted about 4 years ago and it is too costly to replace.  That beautiful Thoro wall unit in the house makes me envious as I go out and hand turn on and off the sprinklers systematically in the early morning and late evening every 30 minutes during a 3 hour session.  Oh well. Carl started the new commission job today.  Carl installed 4 solar lights down the path in the back garden.


My Asiatic Lilies in one area are quickly going by, but in another area are just opening up.  Some Stella d’Oro is opening up and some other kind of lilies whose name I cannot remember.






June 4


The Yucca’s bloomed yesterday and here are some photos of how the gardens are progressing.  There are about 15 rose bushes that were planted 4 summers ago along the fence line and I thought they had all died because they were covered with weeds and vines the 2nd year.  They have all been cleaned out and will now be mulched and they are blooming.  I finally got Carl to move the ladder from behind one of my art studios this morning.  Keep well.  Arlene